JOMO Wall Crawl

I am so excited to finally be sharing this post with you. I’ve been wanting to take the girls on a wall crawl for months now, maybe even closer to a year. But we had one huge problem, too much sun. Most of the murals in Joplin all face the south. That makes photos in front of them on a sunny or overcast day nearly impossible. My blue-eyed babies don’t enjoy standing in the heat with their squinty eyes and wrinkled noses. I knew if we were ever going to do a wall crawl it would have to be on a summer evening.

While Russ was on a business trip to New York, the girls and I finally made my wall crawl dreams come true. I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work. So many trips in and out of the car, so many photos to sort through, and two little girls that were feeling done with the process by the end. Once we finished I rewarded them with milkshakes and all the “work” was quickly forgotten.

The moral of the story is this: If you have little ones and want to do a wall crawl, break it up over several days to keep your sanity. Remember to bring treats with you or plan to celebrate after… both would probably be best ๐Ÿ˜† ! 

When I first started planning our photos I thought I would be lucky if we managed to find 10 murals. I was pleasantly surprised to discover we probably could’ve shared closer to 20. I guess I never realized just how many there are. The vast majority of them can be found in the downtown area, all within an approximate 1 mile radius.

This mural seems like a pretty great place to start. This one is located on the north edge of town a couple of miles away from our land. The VERY rickety stair case cracks me up. Ummm, no thank you!

I love this monochrome wall. It may be boring in color, but I love the creativity.

I randomly snapped one of my favorite photos of Russ and the girls here a few weeks ago. 

These three walls are painted along one very long wall. They are three separate murals that all flow together.  I wanted to do a panorama shot of all of them, but the lighting was awful when I tried.

Bulls-eye! If only this one was red and white we could call it ‘Ode to Target’.

This one is kind of interesting, but not in the best part of town. We quickly snapped our photo and ran back to the car.

Some cute graffiti by a local flower shop!

The Route 66 downtown mural is a hit with the tourists traveling the route! Sometimes I wonder if I’d love Route 66 less if it didn’t run through my town. We are just fascinated with it and the history it has. 

This was painted after the tornado by some local artists. It is easily the girls’ favorite.

Another mural that was done after the tornado. It is composed of hundreds of photos of people holding signs that say I am… It is beautiful.

You can label this one “the most random”. I can’t help but wonder why the creator decided to paint this. It probably has some deep theological meaning behind it ๐Ÿ˜› . 

Last but not least is this one. It was our very last stop and was starting to get a bit dark but I had to include it in our collection.

Why, you ask?!

This mural was where we had family photos done in 2011 shortly after the tornado. Sitting underneath the word dream with the words restore & believe in the background. I simply can’t help but feel immensely blessed looking back on these photos. I remember a family who was grasping at straws, wondering what those three words really looked like. It is such a sweet memory to have.

That officially concludes our tour friends.
If you’re ever in the JoMo area hit me up and I will gladly escort you to each and everyone myself.

Have you ever gone on a wall crawl?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    Oh My GLITTER! I love these pictures!! And yes, the route 66 is my FAVORITE! only because it reminds me of Cars and the movie came out when Ian was 18 months old and he LOVED the movie!! great memories~
    The Dream one is precious! What a difference in those pictures!

    • Aaaahhhh that is such a sweet, sweet memory. Love it!

  • THIS IS AWESOME! We don’t have any wall murals where I am. There are one or two a county over and I think Winston has a couple (you would expect more out of Winston!) but this is awesome, Beth! And that special wall….I just love it!!!! What does Russ do? That’s random I know LOL!

    • Isn’t it fun?! Wish you had more close by friend.

      Russ works for a company called Joplin Supply they are a building material provider. He was visiting a company whose products they sell in Rochester. I think you’d like him. He’s one of those kind of guys who can fix or build pretty much anything he wants too. A pretty handy guy to have around for sure… especially when you’re building a house. Also that discount he gets is going to be pretty sweet :P.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    No wonder you were excited, These walls are incredible and what a great idea!!!! I am amazed by the talent of the artists, such a joy to admire! Bet the girls LOVED IT!! Happy Monday gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much. We certainly had a blast and it was nice to pass the time by quickly while dad was gone. We miss our man when he isn’t around.

  • So fun! I love the ballerina one!

  • The sun is definitely a factor in why we havenโ€™t done this. Maybe in the fall! You found so many great walls, friend. I am loving that Route 66 one with the car. So cool! And the murals after the tornado must be so special for your town. Love them! Great pictures.

    • They really are. Fall or a super cloudy day? I was running out of sunlight and it really showed in my photos. I need to do less in one day maybe.

  • This is GREAT, Beth! You guys have such great murals!! I wish we had something like this here. We have two really good ones here and that’s about it. And those pictures of you guys back in 2011? Perfect.

    • Those pictures will always be so very special to me. I can’t believe y’all only have a couple. I bet Atlanta has lots more?!

  • Such a fun adventure! I love the murals in your town!

    • Thanks Becky! It definitely was a fun adventure.

  • I really need to do this- love love love all the colour and the stories.

    • You do! I would absolutely love to see some of your murals.

  • I love that you and the girls were able to have a little fun when Russ was gone and toured the town looking for walls. Such a fun way to spend the evening. Joplin has some really fantastic walls.

    • We really do for a little town. It was such a fun way to keep ourselves distracted.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So fun!! I love that family picture from 2011. Wish my town had gorgeous murals like yours. You’ll have to update your pictures every few years with your cute girls. I’d definitely participate if I got milkshakes at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Milkshakes make everything better we really should’ve gone for donuts though. That donut shop down the street is open 24/7…. oh, we really need to move.

  • I love this so much!!! We don’t have anything has cool as this in our town.

    • Such a bummer girl. I bet the bigger cities around you do.

  • I love these pictures. That bullseye wall is really cool. We don’t have anything like this in our town, but I love this idea. Great pictures!

    • Thanks friend. It surprises me so much that others don’t have this. Makes me feel more appreciative for ours.

  • Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! So cool. I know we have a bunch of walls within a 15 miles radius, but I can barely get my kids to smile for one picture, haha!

    • Well the good part is the murals are big, the kids are small…. perfect smiles aren’t needed!

  • This is soo cool! We do not have walls like that around here. I am not sure which is my favorite. What a fun activity to do with kids ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It surprises me SO much to hear so many people say they don’t have murals where they live. I guess we should count ourselves lucky!

  • Awesome wall crawl! I literally made it my mission today find some where we live – gotta keep my eyes open!

    • The best of luck girl! I have the best look downtown. Check there!

  • Such a great idea! I am a nut for finding these walls. The I am Joplin…that is incredible and so special. Great post!

    • There are a lot of really great ones in Joplin with lots of meaning to. It would be fun to look for them in other towns if we traveled more!

  • tacy

    This is awesome! We also have murals in our town: are you going to print these? Fun idea!

    • It would be fun to have them all printed out but I would probably concentrate on higher quality photos spread out on different days. So happy to hear someone else has murals too!