5 Things Bringing Me Joy, July 2017

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Last week my Friend Crystal, hi Crystal, shared this adorable post on 5 things that were bringing her joy right now. Y’all I LOVED her post. Love, love, LOVED it. I think it is so important to focus on the little things in life that put a smile on our faces. Sometimes pausing to reflect on those things can bring us out of the funk that can so quickly entangle us.

Today I wanted to copy her idea and share 5 things in life that are bringing me joy.

Pool  Time

Surprise… or maybe not. If you know me well, you know that we spend most of our summer days at the pool. There are a few reasons for this. 

*It keeps the kids busy, therefore tired, therefore they sleep better.
*It is too hot outside to do anything other than swim.
*Swimming is a life-skill, I’m just trying to help the kids out 😉 .
*We simply just love hanging out at the pool and will continue to do so every summer until the say “Mom, enough already.”


Over the past 6 weeks I have rediscovered my love for reading and have jumped from one book, to another, to another. I have no intentions of stopping, but I know the upcoming school year will seriously slow my roll 🙄 . 

Arctic Zero

I have been TRYING to eat healthier lately and even though summer seems like the easy time to do that, it isn’t always that simple. Because let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to eat all of the ice cream. Recently I was able to try Arctic Zero, I was so excited to have a guilt free chance to indulge a bit. My favorite flavors were definitely the Brownie Blast and Peanut Butter Swirl. So when the girls want ice cream, I don’t have to feel left out and sad anymore. It’s pretty fantastic. And on those rare occasions when I want to eat all the ice cream… I can!


I have a love hate relationship with running, so I am not sure if I should actually list this one or not. However, I have ran over 13 miles in the past week so I am definitely making steps forward to those longer runs that I used to love… or is it hate. No matter which way this one actually falls I do love the way I feel when I push myself to be better. And running always does that for me. 


At the moment I wrote this Marissa had sat up the sweetest surprise for her sister. I could never explain it in detail on the blog, but seeing the relationship those two have brings me more joy than headache. (Even though there are plenty of headaches 😆 .) I pray every single day that their relationship will continue to grow through the years and they will have a tight bond for the rest of their lives.

What is bringing you joy right now?

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38 thoughts on “5 Things Bringing Me Joy, July 2017

    1. I hope your girls do too! Check to see if your Target carries it. I have some free coupons for Target but none of them close by carry it, UGH! Look online and let me know and I’ll mail you a couple if they do!

  1. I LOVED this post!! Oh those sweet girlies, yes, I bet they will have the sweetest bond that strengthens as the years go on!! A big YES to pool time!!!

    1. I pray it does every day. Sometimes they fight like cats and dogs others they melt my heart… just like an old couple I suppose. They always say pool rules, school drools. Oh how true that is.

  2. I love this idea and shall use it in a future blog post! You bring me joy with your happiness! And this furthers how much we should be neighbors!

    1. That would be so much fun, sigh. But I guess I will have to settle for no neighbors… or country neighbors.

      You just have so much wisdom I could learn from on copper heads and house ideas and I would gladly feed you Key Lime Oreos then we could feel guilty and run until we puke, baha ha. Sound fun?!

  3. I love this post idea!! Yes to swimming, and for all those reasons! Sisters really do make the best friends!

  4. I LOVE this post! I am so happy your inner book worm is showing its head again! I just may have to do a post like this after the week we have been having around here! These post would be perfect for the different seasons as well!

    1. Yes! I was actually thinking it would make a really fun linkup but sometimes if feels like there are already so many. I will definitely be doing more of these.

    1. I have read a few longer books this month so I may not hit my goal… but I still have time. I think I may read myself to sleep tonight! Before I dream of Frosties that is :P.

  5. Arctic Joy! Why didn’t i know about this before now?! Thanks for sharing! We are at the pool most days too. It really is too hot to do anything else 🙂

    1. Check to see if your Target carries it. I have some free coupons for Target but none of them close by carry it, UGH! Look online and let me know and I’ll mail you a couple if they do!

  6. We are all about the pool too! I see nothing wrong with it. 🙂 I hope my two have a relationship like your girls. I see it already, but i hope it continues.

  7. I love this post! I hate running but love it at the same time too! Seriously though, I have to give myself a pep talk almost every day to get it done but during and after I am always so glad I did. I have not tried Artic Zero but will have to give it a try. So glad that you have found your love of reading again this summer 🙂

    1. Oh girl, you and me both. This month got off to a ROUGH start too. But somehow Stella is getting her groove back. Baha ha! The worst part about the books is knowing I can’t keep it up :(.

  8. Your pool looks so fun with those slides and stuff! I swear everyone else’s pools always look AMAZING and make me want to go to the pool, but ours seems so boring compared to splash pads and water slides!

    1. It really is amazing. However I feel like I deceive people. I am constantly sharing photos from 3 different pools. We have 3 aquatic centers in Joplin from little to big and they range between 5 & 12 minutes from our house. Oh, “small town” life.

  9. Aww, you are so sweet! Thank you for sharing my post. I am so happy you made one of your own. I love to see what is bringing joy to my friend’s lives. I have yet to try the Artic Zero ice cream, but have been wanting to. I’ve been dieting since we got back from vacation. It was long overdue. I’ve cut out carbs because that seems to work for me. So, I will have to check to see how many carbs are in those little cartons. Wait! You ran 13 miles in one week? That is awesome! I envy you. I’ve never been a runner, but I want to so bad. Those sweet sisters…built in best friends for life! Nothing tops that!

    1. I certainly hope they stay that was and feel that way down the road. I think Arctic zero is VERY low carb. I remember being shocked. I hope you are having an awesome weekend friend.

  10. There is no doubt in my mind that you all get your monies worth from your pool pass! I feel the same about our membership at AquaTots. We get to swim indoors for free anytime we want thanks to swim lessons and since it’s been such a rainy Summer indoor swimming has been such a perk.

  11. Your girls are the sweetest and I bet it’s super rewarding to see them bonding as they get older. You always find fun things to do together 🙂 I haven’t been skating in ages. The girls look so happy in their skates!

    1. I didn’t take them skating until a little over a year ago. It was the funniest thing. They looked lke cartoon clouds with arms and legs everywhere. It’s CRAZY to me how quickly they adjusted. You’d never know watching them now.

  12. YUM Ice Cream!!! I can’t wait until we can go to the pool with a little less stress. Right now only Henry can really swim, so it makes my mama heart a little nervous taking us all!

    1. I can totally relate! I didn’t really start taking my girls to the pool until Emily was 3 and then it was VERY limited. The next year we got the pool pass and haven’t looked back. Both girls swim like fish, all the way across the 10′ side of the pool so it all worked out!

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