$10 at Target, July 2017

Just when I think that my relationship with Target is hopeless, I have a great trip that woo’s me. I find myself wanting to buy all the things and the clearance selection is spot on. I could’ve spent $50, or more, dollars at Target this month on justifiable clearance finds alone. Stocking up on presents for the girls, and “must have” essentials for myself. But I refrained, some how, and didn’t even spend my entire $10!

Apparently the feeling that I don’t need to buy much at this point (preparing to move and move again) is stronger than the urge to buy all the things. If I was giving grades for sheer will power, I would totally get an A+.

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

I have always been a sucker for coffee cups. This $3 on the go one is so stinking cute. I don’t own one of these and I am not sure if I would like it or not. I’d probably drop it #klutz. 

$3 sign that would be perfect for my desk. Such a good reminder of the things I really need to embrace. 

These $3 jars were ADORABLE! We don’t need teacher gifts, #becausehomeschool. But these would make great back to school decor items. They had pencils, apples, and notebook paper. 

I am always a sucker for stationary stuff, always. This set was $3.

Such a cute pencil pouch or make up bag. I think it was $3. That seemed to be the magic number this trip.

$1 Taco note cards, seriously?!

I found the adorable $3.99 letter-board accessories. Marissa told me this was the set we needed. I need to take a closer look at them soon… or hope to find them on clearance!

You can’t see the word, because of the price sticker, but this is the tall Barbie. This would be perfect for us! She was HUGE next to her petite counterpart. 

These shoes were marked down to $8.98! I kept thinking of the fun pop of color they would add as well as pattern mixing potential. 

I have yet to find a romper I love, but this sleep romper for $5.38 was pretty tempting. Then I thought of late night bathroom trips and decided that may not be such a good idea after all  😆 .

 As always, we snapped a few random photos while shopping. #BecauseTarget

So what did I end up getting?


Nothing I shared photos of, lol! Tricky, tricky, tricky! When I saw these shoes at that price I knew I had to have them. They are so comfy and I am pretty sure I may live in them all fall long. I grabbed some food themed note cards too. These ones have pizza AND tacos. All they need is a few donuts and they would be perfection. There were so many things I could have grabbed, but all in all I stuck with what I would use and what was the best deal. 

How did it add up?

Shoes $5.98 {Originally $19.99}
Note Cards $1.00
Total $6.98
Red Card Discount $0.35
Tax +8.0750 $0.54
Grand Total $7.17

Not much longer and they should be changing up the inventory again, pulling out all of the fall goodies that leave my heart swooning. I am not so sure I will be able to think practically then. 

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    I haven’t found the letter board goodies at my Target yet, but they are on my list. Love the shoes you chose! They are so cute!!

    • They are so cute and SO comfy. I didn’t think they would be comfy so when I realized they were, I had to have them! My letterboard accessories were with the home decor items on an end cap.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Way to come in under budget!! Love those shoes! I actually bought one of those $3 mugs before and it leaked like crazy, threw it right in the trash LOL. I was so bummed because it was so pretty!

    • What?!?! That would have been such a huge bummer. I will totally remember that.

  • Such wonderful finds! I bought a watermelonpencil case as one of the party favours for our upcoming watermelon party!

    • That is such a fun idea! They are SO cute. Can’t wait to see photos!

  • Pam O’Brien

    where did you find the letter board extras? 🙂

    • My letterboard accessories were with the home decor items on an end cap.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh my goodness, those pencil jars… absolutely adorable! And I’m a sucker for anything watermelon and yes to taco cards, wouldn’t it be fun to get one of those in the mail? Yes, sometimes target just disappoints me but it takes a great trip like this to have faith restored in the bull’s-eye, LOL! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    • SO cute, right?! That is exactly what I was thinking. The only thing that would’ve made me happier would have been donut cards, lolololol.

  • SHOES!!!!!!!!!! Sorry they excited me!

    • Especially when they are so cheap AND comfy!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Awesome finds.
    What section is the letterboard emoji icons in… love.

    • My letterboard accessories were with the home decor items on an end cap.

  • what?! Those shoes were such a good deal! You had some good stuff at your Target, mine…not as good!

    • They really were and they are SUPER comfy. Win, win! Hopefully yours gets better soon.

  • I KNEW you would end up with the note cards! Haha. They are perfect!!

    • They are just so stinking fun. Food and snail mail, two of my favorite things.

  • Umm…. I totally got the same cards on a different Target run! And you know what, you are the first person I thought of when I saw them (even thinking, man Beth would love these even more if they had donuts on them). PS.. I got your snail mail today, thanks friend! 🙂

    • Baha ha! I LOVE that I sent you one of the very cards that you have. SO funny friend. It just makes it that much better.

  • There are so many cute things there lately! I need to go check out the clearance shoes!

    • GO! They have had a TON of clearance shoes at mine lately.

  • I love the shoes and cards. Sucker for those cards!

    • Me too. No matter how man cards I have, I ALWAYS want to buy more. I guess I should send more snail mail

  • I love all the creative pictures you get at Target. I so wish I had one nearby. I keep seeing all these super cute things from the dollar spot for classrooms. I love that pencil jar, the teaching sign. SO much cute stuff in this post. I love the cards and the shoes!

    • Oh friend I didn’t realize you don’t have one close by. I can’t even imagine that. We really don’t have very many around us. There is one in Joplin and two more about 45-1 hour away. So this one get A LOT of traffic and can be over shopped at times.

  • The Barbies… that’s you and me 😉

    • Baha ha ha! OMG I love it. I want to go take a photo of them again.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I LOVED all the back to school stuff this month! I didn’t see those glittery topped pencil jars at my Target. I also didn’t see those letter board icons! Must go back to Target ASAP 🙂 Loved your finds. Do you feel like Target flats run small? I always have to size up in their flats.

    • I don’t know…. I generally always just buy an 11 and go along knowing I can’t get a size bigger. But I tend to wear my shoes on the looser side anyways :P. My letterboard accessories were with the home decor items on an end cap. Hope that helps you find them!

  • Steph

    LOVE those shoes! And the letterboard supplies…I keep almost getting a letterboard….they are the cutest. 🙂

    • I was on the fence FOREVER and I finally found one at Walmart for 9.97. I bought it without a second thought. Thank you!

  • The food notecards are perfect!! I havent seen the letterboard accessories, how cool!

    • Mine were with the home decor items so be sure to look around there. I really wished they had days of the week ones.

      • Ill keep my eyes open for Days of the Week at my Target!

        • I looked a little closer with no luck last night, DARN!

  • You tricky girl, but those shoes are super cute! I could get lost for days in the basket items right at the front door….

    • Oh I know! Only Target could make back to school look so good, lol!

  • I came so close to buying that Farmer’s Market notepad because…Mason jar! Oh how I love Mason jars. What a great deal on those shoes! And they are adorable, too.

    • Adorable and comfy! Which is always a winning combination if you ask me!