Monthly Goals, June 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Share a few more house related posts: construction, home tour, cleaning schedule.
* Plan out blogging for the rest of summer, scaling posts back to 3 days a week on most weeks.
* Do a fashion post.
*Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
*Choose a long-term goal.
*Start planking again. I used to be able to hold one for over 3 minutes.
* Balance attending church where we currently attend & a new small group.
* Finish our year out by May 4th.
* Complete lesson plans for the 2017-2018 school year.
* Plan out summer learning activities.
* Try 1 new recipe.
* Promote the sale of our home several times weekly.
* Get our pool pass purchased.
* Call Stephanie just because. She is always saying she calls me, not this time

And what I didn’t …

*Finish our Spring bucket list.
* Take some family photos for Anna.

Wow! That was so stinking close! If I had been a bit more motivated with our spring bucket list (we marked off 12 of 17)  I think I would have pretty much completed this one. Anna’s photos haven’t been taken yet, but she has been pretty busy and/or out-of-town.

Workouts have been pretty consistent lately but I’ve been biking with the girls almost daily. I think if I am riding anything that adds up to 4+ miles I can count it. I also signed up to run a 15K race with Anna on September 9th. 9.3 very hilly miles (what were we thinking). Lesson plans are done not only for our home, but for co-op as well. And I have my blog calendar filled out through August.

All in all May turned out to be a really productive month around here.

Plans for June…

When June comes we stop hanging out at home as much and begin living at our summer-house, the pool. We shift our schedules to get anything productive done in the morning hours so in the afternoons we can play. The trick to getting anything done is time management. Look for the open windows of time and put nothing off. Either that or just make all of my goals consist of doing fun things 😆 .

* Work ahead as much as I can. (So I can take big breaks instead of working on this site daily.) Recently I scheduled out 2+ weeks of posts then took a huge blogging sabbatical. I would LOVE to do that more.

* Utilize IG stories more.

* Create a summer bucket list.
* Go swimming together.
* Go for a bike ride together.

* Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
* Start 15K training.
* Continue planking.

* Attend small group and church on the weeks small group doesn’t meet.
* Serve VBS.
* Work on a Bible study I printed out.

Home School-
* Enjoy our summer off.
* Work on reading.

* Close on the sale of our home.
* Accomplish something on the new build (septic, electric, gravel, anything).
* Take the girls for milk shakes.
* Celebrate Marissa’s 9th birthday!
* Do something spontaneous.

What do you have planned for June?

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24 thoughts on “Monthly Goals, June 2017

  1. You are a goal rockstar!! Way to go. You always kill your goals. Love the ones for June!!!

  2. You rocked those goals friend!!! I totally want to get myself ahead a week or two, so maybe dropping the girls off at grammy’s is in order. 😉 And a 15k!? You and your running. I actually do enjoy a good run, but with two girls it’s hard to get out to do that (since I don’t own a double jogging stroller, and Annabelle isn’t quite ready to run).

  3. Way to go with your goals this month! WOW! I love that you are going to train for a 15 K. I am going to sign up for a 5K in August (it’s at night) and then really want to run a 10K in November…those are my goals. I love all of your goals for June as well! It sounds like you will all be enjoying summer this year.

  4. I’m jealous of your productivity AND wish I had someone like you near me because I need a training buddy. I have only done one 10K and half, but would like to do more!

  5. You never cease to amaze me when it comes to crushing your goals! You are the most determined person I think I have ever met and you inspire me!

  6. Way to go lady! I am totally going to try and get ahead on the blog this summer so that I can not have to work every day over here. Wishing us both luck on that 🙂

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