Marissa’s 9th Birthday Wishlist

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Marissa’s 9th birthday is less than two weeks away! Ever since she turned her calendar to the month of June, she has been talking non-stop about her upcoming big day. It’s actually pretty adorable. She’s old enough to totally get the hype and the fun, but young enough that she isn’t annoying ðŸ˜† .

This birthday is kind of tricky. We will officially have a “tween” and are starting “the awkward years”. The age that says I’m too old for this, but I’m too young for that. But I think we’ve been pretty fortunate so far. Marissa seems to be in no rush to grow up and still loves playing all kinds of games with her sister. However, I find myself bracing for impact and wondering when the winds will change. With any luck, it won’t be this year!

Her birthday wishlist this year is compiled of current obsessions (Moana), long time favorites (Legos) and a few of her favorite things (books & crafts). She also requested a new watch. She has been wearing her current one for 2 years now and it looks like it 🙄 !

Moana on Blu-ray

Moana Barbie

Cupcake Diaries #2

A new watch

Stephanie’s House Lego Set

Sports Centre Lego Set

A new DS Game (not pictured)

American Girl Sew & Stuff Kit

Moana Book

American Girl Coin Purse

Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes Lego Set

She had a lot of things that she really wanted for this birthday but she was pretty understanding and realistic that she probably won’t get everything. She’s always been such a down to Earth and grateful girl. We are so lucky to have her. 

Only 12 days to go friends!
Let the celebration planning begin!

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32 thoughts on “Marissa’s 9th Birthday Wishlist

  1. Nine!! Wow! Doesn’t seem possible. I think she has a great list. They are all things she’s create or play with. I say that’s a win.

  2. My Ella is 9 and I understand your struggle with the “tween”!
    Marissa has a great list!
    Ella has already started planning her party and her birthday isn’t until October! HA

  3. ugh- the awkward years indeed…I don’t even want to think about what’s coming. I should get Willis to make his list..he is so hard to buy for, which reminds me, Lucia turns 7 this weekend..I should think about getting her something. Oops.

  4. I just know that Maddi and Marissa would be best friends. This could easily be Maddi’s wishlist. In fact, she wanted Legos for her Birthday and got the movie Moana. She has been asking for a watch or a fitness tracker lately. What a cute little list 🙂

    1. That would be such a fun gift for a kiddo. I think they would get along really well too! So fun to have blogging friends with girls the same age as mine. For the first couple years I blogged it felt like my kids were WAY older than everyone elses. I just hadn’t found a similar crowd yet!

  5. OH the awkward years…I can’t believe Marissa is going to be 9! I think I’ve been following you for at least two years maybe almost 3, my how time flies! Mini Fox has been talking birthday talk for the last 2 months and her birthday isn’t until September, haha!

    1. I know, right?! I was just thinking that she was 5 when I started blogging and M had JUST turned 3… now Marissa is 9?!?! This is simply just not fair, lol. That is so cute!

  6. Nine? It goes by way too fast!
    Still loving on LEGO 🙂 Love it! Plus Moana for the win. I think she is going to have a fab present unwrap indeed!

  7. So when I think of her being 9 I can’t help but think that 9 years ago I was meeting James and falling in love… time flies by so fast, doesn’t it?

  8. My daughter loved the AG sewing kit she got until she realized she wasn’t a seamstress LOL! Enjoy this birthday! We’re celebrating number 10 in a few months and I’m like – wow, two hands. Another reason we should be neighbors – they could build all day with those legos!

    1. Lololol. That is adorable. The list of reasons we should be neighbors is pretty insanely long. Two whole hands?! I don’t even want to think about it.

  9. What a sweet wish list! I love all those craft projects and that she’s counting down the days until her big day.

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