Little Letters, June 2017

The second Friday of the month is mail day! It’s the day I dust out the corners of my mind and share a bit of sarcasm with y’all. Think Jimmy Fallon’s thank you letters, only not quite as clever or funny. Today is the day to take what I say with a grain of salt. And now that my monthly disclaimer has been issued, we can proceed. 

Dear Autocross Ride-along,

You wrecked me. Ever since that fateful day I have been left longing for more. I find myself wanting to hot rod my Honda Pilot, but that seems like a terrible idea. I am now left searching Craigslist and dreaming of a car of my own. #notatypicalgirl

Dear  VBS,

I find you completely exhausting. It’s not so much the being there as it is the having somewhere to be at a certain time early in the mornings for multiple days in a row. I mean, we’re a homeschooling family. This is like uncharted territory for us. 

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

It’s summer time, cut yourself some slack. It is completely fine to post less, take breaks, and even skip a few days… without giving any sort of explanation at all. Lord knows I will be having my fair share of that once the construction on the house takes off.

Dear Vacation,

Oh wait, we aren’t taking one this year…  🙄  😥  😳 #passthetissues

Dear Marissa,

I simply can not believe that in 8 days you are going to be a “tween”. Please always stay my sweet, modest girl who won’t wear a bathing suit top with running shorts because it shows 1″ of your belly.

Dear Dozer Guy,

Thanks for telling me about all the Copperheads you killed while moving brush piles around on our land. As if I wasn’t scared enough already.

Dear Copperheads,

I say we call a truce. You stay away from me and I’ll do the same. Seriously though. Until we get some underbrush cleared, my time walking through the trees will be at a minimum until snake and tick season is over.

Dear House,

You were truly a dream come true. I hope you are as good to the next family as you have been to us. 

Dear Sleep,

We have such a great history, but lately things have been a bit of a struggle. I hope we can make up soon because mama is EXHAUSTED!

Dear InstaStories

You have been so much fun to play with. However, since using you I post way less photos on my actual Instagram account. I really do think I am a good multi-tasker… but apparently that is not true when it comes to social media. 

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday.

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34 thoughts on “Little Letters, June 2017

  1. Oh I love your little letters!! I’ve been cutting myself some blogging slack too lol!! And what is it with sleep these days! And cheerS to your old house 😀

  2. i LOVE Little Letters day! I haven’t hopped on the train myself, but I sure love going along for the ride on your blog, sweet friend! (Side note: Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You notes always make me laugh too…in fact I bought my hubby Fallon’s book of them! lol) Anyway… our oldest girls are so similar in what you mentioned and I’m happy to report mine has not changed (in hopes that that encourages your heart, to take heart, that although your girl is growing she may remain the same in that area you love!) My girl is now 15 1/2 (which I still can’t believe!) and her modesty has her wearing a short sleeve rash guard and swim shorts whether to a public pool or our own! She looks like a cute surfer girl and is more comfortable not revealing more than she would in actual clothes, which makes my mama heart happy! I love your racing heart, friend! I think it’s awesome that you’re #notatypicalgirl! I grew up in race loving family. My uncle worked in a pit crew, my dad always took us to races, and he has restored old cars my entire life (now working on two classic trucks) … all that to say that your family’s love of classic cars and racing makes me smile! 🙂 I appreciated your note to bloggers! 😉 I have such a struggle in summertime with feeling bad if I’m not able to keep up with my favorite bloggers posts not to mention posting my own! lol. Oh, and I so hear you on IG stories! It’s so simple to post on the go (I shared like a dozen on our trip last weekend, but didn’t post even one actual picture! Oops!) PS: Sorry my comments are always so long! Perhaps I should just email you after reading your posts – hahaha! Have a great weekend ahead, girl! xo

    1. Aawwww your long comments always make me smile. They just mean that we have so much to talk about. Love that your girl is so modest. I can totally see Marissa being the same exact way. Racing family, that is just the coolest. Russ used to work on a Porsche race team in FL. He is so much cooler than I am. Wishing you a very, very happy Monday and a great start to a new week friend.

  3. I keep waiting for you to show us a picture of your new hot rod!! 😉
    I really need to cut back one day of blogger! My etsy shop has really picked up so I feel like I am either blogging or glittering and not spending time with the kiddos!
    EEEK…at the copperheads! I would FREAK!

    1. Wouldn’t that be the coolest. I do know I want something old. So that likely means a
      builder. We almost went to look at a 67 Mustang the other day…. but this is pretty much the dumbest time ever for us to be buying another car.. we already have 4 sitting around (The Pilot, a 31 Ford, 37 Ford and 55 Chevy) and we will be homeless in about 2.5 months. So exciting to hear that your shop is doing well!

  4. I hear ya on the sleep!! I’m getting less and less it seems and isn’t it summer?!?! And yes to a blogging summer break, that will be happening all summer on my end for sure! 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  5. InstaStories SUCK me in! Hahahaha! It is like a black hole and I can’t drag myself away. I LOVE hearing people’s voices after following them in blog land. Also, I love random bits from people and observing so this is like a dream come true for me! Ha! Pull the trigger on the car #YOLO (is that still a thing?!?!) Or just hot rod your car at a stop light next to a teenager! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Dear VBS… you win. Momma can’t hang.
    So VBS is 5 days and 4 out of those 5 days we were late this week. We are up, we are used to being out of the house, school wast 9:15, VBS is 9… what gives?

  7. Yikes to the snakes! Tall boots and hats required while exploring your land. I can’t believe you’re about to enter tween territory. Take all the notes for us. I’ve loved our schedule of doing what we want since I became a SAHM and I’m kind of nervous to add the schedule of preK to our routine three days a week this year. Don’t tell Olive. I’m putting on a super brave face about the whole thing.

    1. Yeah we’ve been wearing lots of rubber boots out there. I don’t know if they would stop a bite though and I hope we don’t find out.

      I can’t believe it either. It just seems like it happened SO fast.

      I can totally imagine friend. Y’all are going to have a great year, I just know it.

  8. Ugh, we’ve seen a copperhead in our neighborhood and it freaks me out. VBS sounds exhausting but fun. So sad about vacation this year.

    1. IKR, they are just so…. bleck. I don’t even want to think about it. I knew when we decided to build a house and I pulled back from sponsored posts that vacation would likely just not happen. It’s okay though. We haven’t been “big vacationers” so we really won’t miss it that much.

  9. Thanks for the blogger grace! haha….I’ve seriously been on the struggle bus friend and seriously sit down and it’s like zero ideas in my brain! Snakes…I can’t even girl. I don’t even care the size I just can’t.

    1. I don’t think I can either but I am trying to put a brave face on. The first time I see one, you might hear my scream all the way in Texas.

  10. Amen on the taking breaks! This is the time to do it for sure 🙂 Now as far as early mornings… I had to be to scout camp at 6 this morning!!

  11. I could totally see you hot-rodding that Honda Pilot. Haha! I love how much you love cars and going fast. Mason was invited to a morning time VBS and he could only do it one day. He’s not a morning person! Also, this church was a Church of Christ (we are Baptist) and I think it was really different for him. I didn’t even think about that when I agreed to let him go. So, I am kind of glad he only went one day. And I mean that in the best kind of way. I just don’t want him confused. Anyhow…sorry for getting off-track. Haha. Marissa is such a dream daughter! So many little girls can’t wait for those days of showing off their bellies. Copperheads? NO THANKS!!! Eeek. When it comes to fears snakes are at the tip top of my list. I don’t care if they are an inch long – a snake is still a snake! I need to dive deeper into InstaStories. So many people are enjoying them.

    1. Your comment made A LOT of sense to me. Different people believe some really different things, even among the same big denomination. We would be the exact same way. Honestly I have no idea what the Church of Christ believes…. hhhhmmmmm. Dive on in friend. I would love to see more of you and yours.

  12. Thanks again for linking up! I can totally relate on InstaStories. I share all of less pretty things there and then completely forget to share on my actual feed. I need to get it together!

    1. I keep coaching myself that this is just going to part of country life, I can do this, right?! As long as nobody gets bit, I’ll be okay :P.

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