Our Home Tour, The For Sale Edition

The last time I did a home tour post was September of 2014, shortly after I first started blogging. Since that original post there have been some changes. Although, I could also say that some rooms look exactly the same. Since it’s been a few years, and I am fairly certain that nobody was reading my blog back then, I thought doing one final home tour post might be a fun way to help us remember our home.

This particular tour is the ‘for sale’ edition. You know, after we cleaned, purged, and depersonalized our space. So if you think things look rather dull and don’t see a single family photo that is why. I should also add that I didn’t edit these photos. There were simply just too many for me to have any desire to do all of that work #becauselife.

Come on in…

Welcome to our home! It is a craftsman style, custom home that we had built in 2012. It’s a 3/2, split floor plan, with plenty of storage on a double lot. We have approximately 1,714 sq ft of living space which was a huge upgrade from the 900 sq ft house we had before and the 700 sq ft duplex we lived in for several months.

Everything in this house was picked out by us, literally everything. All in all I look at these photos and I still smile. There are very few things that I wished we had done differently. Sure I could make a small list of things I’d like to change, but isn’t that always the case. This was such a good home for our family and I have absolutely no doubts that it will be an amazing home for the next family that calls it theirs. 

The living room

Dining Room, Kitchen, School room

The Girls Side

The No Kids Allowed side.

Back Yard

And that’s the complete tour! I didn’t take include photos of all of the storage closets, laundry room, garage and storm shelter, but did you really want to see those anyways?! I hope you enjoyed taking one last final tour of our home before it isn’t technically ours any more. 

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32 thoughts on “Our Home Tour, The For Sale Edition

  1. What a beautiful house! I love that your garage is in the back of the house!

  2. I loved seeing the inside of your home!! Yay for making a new one and getting a lessons learned. So what is the biggest thing you are going to change on your new house? Also love that you wrote kids side and no kids allowed side, haha

    1. Well for this house I would have put our bedroom door in the school room, not off the living room space. But at the time we had babies and I wasn’t thinking a quiet escape. So it was probably for the best.

      The biggest thing I take to the new house is that I won’t put something up just to get by and say “Oh, we’ll upgrade or change that later” Because let’s be honest… you normally don’t. So if I REALLY want something, and we can’t afford it, I am content going without… This may make for an interesting space and be a totally stupid approach, but I am set on not settling.

  3. What a beautiful home! I am so excited for your next adventure. Whoever bought this house is so lucky. The space is absolutely amazing!

  4. I am jealous of how big your master closet is! Or maybe it is just organized… I could do that. Or at least try πŸ™‚ Your home is lovely and I hope it sells soon!

    1. I think it is just organized, and purged. You could totally do that. Guess, what, it sold. It was only on the market for 11 days and we close on Monday!

    1. The next one is going to be so different! A little bit bigger because we really can’t imagine loosing any space and a bit more open with the living areas. We’ll also have an actual foyer which is exciting too. I will definitely be glad to have this to look back on for sure.

  5. Such a pretty home! I bet you get a little extra attached after you’ve built a home from scratch. Love all the special details and can’t wait to see all the special touches for your next build.

    1. Yes we are. Especially seeing we never planned to sell it. It’s kind of a weird place to be emotionally right now, but we are excited.

  6. OMG I am beyond jealous of that master bathroom you have!!! Love your house Beth, it’s designed so well, which means I know the next one will be the same and I cannot wait to see!!

    1. It is pretty insane. I mean It’s HUGE! I think it is bigger than my old kitchen was, lololol. The master bath in the next house won’t be nearly that big :P.

  7. Such a beautiful home!! I love getting a glimpse inside other people’s homes. Maybe I’m just nosy. Ha ha!

  8. I love that middle cabinet between your two sinks in your bathroom. Oh MAN to have that extra storage! We have all of our commonly used items just sitting on a basket on the counter and it would be so nice to have a cabinet there.

    1. I wish I could say that was my idea, but it wasn’t. I loved it… but I didn’t like it either. We honestly rarely both use the bathroom at the same time. I think the new house will only have one sink in our bathroom and probably two in the girls’… I dunno yet though.

  9. What a beautiful home!! It’s going to make the new family so happy while building memories. I love that you named your side the No Kids Allowed Side! Bow chica wow wow! Haha. I can’t wait for the next home tour…of your new space!

    1. I will not be getting one again. I don’t use it very much at all. I bake A LOT and thought it would be great, not so much. I also never used the convection either. I do like the whole top being a grate though, I’ll definitely repeat that.

      1. Good to know. Our oven was new when we moved in, so I don’t see us replacing it for a while, but I always wonder. We got a convection microwave and don’t use it much for that purpose but it’s nice when we need it.

        1. I know how you feel. I am trying to think about these kinds of things and REALLY think the next house through. I don’t want to have as many regrets.

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