Friday Highlights 6.2.17

Happy Friday y’all!

What a week friends. Something about having a long weekend always messes me up for the rest of the week. Add in needing to go grocery shopping all week (so we’ve been scraping by on what’s in the fridge) and in the end you have one big hot mess that has been my life. But hey, the pool is open and it’s summer time so all in all we’re good!

Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Favorites!

May Step Results

The results from the May step challenge are officially in

22nd 10,022
23rd 10,145
24th  10,378
25th 8,753
26th 14,790
27th 15,890
28th 10,736

Week 4 total 80,714

29th 10,642
30th 9391
31st 11346

Last week total 31,379

May Total 347,539
Daily average 11,210

Marathon Dreams

One of the items on my “big bucket list” (You know, the one that doesn’t actually exist.) has been to run a marathon. I have put 5 half marathons under my belt and have always said that I want to do one, just one full. It isn’t going to be fast, it isn’t going to pretty, but it’s going to be an accomplishment.

Well, it’s not official yet, but I think 2017 might be the year and this might be the race. Honestly the thought of biting this off makes me somewhat nauseous. But even if I can train to run 14-15 miles 😯 , I’d like to think I could make it to 16 or 17 😯 .  So even if I walked 5 minutes and ran 10 at a slow pace, the rest wouldn’t be too bad 🙄 . 

I’ll keep you in the loop if & when things become more official. 

VBS Week 2017

Next week is VBS week and it is always a summer highlight for the girls. This will be our 3rd year of attending and me staying to help. We are all so excited! However, I think Em is happier than anyone since she will officially be in the “big kid” room now. She has been waiting for this for a LONG time. 

My favorite part about VBS at this church is that they write all of their own curriculum. You can really tell that they put a lot of thought and work into it.

VBS week makes for quite a bit of chaos, but the memories last for the entire rest of the summer!

Chalk Art Tip

In my recent chalk art post I was given a tip on how to make colored chalk more vibrant. Recently I gave it a try and LOVED the results. Sorry this photo doesn’t exactly do it justice.

The tip is to dip the chalk in water before writing with it. The results are colors twice as vibrant as before. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared…

Our weekend at the NSRA Mid-American Nationals.
What’s Up Wednesday, May 2017
June Goals 2017

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Linkups

  • I will have to try the dipping chalk in water tip! Have a fabulous weekend friend!

  • I have no desire to do a marathon but I know you can do it!

  • dipped chalk is the secret ingredient to bold boards!

  • Happy Friday, friend! Look at all of those steps! That is awesome. I need to start wearing my watch again and track things. I know I am getting a ton more steps in with this new puppy! Ha. If anyone could do a marathon it would be you! I know you could do it. Yay for VBS. Ours is the week of the 26th and I can’t wait. Nathan and I are helping this year. So cool that they write their own CBS curriculum! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • As soon as May was over I took mine off, lololol. VBS is so much fun. My girls attend 2 one that I serve, and one that I don’t. I hope you had a great weekend!

  • Ooooh thank you for the chalk tip! So it doesn’t ruin the board or make it harder to clean the board does it?? This is brilliant!

    • I haven’t had any problems. I just cleaned it off to make sure of that too ;).

  • What a fun VBS! I want to go 🙂 Wowza girl on the steps. That is fantastic 🙂

    • It is such a good time, but a CRAZY week.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I love that tip about dipping your chalk in water – it makes me feel like I have twice as many colors since the wet chalk is so bright. Your marathon goal sounds totally doable for you – go for it and sign up!!

    • Thanks for the support friend :).

      It IS such a fun tip. I am super glad to know how to get those brighter colors now.

  • Jessica

    Way to kick butt on your steps!! I need to total up mine too to share.

    • It was so fun to feel more challenged to move last month…. I have totally already slacked off.

  • I love your chalkboard photos… you are so creative!

    • Thanks friend. It has been blank for a week or so now… I should fix that.

  • I’m so bummed we’re going to miss VBS at our church this year! Yours looks like it’s going to be so fun!

    • Ah man that really stinks :(. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

  • Ahhh we live for VBS here! Our kids go to four in our area and they enjoy it so!

    • That is awesome. We only go to two. A lot around here happen in the evenings and we have just never gone to those ones.

  • How exciting that you’re considering working towards checking something off your big bucket list, possibly this year! From your IG posts it looks like VBS has been great! Hooray! As always, I ADORE your chalk art! Oh so cute, cheery, and such a super fun thing to see at the start of summer!! *hugs*

    • It feels crazy to think of even attempting it, but I want to so badly. Hip, hip, hooray for summer indeed!