School is Out, 2017!

We officially ended our school year on Thursday May 4th. After completing our 36 weeks of curriculum, we were ready to call it a year and take the next 3 months off to relax. So for the next 90 days we’ll be soaking up our favorite season, summer.

But first we need to make things “official” and officially end the 2016-2017 school year with our end of the year photos and interviews!

Marissa just wrapped up the 3rd grade. I always feel so “conflicted” when it comes to this sweet girl. She is SO tall and looks so much older than she is, but she is actually really young for her grade. This girl had a really great school year. She mastered multiplication, long division, and fractions. Read almost the entire Little House series and really soaked up her history lessons. She was such a joy to teach over the past year.

Age: 8 (so close to 9!)
Favorite color// Light blue
Favorite food// Hamburgers, Tacos, & Homemade Mac & Cheese
Favorite movie// Moana
Favorite Book// Cupcake Diaries & The Babysitters Club books
Favorite song// Moana Soundtrack
Favorite game// Checkers (2 years in row)
Favorite animal// Pandas
Favorite thing to do// Bike riding and going swimming
Favorite subject// Cursive, reading, anything that isn’t math
What was your favorite part of this school year// Doing experiments in science
What are you most excited about this summer// Hopefully moving

This girl keeps me on my toes. She is so silly, spunky and everything I am not! (Which I find completely adorable and completely terrifying all at once.) She is a super smart girl who doubts herself way too much, especially when the pressure and focus is on her. I’ll be honest, she didn’t love all of her school and there were a few tears shed. But she learned so much this year. I am eager to see how our next year goes.

Age: 6
Favorite color// Every single shade of pink
Favorite food// Brownie Bottom Pumpkin Dream Bars & Cheetos
Favorite movie// Moana
Favorite Book// Any book about Minnie Mouse
Favorite song// Girlz from the Lego Girlz  Movie
Favorite game// Sorry
Favorite animal// Mice (#lolololol She really does LOVE Minnie)
Favorite thing to do// Go to silver Dollar City! (Before she said this she jokingly said talk about Minnie.)
Favorite subject// Science
What was your favorite part of this school year// Coloring pictures and making things
What are you most excited about this summer// Going to the pool

Overall we have no complaints or regrets for the 2016-2017 year. We are loving home school life and have decided to continue on for the next year. We have always looked at this on a yearly basis. We know that #1 Home school is not for everyone. & #2 Home school is not always for everyone. But for now, we really feel like it is the best choice for us. 

We have lots of big changes in store for the 2017-2018 year. We are using a new to us curriculum company for several of our core subjects and switching up Marissa’s math to a computer based curriculum. She will also be jumping ahead and doing 5th grade math due to the curriculum change and some placement testing results. There is also the mystery of where we will be living when the school year begins…

But however things end up, I have faith that it will all work out just fine.

I think the only thing left to say is…
Hello Summer!!!

When do you officially wrap up your school year?

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36 thoughts on “School is Out, 2017!

  1. Congrats to your sweet girls and you, Mama! What an incredible year you had our oldest seem to be very similar in interests And reading choices

  2. Your girls are just precious!! Emily really is obsessed with Minnie, I love it! And Moana is such a hit over here right now too!

  3. Wahoo!! Love their interviews! So sweet and they’ve grown so much. Yippee for summer and all it has in store.

  4. Oh my goodness marissa is looking so grown up!! Stop time already would you!! Baby Fox has about a month left of school, I can’t believe he is almost in full time school 1st grade. Marissa saying she likes anything but math. So funny. I was the complete opposite. Love math and thought everything else was okay.

    1. Break my heart into a million pieces. She is almost 9, NINE!!! How the heck man?! She really hates math but goodness she is so good at it. Maybe she’ll change her mind about it.

  5. School’s out for summer! Yeah!!!! So excited for you all. We go until the 25th (half day) and we are counting down the minutes. Oh my word friend!! Marissa looks so grown in these pictures. I have yet to see Moana. I’ve heard so many great things about it. Did Emily have a growth spurt lately? She’s looking taller in these pictures.

    1. Wahoo! Y’all will be done before you know it. You have GOT to watch Moana. It is my new favorite we quote and sing the songs non stop around here. She is looking really tall, right?! She is just SO skinny. She is around 49.5″ and only weight about 47 lbs.

  6. Your girls are beautiful! Their answers remind me so much of what my girls would say. I hope you have a wonderful Summer break!

  7. Congratulations to both of your girls, but also YOU!!!! I seriously don’t know how you do it, Beth. You are a rock star. I cannot imagine home schooling because my patience is so thin I don’t think I could handle it. And YES YES YES to the Little House books! I received the entire boxed set for Christmas one year when I was little and it was one of my favorite gifts of all time. I read and reread those books countless times. I still have them because I couldn’t bear to get rid of them. I hope you guys have the best summer EVER! You deserve it!

    1. Thank you, thank you! So funny you say that because the copies Marissa has been reading this year were mine! I also recently gave her my copy of Little Women that I read no less than 10 times, lol!

  8. Way to go girls. My girl will be entering fourth grade in the fall but we’re mixing things up in a big way over here. So I will need to hit you up, mama! My son would never benefit from home school and I love how you put that in – it isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always for everyone. I taught public school for years and honey I agree!!! The ones it is for though- it is a great experience for sure! HAPPY SUMMER!!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. If you ever need to hit me up you are totally welcome to do that. Facebook, email, shoot I’ll even give you my cell # to text or whatever. It is just the flat out truth. You can’t put education in a one size fits all kind of package. I do love that home school really gives the opportunity to embrace that but I will NEVER say that everyone should do it… because they just shouldn’t, lol. Truth be told I NEVER wanted or planned to homeschool my kids, EVER! But here we are.

  9. What a great year!! Way to go ladies! I love that Em said her favorite animals were mice 🙂 And Marissa’s love of cursive and disliking math made me think of all the great things about third graders. You’ve earned a super summer break!!

    1. I laughed so hard when she said that. She really IS totally obsessed. I have no idea why she hates math. She is SO good at it. I couldn’t do half the things she does when I was her age. Between that and getting every question on her standardized test correct?! Maybe the change in curriculum next year will change her attitude about it.

  10. What a fantastic post wrapping up your homeschooling year with your bright and beautiful girls!!! Loved learning a little more about them though this recap! Way to go on a job well done teaching this year, Beth!! So many reasons to smile after reading this post! 🙂

  11. OK, your girls have the BEST hair! Have I also told you how jealous I am that you are done? We have 5 more days. How much is loaded in those 5 final days? You really don’t want to know!!

  12. I love how the each grew this year as students. I am much more like Emily with my love of school. The things I enjoyed, I thrived in. Things I didn’t? Not so much.

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