Monthly Goals, May 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

*Cut back on my weekly posts starting with changing to 4 days a week.
*Host an Instagram photo challenge.
*Work on our Spring bucket list
* Start working out with Anna again.
* Complete a 5K with Marissa.
* Survive placement testing week.
* ENJOY spring break!!!
* Begin wrapping up our school work for the year
* Start ordering next years curriculum.
* Try 1 new recipe.
* Deep clean the house.
* Officially put our house for sale.
* Do some summer shopping for the girls.

And what I didn’t …

* Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
* Read Extreme Prayer. (Take 3)
* Get the driveway done on the property.

Overall I am THRILLED with my progress on last months goals. I think I need to hang up the idea of reading that book. I just can’t seem to get into it to save my life. Workouts were a little bit off for the month. But my workouts were MUCH more intense than they had been in the months before so I call that a win. As for the driveway we decided to hold of a bit on doing it. So the reason that isn’t done is because we changed our mind. 13 of 16, not too bad at all!

* Share a few more house related posts: construction, home tour, cleaning schedule.

* Plan out blogging for the rest of summer, scaling posts back to 3 days a week on most weeks.
* Do a fashion post.

*Finish our Spring bucket list.

*Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
*Choose a long-term goal.
*Start planking again. I used to be able to hold one for over 3 minutes.

* Balance attending church where we currently attend & a new small group.
We will begin attending a group every other Friday in Joplin that is being planted from a church in Northwest AR. I am sure I could write a whole post just trying to explain but to put it simply, things are changing for us. We are super excited and trusting that God will lead us where we need to be. When the time is right, I’ll share more details.

Home School-
* Finish our year out by May 4th.
* Complete lesson plans for the 2017-2018 school year.
* Plan out summer learning activities.

* Try 1 new recipe.
* Promote the sale of our home several times weekly.
* Take some family photos for Anna.
* Get our pool pass purchased.
* Call Stephanie just because. She is always saying she calls me, not this time

What do you have planned for May?

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  • I adore these monthly goals posts. A three minute plank?! Who are you? Lol. Hats off. And super excited for school being done for you guys. We have another two months 🙂

    • Trust me when I say I really worked to get to that point. I used to do 3 of those in one work out. Holy intense friend. I can’t believe we are done and you have 2 months left…. but we went back at the beginning of August and have hardly had a break so maybe I can, lol!

  • Jessica

    Finish by May 4th? You go girl!! What a goal and great time to kick off summer. We finish later this month. Great goals friend.

    • Most people do! With us taking very few days off and our super early in August start we always get done about a week or so before the public schools around here do.

  • Jill Hamilton McMeans

    Great going!! I enjoy reading these posts. Thanks for sharing! XO

  • Lovely goals. I am feeling overwhelmed again by the start of a busy month!

    • May is always pure chaos. I do not like it one bit.

  • Hello, little Miss Accomplishment! You crushed your goals for this month!!

    And yes, yes, yes to more house related posts! I cannot get enough of them!

    • Well I have 2’ish more planned this week! I guess tomorrow is only somewhat house related, but I’ll claim it. Thank you friend.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Wow you seriously rocked April!! So awesome friend!! And I know you’ll do the same this month! Can’t wait to see your outfit posts!!

    • Next Monday! Hopefully I will get some decent weather so I can snap the photos. Thank you so much friend.

  • Heather Bramlett

    You were on fire in April!!
    May looks like even more fun! Can’t wait to see more of the construction of the house.

    • Thank you friend. I can’t wait for that to actually begin. We are kind of standing still until we ditch this place. Whomp, whomp, whomp.

  • Finish the school year on May 4th?!?! That’s like THREE DAYS AWAY!!! I hope you plan to celebrate this weekend!!

    • Oh Cinco De Mayo couldn’t have came at a more perfect time. It is hard to believe we are done but when you start in early August…!!!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great job!! You really knocked out those April goals. I always mean to read more, but it just hasn’t happened. Maybe this summer?? That’s awesome you’re going to be taking family photos, have some exciting church stuff on the horizon and buying your pool pass means summer is near!! I’m really hoping Emily has a Minnie mouse suit to debut for summer 🙂

    • Reading is SO hard for me. Between blogs and text books and emails. Reading for fun, just isn’t fun for me. Maybe summer would be good for me too. She definitely does! I think she needs another though, lol!

  • Great job with your goals! Praying the house sells!! Love that summer is on the horizon!

    • I can always count on you to be eager for summer with me :).

  • Amy Smith

    Two days! Two days! Two days! I can smell summer vacation for you ladies!

    • It smells like sunblock, Mmmmmm!!!! Bahaha

  • Way to go, Beth!! You are rocking your goals, girl!! Wishing you all the best with your May list and a fantastic start to your summer vacation SOON!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Thank you so much! I was so excited to see that y’all are wrapping up too. Wish we could have a big party together!

  • You guys have been searching for the right home since your congregation ended. I hope this new change brings all that you are looking for! Hugs to you and good vibes on the house sale 🙂

    • YES! We have and man it has SUCKED Jen :(. Thank you so very much.

  • I love all your goals for this upcoming month and way to crush your April goals! I love all the hints that summer is so near! Give us all the sun and heat 🙂

    • Amen, amen! I am pretty sure nobody loves summer more than teachers :). I never understood that until we started homeschooling!

  • Way to crush those goals! You are such an inspiration to me, friend. Looks like May should be a good month!!

    • Thank you so much friend. The feeling is mutual!

  • I have slacked in my goals… as in I need to look at April’s and see what they were and if by some miracle we accomplished any of them. #whompwhomp

    • Yeah…. I was the same exact way friend. I need to write down my May ones so I can actually get something done!