Keeping It Clean

After only a week of being “on the market” I have definitely learned that keeping our home show ready is a lot of hard work. I used to be an amazing housekeeper. I would clean our home top to bottom at least once a week. Then we had a kid… then we had another kid… then we moved into a much bigger home… Whomp, whomp, whomp 😳 . My house keeping skills have definitely been on the decline for the past few years and I knew I had to do something to help fix that. 

So I did what every girl does in a time of need. I turned to Pinterest and quickly searched “cleaning schedules”. My feed was instantly filled with schedule after schedule but there was one major problem. These weren’t created with my home in mind and my schedule. Maybe I don’t want to clean on the weekends. Maybe my Fridays are tied up and I can’t do laundry all the live long day. Feeling inspired (and frustrated) I set to work. I hopped on my favorite graphic site and stared at the computer for the next 30 minutes to create this.

Free customizable cleaning schedule. Check out this great free printable!

A schedule to make my own! I can keep my home and my day-to-day life in mind while planning it. Added bonus, it is pretty to look at too. #givemeallthewatercolorflorals I decided something like this needed to be shared so today I am doing just that.

Download a free copy for yourself here!

I hope this printable helps you find a rhythm and a routine that works for your home whether you’re trying to keep things market ready or just a mom not wanting to live in filth. I am pretty sure we can all agree on one thing, the struggle is real.

Do you currently have a cleaning schedule?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    What a great job creating your own! I often have to do the same with my check list!
    But I love how yours is blank and everyone can fill it in to create their own list!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • The more and more I thought about the more this just made sense! I hope others find it useful!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh my gosh my house cleaning skills have also been on the decline, since you know, kids!! I just can’t keep up with them, especially Avery, she’s a walking tornado LOL. I really need to utilize a cleaning list/chart, thanks for sharing!! How’s it been going with your house? Any showings?

    • Darn kids, lololol! This hasn’t made everything perfect, but it really is helping. Give it a try.

  • Beth, I think your cleaning printable is lovely! Thank you for sharing it! I could sure use it at my house. I have a schedule, but it just sits there quietly on my phone waiting to be used. We are decluttering, too so that makes the actual cleaning part even harder! Thanks also for hosting #TuesdayTalk!

    • Thank you so very much. I don’t think I cleaned my house for the entire month that I was decluttering, lol. It is just so much work. Good luck!

  • I love how your printable is blank. You are completely right about all the schedules on Pinterest. I searched, too, and not a single one of them fit my schedule or household needs! Good luck selling your home. I’m sure it’s tough keeping it in top condition all the time. I can barely keep mine clean on a weekly basis! Haha!

    • I am so glad it wasn’t just me. The more I thought about it this just seemed like the most useful thing to do.

  • I love the blank printable. Keeping your home “show ready” is so hard, especially with kids. I like that this printable will fit anyone’s needs for their home.

    • Yes! One size fits all just doesn’t work when it comes to cleaning, lol!

  • Great printable! I so remember trying to keep the house clean for showings!

    • It is TERRIBLE! I feel like I pick up all the stinking time now days.

  • I love it! I definitely need my own schedule like this one!

    • You have worked so hard to organize. Something like this could really help you keep things tidy!

  • How pretty, Beth! And I love that it’s completely blank! I have found tons on Pinterest but none of them suited my needs because they always listed items that I didn’t need and didn’t include certain ones that I did. This s awesome! Now come clean my house because I don’t have time to! Haha.

    • Exactly! The more I thought it about it the more this just made sense. Cleaning schedules need to be unique. If you promise to feed me I’ll make that deal ;).

  • I have been wanting to rework my cleaning schedule lately and I’m so excited to use these beautiful printables you created to do so!! Super lovely, sweet friend! Thank you so much for creating and sharing! xo

    • Oh I really hope this helps you out. I love that it is pretty and functional. Staying on a cleaning schedule has helped me a lot!

  • Whitney Jordan

    I LOVE this format! It’s perfect for me. It’s so handy that you can change your daily tasks each week and I think I could also use this same set up for listing out preschool activities to complete with Olive each week, decluttering projects and menu items. Great work!

    • Yayayayay! If you ever want me to make one that doesn’t say cleaning schedule at the top I would be happy to do that and email it to you :). Just let me know!

  • That is fanatic! I think I will schedule the children to do all the cleaning since they make the mess anyways, but they will love it because I will tape this super cute printable on their door πŸ™‚

  • I always have the best intentions of starting a cleaning schedule and youd think Id be great at it since I love taking notes and having visuals, but that is not the case! Hoping to find a good balance between crazy cleaning all the things every weekend and daily tidy sessions.

    • Bahaha! I have been struggling to mark every single thing off mine. But hey, more is getting done now than before I had it, lololol!

  • Jessica

    It’s so pretty!!!! I had a cleaning schedule at our old house, now that our new house is much bigger I struggle at times, but ty to do certain rooms on specific days.

    • It is SO hard, right? The larger the house, the larger the struggle. I haven’t been perfect since setting up this list in our home but it is DEFINITELY helping.

  • Lord knows I need this in my life. Thank you for sharing! Life gets to busy in May and my house gets neglected.

    • May, June, July, August… the struggle is real!

  • I am going to print this on Monday and fill it out and start using it to keep myself more organized on the cleaning front. With Summer approaching and Connor being home more, I’ll need to use my time wisely to keep things together.

    • Do it! It hasn’t made my schedule perfect, but I am definitely keeping things A LOT cleaner lately.