Chalk Board Love, 2017

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When we added a schoolroom to our house a couple of years ago, we added a pretty large chalk board (my board is about 2’x3′). In my head I imagined it would be used as a teaching tool, something the girls would work math problems on, but it ended up being something VERY different. One day I decided to doodle on it and before I knew it I was hooked. I had a serious case of chalk-art fever and making new creations every week became something I looked forward to. 

After the first year I slowed way down and doodled less frequently, but it is still something that I love to do and something that brings me so much joy. Today I want to recap some of the chalkboard designs I have doodled so far in 2017!

Cinderella inspired quote. This is one of my all time favorites that I have made.

A tribute to Grandpa John.

I just had to doodle a board for the Daytona 500!

A super simple Valentines Day board.

Another super easy Valentine board.

I always doodle birthday boards for the girls. This is the second time I have doodled this design for Em.

Adventure Awaits! Such a true phrase for our family this year. 

When I was super sick and the board was left blank Marissa and Emily took over and created this. Sweet girls. 

The Gimore Girl obsession is real! This phrase, lol. I say it all the time. 

I created this board in a matter of minutes one day. I used blue, purple and green but you really can’t tell. 

Good Friday 2017

Easter morning 2017!

A spur of the moment Cinco de Mayo board. I adore the lettering here. It is some of my favorite lettering that I have done. 

There you have it, 13 boards in about 4 months! Not quite the one a week pace I hoped to keep, but not too bad either. 

Now for some chalkboard art advice…

  • You don’t need pretty handwriting to be good at chalk art. Take it from me, I have the handwriting of a serial killer. I think it has more to do with the artistic side of your brain. I also seem to do better writing on a surface that isn’t laying flat. 
  • Practice makes perfect. I would love to say I do all my boards with no erasing, that just isn’t true. 80% of the time I erase something multiple times. Don’t expect perfection. Also, Q-tips are your friend.
  • Cheap chalk is king. I buy .42 cents a box Rose Art chalk at Wal-Mart and it works like a charm.
  • Use a small pencil sharpener to sharpen the chalk as needed.
  • Get inspired. If I just sat down to doodle on a board without looking at others I would really struggle. When I first started I would duplicate boards I saw on Pinterest. Now I like to recreate them to be more me.
  • Check out this book, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering. It is a great resource for someone wanting to get started creating their own chalkboard art. I still have it on my nightstand months after buying it. 

If you have any chalk-art related questions, be sure to ask in the comments!

Do you have a chalkboard in your house?

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  • Love this post. You have a gift, girlie! I feel inspired to start one myself!!

    • You should totally give it a try. Thank you so much.

  • I love all of your boards!! I need to get back into it, as I love chalk art too! 🙂

    • Sometimes it is just so hard to find a second to play, right?! Packing my board away for a bit is going to make me so sad :(.

  • Jessica

    I really need to find a place for a chalkboard in our house. I’ve wanted one for so long and this makes me really need it. 🙂

    • I bet you would make some beautiful boards Jess. You should totally go for it.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Such fun chalkboards!! I have a giant chalkboard I made in the kids’ playroom but I don’t ever do any doodling on it, I should though!

    • You totally should! Just give it a go remembering it takes practice and you might surprise yourself.

  • SO many cute ones! I love the adventure awaits one!

  • I love all of your boards. I LOVE the RoseArt chalk. It works the absolute best. I had all this high-end teacher store chalk in my classroom that I brought home (because there are no more chalkboards at our school) and it did not work well at all. I went right back to RoseArt. I love all of your ideas, you have soooooo many cute ones. I love the “Have Courage and be Kind” board.

    • It is so good to hear that it isn’t just me! That was definitely one of my favorites too. We just LOVE that movie.

  • Another good tip is to dip your chalk in water before writing – when it dries the colors are more bold.

    • That is a GREAT tip! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • I love the Gilmore Girl’s quote the best. I can’t get into chalk writing..I think it’s because it gives me nightmares of my first couple years in the classroom with only a chalkboard which left my skin sooooooooo dry and gross.

    • I say that quote ALL of the time. Lololol! I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to even try.

  • Those are such great tips! Sharpening the chalk and using q-tips for erasing – I would never have thought to do those two things. Thank you!! Of course, the Daytona board is my favorite! 🙂

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • I knew you’d appreciate everyone. It is so helpful to know there are tips. It helps a girl to realize people don’t just whip them out as easily as one thinks.

  • I love all of them, and yours are getting better and better as you go! I still haven’t gotten that book but it’s in my wish list. I just wish I had more time to use my chalk board. Ours has been blank for a couple of weeks now!

    • It totally happens girl. I didn’t touch mine all of last summer and it breaks my heart to think that I won’t get to do boards the whole time we are in limbo with selling the house :(.

  • That Cinco de Mayo lettering is all kinds of fabulous! Your boards always make me smile.

    • That was some of my favorite lettering ever! Thank you sweet friend.

  • I love seeing your boards when you put them on instagram. I have chalk board plates and I’d love to decorate them but the last time we wrote on them, it wouldn’t erase fully!

    • I have heard that about some chalk board surfaces… so frustrating.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So fun! Love that Cinco de Mayo board and your tradition of doing birthday boards for the kids. Your serial killer handwriting comment cracked me up! Practice really does help me and I love using different sized chalk on my boards.

    • I have never tried using larger chalk. I should give that a whirl. The serial killer handwriting is funny, but OH so true!!!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Love Love! What a fun thing to do!
    Ella would love if we had a big ole chalkboard

    • We made ours really inexpensively. I’d like to have an even larger one at the new house!

  • Love me a pretty chalkboard and I just adore your chalk art, girl!! So much fun! Thanks for sharing all of this beautiful inspiration!! By the way, every time I see that book (as I follow Valerie & her business Lily & Val) I think of you! 😉

    • Well that is just about the best compliment ever. Thanks doll!

  • Dang you have skills! You say you have serial killer handwriting, hmm? You should see mine!

  • I love your Cinco de Mayo board – you have came a long way with your script and I love seeing the progress on display.

    • The lettering on that one was pretty amazing. It really wasnt much harder either. It started out the same I just tweaked it a lot more.

  • You have the best chalkboard art!! I would totally buy one from you if you started selling them.