$10 at Target, May 2017

I almost called the $10 at Target posts quits friends  😯 . I know, you are shocked, right?! Truth be told I just have been so busy and after WEEKS of purging I was thinking the least thing I needed to do was go to Target every month and buy more stuff. But then I thought about all of the reasons I love Target and learned that this super fun link-up now has 14 hosts!!! I just couldn’t walk away from my happy place πŸ˜† . I decided to just become more intentional with my purchases (starting next month πŸ˜‰ )! I can totally do that!

Here are a few things that we found at Target recently…

A succulent that I can actually keep alive for $3

The best gift bag ever for $2.99

Moana cereal for $2.99. I REALLY need to surprise the girls with a box of this soon.

These were on clearance for $9.98 and would come in so helpful over the next school year.

You had me a coconut. This lotion was $3.

Because who doesn’t need flamingo slippers?! We never were able to find a price on these cuties.

Swedish fish gum?! And on clearance too!!! My mind was officially blown.

That was a great price on these earrings.

Emily keeps telling me she wants a watch that has spinning Minnie arms. This one was super cute and it lit up too!

We also snapped a few random photos while shopping. #BecauseTarget

So what did we end up getting?

I found the purple tank on clearance for $4 and I just couldn’t pass it up. The gum was a given, how could we not get it?! The other two items are ones I let the girls pick out. After all, it was our last day of school when we made this trip. 

How did it add up?

Tank $4.00 {Originally $8.00}
Glitter Pens $1.00
Glow Sticks $1.00
Gum $1.67 {Originally $2.39}
Total $7.67
Red Card Discount $0.38
Tax +8.0750 $0.46
Tax +5.0750 $0.08
Grand Total $7.83

Way under budget, again!

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What have you found at Target lately?
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42 thoughts on “$10 at Target, May 2017

  1. That shade of purple is so pretty!! You always do such a great job of staying on or under budget!
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Awesome finds!! I had no idea there was Moana cereal!! My kids would freak if I got that!

  3. I love how you guys go all over taking pictures with fun items. I don’t think my kids have that in them and I don’t either since they would be crazy. Maybe when they are older. Ha ha! Love what you found and great deals!

    1. We really do have a blast but I totally hear you on the craziness. My kids would have been less than cooperative when they were the age that your two are… seems like yesterday :'(.

  4. I am dying to know how the gum tasted? Was it good? Also, the purple tank is a must at $4. I mean they pretty much begged you to take it at that price! What great finds.

    1. It was good for about 30’ish minutes… then it gets weird and sticky but I think most gum does. I couldn’t possibly agree more about that tank.

  5. Yes… I’m dying too! How was that gum? I saw it at Target the other day and while I love Swedish Fish… i was a little weirded out by there being gum. You’ll have to tell us if it’s good!

    1. I thought of you when buying the gum, lol. Ummmm, I like it for about 30 minutes then it gets a bit weird. But most gum does in my opinion.

  6. Wow, you were way under budget! And so fun that you let your girls pick out something for the last day of school. πŸ™‚

    1. They really like it when I let them pick a little something. Being way under budget two months in a row has been super great… and a little disappointing too, lol!

  7. Girl, Swedish Fish are one of my favorite candies EVARRRR and I cannot believe that they have gum, too?!?! And that purple tank… if it’s Merona brand then I have the same one… and a zillion other colors, too! Nobody can beat the Merona tanks like that. Nobody. That’s all I sleep in.

    Oh, and that donut bag!!!!

    1. I had no clue so many people would be freaking out over the gum, lol. Than goodness I got it. It is! We have so many identical pieces. It makes me so stinking happy. We should do a fashion post featuring our Pumpkin Spice shirts this fall, lolololol.

      Gotta love the donuts. I got some DD yesterday and was a VERY happy girl.

  8. That gum!!! I’ve been on the lookout with no luck. Swedish Fish are my favorite and I think that this would be a sweet treat when I want the real deal but can’t. #dumbpoints

    1. Dang it. If I hadn’t of opened the last pack I would totally be saving it to mail your way… I’ll have to take a look when I go back later this week.

  9. Great finds! Love that purple tank on you. I think you’ll have to go back for those earrings and Minnie watch πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen Swedish Fish gum before. That definitely sounds better to me than the Swedish Fish Oreos I saw recently

    1. Those earrings were SO pretty. I probably should have got them and gone over, lol. I just bought some Oreos today that have pop rocks in them for the 4th. I grabbed a bag to put away in case they sell all out, lol!

  10. Under budge again?! You go girl!! That purple tank is perfect for you. Such a great color on you. Love all of the pictures.

    1. I think way under budget is my new thing. I just can’t buy things to buy things. If I hit the $10 wahoo, but I won’t force it. Thank you!

  11. I was going to cry if you didn’t make it home with the swedish fish gum packet! I never even knew that existed, but now I need some STAT πŸ™‚

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