How To Clean & Purge Like a Boss

When spring cleaning meets a house that needs to be “market ready” you learn a thing or two about how to spring clean and purge the right way, like a boss. I have been working on our home for just over a month now and today I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have learned from the process. 

#1 Clean & Purge vs Clean then purge

Knowing the order on this can be tricky, but I found a simple method that worked great for me. If I was purging the inside of a cabinet I did both at the same time. But any other kind of cleaning (base boards, door frames, touching up paint) I saved til our purging was complete. Rooms take less time to deep clean if they have been decluttered.

#2 Start fresh

If you’re purging your Tupperware drawer, empty the entire drawer. If you’re sorting through your closet, take everything out. Not only will this help you to clean more thoroughly, but you will look at things differently if you physically have to put them back instead of just sorting through the clutter.

#3 Create Zones

I purged our house by putting things into 6 different zones: Keep, Donate, Sale, Pack, Toss & Mystery pile. That mystery pile is still in the hall closet and I feel clueless what to do with that stuff. I guess I better decide soon πŸ™„ . Purging things into zones helps to maintain some sanity amidst the chaos.

#4 Keep Focus

As much as I wanted to just start ripping through the house, grabbing this and that, I didn’t. In order to maintain a certain level of sanity I knew that purging the whole house at once wasn’t a good idea. I started with a closet, finished it, and moved on to another. Then I tackled one bedroom, then another. The process took days to complete. Doing things by room made the job feel more manageable.

#5 Be Careful

A good friend (Hi Amy) warned me to be cautious while I purged and I am so glad she did. When you are sorting through your 25th pile you eventually start to get discouraged and just want to be done. At this point you can start just tossing things for the sake of being done. You’re not thinking clearly and may let go of things that you will later regret. Keeping this in mind, mid purge, is really helpful and a good reminder to be patient with the process.

#6 Less is Easier

Less may not actually be more, but it is easier. The less things I have the easier it is to keep things clean and maintain some sort of system? True!!! Since we are getting ready to live in a home that is for sale I took this advice to heart. I literally minimized every single area of our life. Things have been SO much easier to keep organized now. Maybe I’ll never unpack all of that stuff I put away πŸ˜† .

#7 Don’t do it alone

Cleaning and purging an entire home can be stressful, overwhelming, depressing… Shall I continue? Sure there are somethings that you have to do alone, and there were times that I just wanted to be left alone too, but ask for help when you can. I often forget just how much help my girls can be and Russ did a great job of helping out and encouraging me along the way. 

#8 Clean Simply

Some of my favorite things to clean with are things that I already have on hand like vinegar and essential oils. Cleaning this way really helps to save money over buying costly cleaners and is a more natural approach. Two of my blogging friends recently wrote posts on those topics that you can check out to learn more. Essential oils – Wife Mommy Me, Vinegar – The Sirois Family

#9 Magic Erasers are Your Friend

As I just said, I am all about the natural, simple cleaning products. But when all else fails, grab a magic eraser. These things have saved me SO much time and spared me from touching up paint countless times. They really are magic! I like to buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club to save money!

#10 Celebrate the Process and the Victory

Spring cleaning can be so exhausting but it is SO rewarding to regain control over the mess too. Be sure to take time to really appreciate your hard work with every room you complete. We are still in the midst of finishing ours, but you can guarantee when we do finish, we WILL celebrate! Every job well done deserves a victory dance.

Tell me one of your favorite spring cleaning tips in the comments below!

How to spring clean like a boss. Simple tips and tricks to organize your spring cleaning efforts.

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  • Jessica

    Great tips! I remember doing all of that when we were preparing to sell our house. I still like to clean and purge in our new house because there’s always stuff that needs to go and cleaning is neverending.

    • Exactly! And if you don’t wait 5 years it is a heck of a lot easier, lololol!

  • Three boys and a girl blog

    Saving these tips! I’m admittedly an awful housewife.. especially when it comes to cleaning. I joke that the only time my house is ever clean is the 2 hours on Tuesday afternoons after my cleaning lady leaves and my boys are still asleep. These are great tips and maybe will help me get it together haha

    • Haha! I used to be an AMAZING housewife… then I had kids. It didn’t take too terribly long for me to wave the white flag after that.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Great Tips!! I also make a list! It helps me to see what I need to do in each room. It also helps me to not feel so overwhelmed. I can see what I have accomplished and what still needs to be done.

    • Now that the purging and clearing out is almost complete, I need to sit down and make a BIG ol’ deep cleaning list. Being able to tackle and finish a room at a time would be awesome.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Awesome tips!! I always start clean, if I’m re-organizing something I always take everything out and start fresh, it can be daunting but it’s the only way!

    • And since you have to put the stuff back, you know it will get done right!

  • Really great tips Beth. Staying focused is always the hardest for me. I’ve been shocked at how much easier it’s been to keep things cleaned since my little clean and purge over spring break. It feels so good coming home every day to a more organised space!

    • Yes it does! I am having a hard time staying focused too.. I have some odds and ends to clean up and one more room to finish. Then I really need to start the deep cleaning this weekend. We are SO close to being market ready

  • I’d say you’re a pro when it comes to cleaning! Those are some great tips!

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! You are speaking my love language. I spring clean all year long. I don’t like clutter or holding on to things we haven’t used in months/years. I think you will get rid of even more things once you move and realize that you don’t need certain items.

    • Confession. I am pretty organized…. but some of this stuff hasn’t been tackled since we moved in 5 years ago. This place was a hot mess.

  • This post makes me excited, almost more so than an outfit post. I LOVE cleaning my house and am doing so this afternoon while the kids are at school.

    • You are officially adorable. Come get my a$$ in gear ;).

  • Such great tips! I love the magic erasers and I had never really used them until this year. What was I waiting for? We’ve been in our house just at two years and It needs a good clean out.

    • I am the same way Becky, love them. Can’t believe it has been that long. Totally do it soon. Don’t wait 5 years… like some people I know ;).

  • Cat @

    Yes! I’m currently in the midst of purging, reorganizing, and cleaning all the things. Yesterday I started on the kitchen and today I’m finishing that room up with washing the walls and baseboards and touching up paint in a few spots. The whole house needs it so I’m hoping I don’t run out of steam!

    • I think I have ran out of steam at least 5 times. But the good thing is, I always seem to find it again!

  • I am not very good at number 10. I think that’s why I am not very boss-like on the process. I needed to read this, because after my surgery my house is a wreck and once recovery is well on it’s way, spring cleaning is next on the list!

    • Oh man when mama is down, things get that way fast. Praying for you as you recover friend. I was SO happy to read the good news.

  • All GREAT tips! I am dying to go through our entire house again, but I just don’t have the time this year. I have to spread mine out so far apart that by the time I finish with the second thing, the first thing is already dirty/cluttered again and it annoys me because I just want the entire house to be clean all at once. Is that too much to ask?? LOL.

    • Lol! That is why I decided to declutter, then clean. If I can separate the two I know I will eventually get it all done and clean simultaneously. But your right keeping things organized feels impossible. Which is why we purged INSANE amounts of stuff. I packed up nearly half of what we own. I hope it make the house feel bigger and makes keeping things organized more simple too.

  • Okay, these tips are brilliant. I have a goal to get some major spring cleaning done in the next few weeks so we can start the summer all clean and fresh and I will definitely utilize these tips!

    • Good luck Laura! It is a big process but you will not regret finishing it!

  • This is great! All great tips, and it’s hard to keep focused when you feel like it is way worse then when you started, but it can’t get better until you have an inventory of everything you have…

    • So true. For about a week I just wanted to cry. I am SO close to having all the clutter gone now. I just have to wrap it up in the next few days!

  • Great tips!! I really need to clean and purge a closet in our home office but every time I open the door I am so overwhelmed! Hopefully I can use some of your tips to start the process of cleaning it out.

    • I have been there too. Next time just start unloading it. It isn’t fun, but at least you are forced to deal with it, lol! Good luck girl!

  • These are some great tips! I’m trying so hard to go through everything in our home. I was holding onto some things that were “just a little bit broken” for sentimental reasons, but reached the point where it’s time to toss them! It’s such a long process, though!

    • YES! I have been doing a whole lot of that myself. I completely get it. It is a LONG process and mentally and physically exhausting too. I am so ready to be done.

  • Now I feel like spring cleaning! Well, maybe… πŸ˜‰ Great tips! I will be utilizing these when I can get my butt into gear.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So many good tips!! I love cleaning out and purging. It just feels so good and simplifies life to have things that way. What did we ever do before Magic Erasers!?!? I’m glad your girls are old enough to help keep systems in place once you’ve established them. You’re rocking this whole selling a home, building a home and moving business πŸ™‚

    • Yes we REALLY cut back the amount of toys they have to help out. I felt kind of bad. But everyone has been so much happier with less. Thank you friend. I am just ready to get the show on the road.

  • These are great tips! I’ve been doing the clean and purge thing over here for a week or so. Since having kids I don’t have the time to just “spring clean”, so I’ve been doing a little bit here, and a little bit there.

    • Totally better than nothing at all. I didn’t do much for like 5 years and now I am paying for it big time. I have been working on ours for nearly a month now too, so I get it :).

  • Great tips, friend! And seriously, what did we do before Magic Erasers? Those things are so, um, magical. πŸ™‚

    • Exactly! Whoever picked that name was a genius!