How To Create Amazing Spring Break Memories

We are on official spring break count down mode. It goes something like 10 days, 240 hours, or 14,400 minutes, not that we are counting. This is our first ever “official” spring break. In the previous 3 years of homeschooling we (I) have chosen to bypass a spring break so we could wrap up our school year sooner. However, now that I am schooling two children instead of one, and with the addition of long division, I think a break is a must. 

When I think about our very first spring break I have naively high hopes. Today I want to share with you my plans to create some amazing spring break memories. 

How to create amazing spring break memories.

Yes, I realize I am giving advice without experience. I promise if things go badly I’ll update the graphic with an over sized NOT.

#1 Clear the Schedule

I know that spring break seems like a good time to run all of those errands and set those appointments that we are constantly squeezing into our hectic weekdays. But filling a calendar with events that feel a whole lot like work not only drags spirits down, it removes the possibility of being spontaneous.

#2 Be Present

Phones, computers, I-pads, whatever. For me limiting screen time is ALWAYS the best way to be more present. My plans for doing this include making sure all blog related work is done ahead of time and that my daily work is done before the girls wake up. I also plan to catch up on paying bills and the budget before our break begins. 

*Tip – Try to work ahead a bit to make your post spring break week easier too.

#3 Talk About It

So often I get so busy being “Beth the planner” that I forget that my kids have opinions too, really great ones. Before we even begin our spring break my plan is to sit down together and create a list of things that we would all like to do. Everyone has a say but mom carries the power to veto and expensive or unrealistic ideas.

*Tip – Compile your ideas into a mini spring break bucket-list.

#4 Think Less, Relax More

Don’t stress over the details and over plan every second of every day. Remember that list of ideas from #3 is just exactly that, a list of ideas. It’s not a schedule, an agenda, or something you have to complete. Feel free to live in the now, do something spontaneous, and stay up to late on a school night. The key word in spring break is break! The least thing you want to do is end your week feeling even more exhausted.

#5 Capture Memories

One of the best way to create memories is with your camera! For some this might look like actually remembering to take photos. But for others it may be realizing that we don’t need to walk around the whole week with our camera glued to our face. Finding a balance can be really hard for me. What usually works best is to remember to take the photo at the beginning of an activity. This is the time when I am usually not distracted and I don’t have to interrupt anyone, mid donut, for a photo. After all, nobody wants to see your half eaten donut.

*Tip – Create your own spring break hashtag for Instagram photos.

What would you add to the list?
How do you plan to make amazing spring break memories?

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34 thoughts on “How To Create Amazing Spring Break Memories

  1. Great tips Beth and good idea to take a little break, especially now that both girls are in school. It’ll give everyone a little breather. 🙂

  2. I hope all 3 of you girls enjoy your spring break together! I can’t wait to see what kind of memories you gals create! I hope your weather cooperates, too!

  3. I hope you guys have the best spring break! I think ours will be pretty low key this year. It’s not til the end of April and Chris will be too busy at work to take off. I’m hoping for some extra play dates with friends and many lazy mornings in our pjs!

    1. I forget that your schools are SO different from ours. If we didn’t take a spring break our last day of school would be April 27th!!! But that is just what happens when you go back to school in very early August.

  4. Such great advice! We are staying home this Spring Break too so I’ve already sat down with the older kiddos and asked them some things they want to do. I think the biggest thing for me is going to be organized and prepared for what we are going to do

  5. Great advice! I love spring break because we do not ever do much. We ask the kiddos what they want to do and it is always to stay home. This homebody is good with that! We like to relax and sleep in, go for bike rides and walks, and do a little something special each day. Whether that be a early movie, lunch with Brandon, or just getting out sidewalk chalk. Happy Spring Break countdown to you! We have three weeks left!

  6. I did just this on Disney and plan to do it again at the end of the month on C’s actual Spring Break. Sometimes you just need to unplug and relax and I think Spring Break is the perfect time to do just that.

  7. Great advice, I wish I had Spring break with the kids, that would be fun to do whatever for the week…although if I know me I would probably take them to places that cost money and it would end up costing fortune…on second thought, perhaps it’s best that I’m working, hehe.

    1. Tehe he! See the difference between us is that you actually have some really cool options of places to take the kids, and I don’t :P. I guess that is Missouri compared to California though.

  8. Yay for Spring Break!! I bet you’ll be extra motivated to finish out your homeschooling year after a nice break. I liked your point about consulting your family about things they’d like to do over break. I sometimes plan away and forget to include them. Whoops! I’d add adventure to your list! Try something new together or go and do something out of your normal routine just for FUN 🙂

    1. We will be extra motivated and extra close too! The bad news is right after spring break comes placement tests :P. I am hoping to have a spring break planning pow-wow with the girls today!

  9. How long are you making your break for- one or two weeks? Brian is spending Kinsey’s two week break with the girls so I already bypassed spring and went straight to summer plans lol

    1. Just one week. Although the week after spring break we have placement testing so our school schedule will be dumbed down a bit, but only because I can’ fry their brains.

  10. Happy almost spring break! Enjoy your planning and the anticipation of counting down to the fun to come! I’m sure you guys will have the best time!! xo – Brenda //

    1. Thank you! Oh goodness we are oh so ready friend and on this Wednesday morning after a VERY rough week of unmotivated kids I am even more ready than I was.

  11. Yes!! Yesterday stank so bad and spring break is the week before my surgery, so I have all kinds of plans to live that bad boy up. I cannot wait 🙂 Have fun with your girls!

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