Building a Home, Update #1

It feels like I just made “the big announcement” about our 6 acre purchase the other day and less than a month later I get to share with you our first progress update. 

Since my last post we…

Have a plan for power. We spoke with the electric company and are now on the waiting list to have power lines ran to the edge of our property. From there we will put the lines underground to the house. 

Learned more about getting water to the house. We were surprised to find out that getting the power lines ran should be inexpensive (likely completely free) but water, not so much. We have to bore under the road to get the lines ran to us then dig a trench to get them to the house 🙄 . The other alternative is a well but due to the location of the property there is a high potential for having to drill extra deep, putting a +20K (or more) price tag on a well. Suddenly boring the road doesn’t look too bad. 

Cleared out our house site and our almost 150 yard driveway. We went out there to meet the dozer driver on Saturday, unsure of what would be accomplished, and by 6:00 it was all clear. I say all but I really just mean the northwest corner of our property.  Now we have brush and firewood piles for days years now…. seriously. We’ll be cleaning things up for a long time. I told Russ he was going to have to teach me to use the chainsaw   😯 .

The Clearing process…

We ended up having to clear more than we wanted to on the west side of our home. There was simply just too much dead stuff lying around and it needed to go. However, the South east view that will be in our living and dining room is great. I was also kind of shocked by how large the space we cleared out appeared. But then we started marking out where the house is going to be, it didn’t feel like such an open space anymore. 

The Results…

The house site, note the massive lumber pile on the left

Looking down the curvy driveway. The woods you see belong to us. 


Standing on the house site.

Next Steps…

Here is a look at our to-do list in no particular order. This list could take a long time or just a few months to complete. But eventually all progress will stop until we sell our home. 

Arrange for the power lines to be ran.
Cleaning and purging our home.
Putting our home on the market
Selling our home. 
Having the driveway finished (gravel)
Getting the official bid from the water company.
Getting things ready for the concrete pad and radiant heat.
Pouring the pad.

Several of you have asked what we are going to do when our home sells. The plan is to put our stuff in storage and move in with Russ’ parents, as long as they’ll still have us 😆 . Prayerfully our home will sell quickly so a lot of the big stuff can happen over the summer. But we know that God is in control and our home will sale in his timing, not ours. If I ever begin to doubt that, please remind me friends.

So right now more than ever things seem real. I still can’t believe this is happening and I am still hoping and praying that we made a wise choice in pursuing a dream. Thank you so much for sharing so much joy and excitement with us as we begin this journey. 

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  • Jessica

    That is so exciting!! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Wow reading this is getting me so excited for you!! 150yard driveway!? Omg this house is going to be amazing

    • Isn’t that so stinking long. I am kind of dreading paying to gravel it, HA!

  • Oh my! So much going on! Prayers that everything goes smoothly

  • Heather Bramlett

    So exciting. Prayers for everything to go smoothly. Or at least you keeping your sanity. 😉

  • I am loving all the progress updates!! This is going to be an amazing house! Matt would be super jealous of the shop (though not for cars, but all the other shop-y stuff he does).

    • It should be a nice space. We aren’t building the shop part as big as we originally thought we would but it will be huge compared to what we have now.

  • I hope it all goes well!

  • Beth, this is SO exciting! I pray that everything goes smoothly for you all. I cannot wait for more updates!

  • So exciting!!! The drive up your driveway to your house is going to be GORGEOUS!

    • Once we get everything cleaned up it should be amazing!

  • Yay! That’s nice that you have a place to live during the process!

    • It really is. It’s also nice that their house is so close to our land, only a 3 minute drive or so.

  • Your house site really does look massive! It’s going to be gorgeous! Good luck selling your current home!

    • Doesn’t it?!?!?! Then we staked out where the house will sit and I thought, OH?! That’s not so massive after all.

  • How exciting! I have always wanted to use a chainsaw, but my husband says I have “priors” and so that is not a good idea….. Whatever!

    • Baha ha ha ha! I have a strange feeling mine may feel the same exact way.

  • You are going to have such a beautiful setting for a home. I love trees

    • I do too and we currently live in an area that only has baby trees. We’ve also seen deer, turkey and have been told there are coyotes out there too.

  • I love that you’re calling it the Shouse! I always hear ‘barndominium’ on projects like this, but I like your name for yours! You guys are making great progress on the new site. So dang exciting! And you are so right friend, in His precious and perfect timing.

    • You, I am counting on you to remind me of that when I am frustrated. It is such an exciting and scary time for our family.

  • Amy Smith

    Ahhh! Yay! So exciting! Keep the house updates coming

  • I know it doesn’t feel like much but you’ve made such progress already. Before you know it you’ll see the walls of your home going up and then the details you’ve picked out will be coming into place.

    • I think that is what makes me the most nervous, lololol! Russ is just biting off so much work. It will all work out.

  • Oh Beth I am GIDDY reading these! Building a house was one of my favorite things that we ever did and I cannot wait to follow along with your progress! I told B the other day that I’m ready to sell ours and build again. He looked at me like I was crazy! Haha.

    • I wish I could say the same thing. Did I mention that Russ is considering framing the inside of the house himself?! This is why I hated the process the last time. We just did too much of the work ourselves.

  • So darn exciting!

  • This is awesome!! You own your own WOODS! The process may seem long and tedious but you will be enjoying this space for a lifetime (and beyond) keep faith, friend!

    • That is what I keep telling myself. I keep thinking how cool it will be for the girls to grow up out there and that someday our grandbabies will love it too. Things like that leave me smiling.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Hooray!! Love your land and seeing all that you’ve done so far. Your next to do list has lots of big things on it. Progress each day will mean lots of results. I’ll be praying for you as you purge, pack and move. Thanks for the update!! My family built a house when I was 12 and I have so many fun memories of working on the house together. We helped with so many projects from helping to lay brick, sanding and making decisions together, We all still feel super invested in that home. I just know your girls are going to feel the same way.

    • Thanks for the prayers. All of this purging really wore me down and I ended up getting terribly sick. Maybe that was God’s way of reminding me I am not super woman, HA! I really hope the girls can love and remember the process. The last time we built they were so small they would never remember but 5.5 years later things are much different.

  • This is so exciting!! Things seem to be moving along quickly! Even though I know it seems like the longest process ever… Can’t wait for more updates!

    • They feel quick sometimes…. but right now we are in a serious lull and will be stuck here for a while I fear. I can’t wait until there is more to share!

  • I think this is such a cool experience for your girls. They are definitely old enough to be super involved and it will be a childhood shaper! Just making up words over here.

    • I think so too! The last time all of this happened the girls were only 3 & not even 1 so all of this is really different. Plus the whole experience of living out like that is just going to be so good for them. So thankful we didn’t wait any longer to make it happen.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I saw this blog post and thought of you. Do you follow The Pleated Poppy?

    • I don’t! That was really cool to read though. I left her a comment so maybe she and I could connect a bit! Thanks for sharing friend.