What’s Up Wednesday, February 2017

February was a month packed full of the planned and the unexpected. We have truly been on our toes the entire month. Today I want to share what’s up with the Newman’s, giving you a little peek into our life currently. 

What we are eating this week…

This week things aren’t going to be normal with a couple of parties and a Hello Fresh box coming thanks to Amanda! I am so excited for all the yummy food headed my way this week.

Monday: Chili or soup
Tuesday: Emily’s Birthday Meal
Wednesday: Hello Fresh Meal
Thursday: Home group meal
Friday: Hello Fresh Meal
Saturday: Tacos
Sunday: Daytona 500 Party

What I’m reminiscing about…

Emily Elizabeth as a sweet, chubby, bald baby. So funny to think that our curly haired bean pole was once chunky and bald. Her 6th birthday has left me with #allthetears.

What I’m loving…

The succulent that sits on my desk and makes me smile every time I look at it. Even better is the fact that I have had it for over a month now and it looks even prettier than the day it arrived. Maybe I finally found a plant that I can actually keep alive?! However, I was pretty tempted to buy some fake plants from IKEA the other day. They have the prettiest fake plants. 

What we’ve been up to…

Life has been SO busy lately. Birthday after birthday and event after event. Add in school work, out of town trips, and just keeping up with the stuff around the house. No wonder I have been so tired lately. I am definitely praying that March brings us more down time. 

What I’m dreading…

Placement testing week. Every year as a part of our homeschooling I’ve had Marissa tested. This year Emily gets to join the fun too. It isn’t expensive but it does suck up two days of our lives and then I get to fret and worry how they did for 4 weeks. I know, it’s literally just a stupid test. But some of the basic subjects on there can be a huge indicator of where we really are at… and how good of a job I am doing. I think that is what worries me the most. I feel like their success or failure is weighing on my shoulders… and in some ways, it is. 

What I’m working on… 

Our winter bucket list, future blog posts, some photo challenges for the coming months, planning school curriculum for next year (while trying to stay on top of this year). There is always a long list of things we are working on in the Newman house. I wish I had something fun to write in here instead  🙄 .

What I’m excited about…
Sunday!!! Why? Because it is the Daytona 500, which is pretty much a holiday in our home! Every year we have a big ol’ party to celebrate the occasion and it is truly one of my favorite days of the year.
What I’m watching/reading…
I feel like all I have been reading is a Chemistry and Physics text book. The girls and I got a little bit behind in our science curriculum and have been working hard to catch up.
Any time I can squeeze in an episode of something, it has been Gilmore Girls. I am currently halfway through season 2 and completely hooked on this show. I always knew I would love it, I just wished I had watched it years earlier.
What I’m listening to…
Cause all I know is
Everything I have means nothing
Jesus if You’re not my one thing
Everything I need right now
All I need is You right now
What I’m wearing…
The perfect jean jacket that I grabbed from Sam’s?! First my utility vest, now the perfect denim jacket. Sam’s really has some great stuff. I have been wanting a jean jacket for over a year ago but had yet to find one that I loved and was a price I was willing to pay. I am so happy to have found this one and that I had Christmas / birthday money so buying it was the obvious choice.
What I’m doing this weekend…
Besides the Daytona 500 party, absolutely nothing. I couldn’t be more excited about that!
What I’m looking forward to next month…
Spring break? Maybe? Honestly I have yet to pick a date for our break, HA! I really should do that soon. I think the thing I am most looking forward to in March is not having anything big going on.
What else is new…
There is something else going on and I REALLY want to tell you all about it. But you’ll have to wait until Monday. I just had to get in one more teaser before I “let the cat out of the bag.”
What’s up with you lately?
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36 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday, February 2017

  1. Busy Newmans! 🙂 Do you guys have any plans for over your spring break? It’s always a fun time of the year. I know it’s hard, but try not to worry too much about their placements tests. As you said, they are just a test and in my opinion one test doesn’t and can’t determine everything because tests don’t take into account how the child learns, etc. You’ve got this momma!

  2. Yay for the succulent! But I have fake plants too… depends on where you get your lighting. Some places in the house don’t lend themselves to real plants. What a busy time of the year for you guys!

  3. I need a new jacket so totally going to check that out!! GG is so addicting, I rarely watch tv anymore but I binged that entire series in just a few short weeks – I may or may not have neglected my children during that time hahaha. Yay for the Daytona 500!!

  4. You sure have had a busy February!! I think I would be nervous about that test too. Just remember, a test can’t tell you everything! 😉 As a former teacher, I hated (and still do) standardized testing (you know since we are supposed to differentiate our instruction for the child, but then expect them all to take a standardized test… but off I’ll get off my soap box about that… 😉 ). I’m sure your girls will do great! Can’t wait until Monday!!! And no more clues about what it is? Life related? Blog related??? What??

    1. Lololol! Oh the torment. I wills say it isn’t blog related.

      I totally agree. The only areas of the test I even consider are the math, reading and spelling. It is hard and pretty unfair to judge my girls on the other areas. We don’t learn in preparation to take a test. So some of the things on it, we haven’t even discussed.

  5. I have a terrible time keeping plants alive as well. If you have luck with your succulent, I may need to get myself one! They’re the neatest little plants! I think it’s amazing that you’re homeschooling your girls and, although you’re nervous, I’m sure they will do well with the testing! You’re a great teacher! Can’t wait to hear your news on Monday!!

    1. Mine is doing so well! I think the trick is filtered light and only watering it once a month! I water mine by soaking it for an hour and I am done. Thank you so much!

  6. I’ve got to look for that jean jacket!! My current one is pretty light so that one looks like a great color. I’m so impressed with all of the care and planning that you put into homeschooling. Your girls are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher that not only cares about them learning, but cares about your teaching methods, too. You are a rockstar!! You’ve got a lot of fun things going on 🙂

    1. Yes you do! Then we could be vest and jacket twins!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words Whitney. Every year the task feels a little bigger. But so far, so good!

  7. Omg you have to spill the beans… you’re killing me! And I’m also curious what Emily has requested for her birthday dinner! And it’s too funny cause normally I don’t like fake plants but I really like ikeas too!

    1. Baha ha ha! It is pretty mean right?!

      She wanted pizza. She is SO picky, but loves pizza. I am the same exact way. Most fake plants make me cringe, but not theirs!

  8. I need to hit Sam’s! Then we could be twins. Or maybe I am too late, and it’s gone. Oh well, I should at least go and pick up a new pair of yoga pants for the spring!

  9. You’re making us wait til Monday…girl, that’s a long time! haha! What was Emily’s request for her birthday dinner? Any plans for spring break?

  10. It sounds like you could use a spring break next month and will fully appreciate some down/fun time after the super full month you’ve had. I love that you make a holiday out of Daytona 500! That’s so fun!! We toured Daytona International Speedway, a surprise to my Nascar loving dad when we took my parents along for a Disney trip a few years back. It was awesome! (It’s in day 1 of our 2015 vacation in my Disney World Trip Reports tab IF you’d be the slightest bit interested in seeing some non-race Daytona speedway pics? Idk, but still can’t resist sharing. lol!) I am so bad with keeping plants alive too, girl. Way to go keeping that succulent going strong and looking even better than it did on day 1! I’m sure your girls will rock their tests! (But I totally get your anxiety over it.) I can hardly wait for Monday now!! Eek! What’s this going to be?!?! 😀 xo – Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

    1. I knew you would understand the test anxiety. This happens to me every stinking year. I just want to do a good job with them but I gotta get a grip too. I know they are very bright girls.

      That is SO cool. I’ll try and remember that the next time I stop by your blog. My husband would LOVE to go check that place out.

  11. You go girl! I bought some super cute succulents at Trader Joe’s a few months ago and they died in like a week. I thought those things were un-killable?! Guess not. LOL.

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