Friday Highlights 2.24.17

Hello Friday!

The end of another busy week has come and we are SO excited that this weekend, Daytona weekend, is finally here. But more on that later. 

This week was birthday cake, partying, beautiful weather, happy tears, sad tears, and just living life to the fullest. It has been so good friends and I know the weekend won’t disappoint either. Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Favorites. 

Daytona Day

It’s here, Daytona weekend!

Y’all may have your football, basketball, or whatever it is that you love. But I will always and forever have my NASCAR. You don’t have to get it, really you don’t. Daytona weekend is one of the most exciting weekends of the year in the Newman house. It’s pretty much a legit holiday! We have a celebration, decorate, and eat way too much food. The only thing we are really missing is presents… maybe I should add those into this years festivities  😆 !


So my blog totally got hacked this week…  😯 

My deepest apologies to anyone who might have seen this and God bless blogging friends who have your cell phone number and text you when things look weird. Thanks to a tip from Meghan I was able to get things fixed in just a matter of minutes and this shouldn’t ever happen again. At least I hope not. 

Sweet Emily Elizabeth

We had the BEST time celebrating our sweet girls birthday. The day started out with donuts, because all birthdays should, and ended with a teary eyed girl who was just so sad the day was over. Seriously. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because my kids are just that awesome.

To celebrate we ate donuts, went to Wal-Mart to look at Legos, went to Toys R’ Us to look at Legos, played on the Wii, ate french fries on the porch, played a game of Sorry, snuggled, opened presents, had cake, built Legos, ate pizza, went skating, and had more cake. It was such a fun day and we really let her call (almost) all of the shots.

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

This week I participated in a hilarious post that Justine from Little Dove Blog put together where bloggers finished this statement. You know you’re a blogger when…

That was just one of my answers! To read what else I had to say, and continue the giggles, make sure to check out her post!

Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared…

$10 at Target, Emily’s Birthday Edition
Happy 6th Birthday Emily, a photo shoot
What’s Up Wednesday, February 2017
Our Mother Daughter Bucket List

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-Ups

  • Heather Bramlett

    So glad Emily had a great day!! I’m still drooling over those doughnuts!
    Enjoy your Daytona weekend!! 🙂

    • Those donuts are so crazy and so much fun. We had a great weekend, thank you!

  • Jessica

    I love that your number one is Daytona this weekend!! 🙂 Drew was so ready for the cars to leave last wednesday and head to the track. It gets to this point in the season starting that he’s just ready for it to start. He says that the mechanics and crew chiefs get bored, so they start to come up with “ideas” and those stupid ideas become his problem. Ha ha! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday! Go Team Penske!! Aww sweet Emily! I’m glad her birthday was so amazing!

    • Baha ha ha! That made me lol. That race yesterday was CRAZY right? I hope it was just the hype of Daytona and not the new point system that caused all those wrecks. I was starting to wonder if anyone would be left to win :P.

  • If it hadn’t been for NASCAR I would have never met my husband! Happy Daytona weekend to you. I don’t watch it (LOL). So girl, you had a terrific week!!! I’m so happy for that. I noticed on my dashboard screen suddenly there’s a lot of reading of my blog in India so yeah….I think I better watch out for hacking too, huh? ENJOY your weekend!

    • God bless NASCAR, lol! It was a really great week. I hope this week is half as good but let’s face it, I don’t feel too optimistic on Monday mornings.

  • A hacked blog?! I never knew that could happen! I will have to watch out. There are some creepers out there. Enjoy Daytona weekend!! And what a fab birthday!

    • I know, right? I was shocked and frustrated for sure. Thank you!

  • Amy Smith

    Yes to #4! haha! I’m so glad that Emily had the best birthday! What did she receive for her birthday?

    • She got like 5 new Lego sets and some Minnie Mouse clothes. Which was GREAT because her Minnie wardrobe was down to a bunch of t shirts that she had pretty much outgrown. So, she is set for a while now.

  • Eekk!! So sorry about your hacked blog! Glad you got it all figured out. Have a great Daytona weekend. 🙂

    • It was a bit shocking but overall it turned out fine. Thanks friend, it was great.

  • Holy moly about being hacked! So I wasn’t the only one with blog problems this week, hmm. I am glad Emily had a good birthday! And I loved your ideas on how you know you’re a blogger!

    • Haha! Nope. I was just so glad I was able to fix mine so quickly.

      Thank you so much.

  • Yikes! Sorry to hear about your blog getting hacked! So glad you got it fixed and quickly! Emily’s birthday sounded perfect!! My heart is full for you! (..& my mama eyes may be tearing up a bit for ya too! :)) I can sooo relate to that blogger statement – lol! Can’t wait to read more! Happy Daytona 500 weekend! xo – Brenda //

    • I was SO relieved too. It really freaked me out at first. You are too sweet friend. I hope y’all had an amazing weekend and that your Monday goes well too!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh Emily is so sweet!! Sounds like she had the perfect birthday! Boo for your blog being hacked! I hope that doesn’t happen again! Or to me, because I wouldn’t know the first thing to do hahaha. Enjoy Daytona weekend!! xo

    • Baha ha! You always leave me laughing. We had a GREAT weekend. I hope you did too Lizzie!

  • I can’t believe your blog was hacked! Loved your answers on Justine’s post! Enjoy your weekend!!

    • I couldn’t either! Thank you so much. Hope your weekend was great too!

  • Whitney Jordan

    I didn’t even realize blogs could get hacked!! I’m SO glad you got it fixed quick. Now I’m thinking about what I need to do to make sure that doesn’t happen to me. Any tips that you learned?? Emily bday donuts look amazing and I hope she had a wonderful week celebrating. LOVE that quote about on-line friends… it’s so true. I talk to my blogging besties way more regularly than some of my own family!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • I think mine resulted as a WP setting thing so you are probably okay. Especially seeing google owns blogger. I bet it would be more obvious. It was my fault. I got a weird email that morning but since it was Em’s birthday I wasn’t really responding to emails so…

      It is so true. I am the same exact way. I think I know them way better than any real friends too :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    I’m so glad I could help you out! And it still boggles my mind why anyone would want to spend their time hacking a blog!?!

    • I know, right? Completely bizarre… but I assume stranger things have happened.

  • Justine Y

    I LOVED what you had to say for the blogger post, lol. :P) And I can’t believe you got hacked! I’m sorry! That kind of thing freaks me out. Also, those doughnuts look ah-mazing and now I really want some!

    • Those donuts ARE amazing… and that donut shop is like a two minute walk from my house too. Some things in life just aren’t fair.

  • That is the perfect sentence for a you know you’re a blogger when post!

    So crazy that your blog got hacked! People are so strange. Glad you got it cleaned up!

    • Perfect and OH so true, right?!?!

      Thanks Becky. I was so glad it was an easy fix.

  • I loved your >blogger< post on Justine's blog. Also…hacked! That's freaky.

    • Thank you so much and YES, freaked the snot out of me.

  • That’s crazy about your blog, I’m glad you were able to get it fixed quickly! My husband is so excited for Daytona tomorrow — we will definitely be watching!

    • Yay! Love fellow NASCAR fans. There really aren’t too many girls that like it so I always love finding those who do!

  • I LOVE that you started this post with your excitement for Daytona! People who love NASCAR are the best people. 🙂 I seriously wish I could crash your party today! 🙂

    So sorry you got hacked – I didn’t see it, but that would be so stressful! It’s like having someone break into your home. Glad you were able to get it fixed quickly.

    Now…Boogity Boogity Boogity, let’s go racin’! 🙂

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • YES they are :*. That would have seriously been the best. Usually it is just me watching the race with Russ and a couple of guy pals so a another gal in the room would have been awesome.

  • Yay for Daytona weekend! I hope it was a complete blast. My dad has always been huge on Nascar. I remember going with him as a child to Nascar races. But I was really only there for the bags upon bags of Jolly Ranchers that the Jolly Rancher car gave us kids! Haha. Your blog got hacked? That’s so wild! I didn’t even know a blog could get hacked. Aww, I am so glad that her birthday was so great that she had tears when it was over! Good job, Mom & Dad!! I love the “You know you’re a blogger when” thing. So true!

    • Those are some pretty fantastic memories friend.

      Those words ARE so true, right? Y’all are like my best friends. Now if only we could all get together at the same time.

  • OMG, I can’t believe that you were hacked!!!! That is terrifying and one of my worst nightmares with this whole blogging thing. I would die. I’m so glad that you were able to get it fixed quickly! I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do!

    • Lol! Well it helped that they didn’t lock me out. Since I was all clear there I quickly deleted the post and figured out how it happened. For such a crazy thing I really got it resolved fast.

  • Wow! I’ve never known any one to get their blog hacked, I’ve only ever heard of getting your email hacked! Good thing you could fix it so quickly and delete the post. How did you fix it? Just change your password?

    • Leave it to me to do something unheard of. It was some weird setting in WordPress. I bet it never would have happened on a Blogger blog. UGH!

  • Such a great week! It sounds like she had the best birthday:)

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!