Celebrating The Day of Love, Our Valentine Plans

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love! 

In all honesty we haven’t always done a lot to celebrate Valentines Day in previous years, but we have tried to step up our game recently. Why? Because we have little girls! Just because I’m not a “mushy” romantic doesn’t mean that they won’t be. I want them to know that love is worth celebrating (and not just on Valentines Day). So today we celebrate because those sweet little girls are watching and showing them a good example of marriage is always something we find ourselves working to do.

So how do we celebrate?!

For us the celebrating began on February 1st. There have been so many little things going on in our home and preparations that have all led up to today. We have spoken, sent, created, baked, and shared love in so many ways…

From class parties, family valentines, and valentine card snail mail, there has been no shortage of Valentine cards in the Newman house this year. I think we may have even set an all time record high for Valentines sent!

This Valentine season I have been hosting my very first photo challenge with Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me. The challenge has been a huge success, especially seeing it wasn’t announced until the day before it started! Much to my surprise the photo challenge soon turned into a family event in our house when Russ decided to play along too. His approach has been nothing short of hysterical and sometimes adorable. I’ll be recapping my 14 Days of Love photos later this week. 

One of our all time favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is with treats. From cakes and cookies to heart-shaped scones and dipped goodies. I have been trying to add some sort of Valentine spin wherever I can. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

For the past several years I have been leaving my family one heart each day telling them something I love about them. This year I have been lining my girls’ door frames and they have been so sweet to tell me thank you every single time I add a new one to their collection. It is such a simple way to show someone you love all the things that make them unique and special to you. 

We don’t own many Valentine outfits. But you can guarantee we have been wearing anything pink, red, heart patterned, or that says the word love on it all month long. The girls are doing WAY better in this department than I am. I never realized the lack of winter friendly pink in my wardrobe. Guess I need to go shopping ;)?!

As for our actual Valentine Day plans, we are sticking with our normal weekday routine. I should add that the girls were REALLY disappointed we still had to do school today. “But mom, it’s a holiday!” Russ and I plan to surprise the girls with a little present and for dinner we will have a fancy candle lit, multiple course meal. We might even dress up for the occasion too.

What special ways do you celebrate Valentines Day?

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46 thoughts on “Celebrating The Day of Love, Our Valentine Plans

    1. It was so fun. I didn’t send out many, I think maybe 6? But I got several text messages from friends saying how much it meant to them. Maybe I will send more next year.

  1. I mailed cards this year!!! Give me a cookie, please! LOL We aren’t Valentine people either but I do make sure the kids get a little special something. This year its donuts and since it is early release from school we are going to the Batman Movie (it is also $5 movie day so that allows for the movie!) Happy day to you guys!

    1. Aawww! Great minds. I got so many texts from people just tickled to death to get a card. $5 movie day?! That is so awesome. I really wish we had some cheaper options around here.

  2. I love everything you did for Valentine’s Day this year and having a candle lit dinner sounds like so much fun. Drew and I don’t do much, but I always have fun plans for the kids. We will have a valentine breakfast and they have a few little gifts to open. I love making valentines so we had fun with that this year. 🙂

  3. How very fun!! It’s the little things, we are doing an at home dinner too and pulling out the good dishes. I think I will add candles too now. Thanks for the tip

  4. I love it! We made a bigger deal last year since it was on a weekend. I do have a few things planned today but I feel bad chris is missing it all at work.

    1. That is funny I think we barely acknowledged it last year. We tend to forget things when they fall over the weekends because I have too many distractions to get prepared, lol. I hope you guys ended up having a great day and were able to celebrate some with Chris. I know schedules can make that stuff so hard.

  5. I somewhat miss having the kids little enough to love the little valentines. I seriously threw out a load of valentines candy and a new heart and arrow blanket for Target as a surprise when we left for Vegas….today…..no surprises. We are having heart shaped brownie sundaes tonight so hopefully that will make up for it. 🙂

  6. I love everything you do to celebrate! Were those unicorn Valentines Emily was doing? They looked so cute!

  7. What a fun post! I love the hearts on the girl’s doors. My kids would love that! You do so many cute and meaningful things to celebrate the day! Happy Valentines Day Beth!

    1. Thank you! I started the heart tradition years ago and it just stuck. Around here we tend to focus on all of the little things to really make things special. I hope you had a great day yesterday!

  8. Such a fun post, Beth!! And thank you so much for linking up with us!

    Girl, I totally got your Valentine’s Day card in the mail when I was on my lunch break today and it just MADE. MY. DAY. I haven’t gotten a Valentine from a friend probably since junior high! So much fun, friend!

    And yes, your photo challenge has been a HUGE success!! I was looking through the hashtag last night on Insta and there are soooo many pictures! I missed a couple of days, but I’m proud of myself for mostly keeping up with it! Haha. Enjoy your day!

    1. You are welcome! I can’t always link up on link up day, but I will try to get a post out there.

      I am SO happy you got it. It was a lot of fun to send them out this year and I had so much fun with the drawings I put in them.

      Thank you for participating and for not giving up if you missed a day. We really appreciate it!

  9. I love your reason behind celebrating and all the fun things you did this month! I’m going to have to remember those chocolate dipped pink wafers for treats next year. And I’ve loved participating in the photo challenge this month. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    1. Aren’t those so much fun. I think I might even make a St. Patricks Day version soon. You could really mix them up to make them for any celebration. We loved having you participate friend. Thank you!

  10. I love how you celebrate from the beginning of the month with those special hearts for the girls. I hope you guys had the best day yesterday!

  11. You guys love so well. I love that about your sweet family. The hearts on their doorframes…I melt! I am totally stealing this idea for next year, friend. I hope you don’t mind.

  12. Aww your cute girls! Love, love, love this! I think your Valentine’s plans looked lovely, those strawberries and cookies, YUM! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  13. Those valentines are so cute!!! And all your treats looked delicious. I loved participating in the photo challenge. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  14. So many sweet ideas! We didn’t celebrate the way we expected. 2 of my 4 had Valentine’s Day parties at school, and Lily and Lexie still had their weekly activities to attend. By the time I got home, my husband was completely stressed out over the fact that we had a huge virus on our main computer. So our plans for the evening got pushed back. I told him we have to plan a date ASAP!

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