14 Days Of Love, A February Photo Challenge

It’s the month of love!

Not only does today kick off the month of February, it also kicks off my very first Instagram photo challenge!

I am so excited y’all. I have toyed and toyed with the idea of hosting a challenge but have never taken the plunge. My biggest reason to not go for it has been a fear of failure. I mean, I have only completed 2 photo challenges in like 3 years since mom brain generally gets the best of me. It seems pretty obvious that I am totally unqualified to pull this off.

Or am I…

I did decide to focus all blog related growth on Instagram for the year of 2017 and I also have a pretty amazing co-host who has successfully hosted multiple challenges. When I originally text Stephanie over the weekend, asking her thoughts, she jumped right on board. She also assured me that others would want to join the fun. Guess what, she was right! 

I tried to chose prompts that wouldn’t stink. You’ve all seen those challenges right?! I love photo challenges with prompts that are pretty open ended and can be interpreted in a number of ways. I think that is exactly what we came up with.

Yesterday we tried our hardest to spread the word around but I thought I would go ahead and throw this post together as one last attempt to invite you to join us. The challenge starts today and runs for 14 days. With only two weeks of prompts this challenge is totally doable, even if you have the worst record ever at completing challenges (like me).

We hope to see you over on ‘the gram’ and don’t forget to us #14DaysOfLovePhoto2017 so we can find all of your photos!

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28 thoughts on “14 Days Of Love, A February Photo Challenge

  1. I’m excited about this! I love a photo challenge and always have fun. I’ll definitely be participating. 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m going to try to actually successfully do this challenge for once!! 😉 Selfies here we come hehe

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