The Kids Behind The Blog, January 2017

Happy almost Friday friends!

Today is the 12th edition of one of my favorite monthly linkups, The Kids (or in my case girls) Behind the Blog. It’s hard to believe it has been a full year, but it has. Over the past 12 months I have giggled, nodded, gasped, and cried happy tears from laughing so hard over the things our kids have said.

Thank you! 

Laughter is good medicine friends. I hope you’ll continue linking up with us in 2017, or maybe consider joining us for the very first time. You can find all of our 2017 dates and next months questions at the bottom of this post. 


This months questions are about all things cold in honor of the current season, winter. YUCK!!! Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of the winter months?

What’s your favorite thing to do or play inside?
Marissa// I like to play with Legos!
Emily// Oooohhh! Watch movies.
Mom thoughts: I can’t believe Emily didn’t say play with Legos.
Have you ever seen or played in snow?  If so, what’s your favorite snow activity?
Marissa// Yes. I like to sled down the hill in our front yard.
Emily// Yes! Having snowball fights.
Mom thoughts: Funny, I don’t remember Emily ever having a snowball fight before.
What was your favorite Christmas or holiday gift you received?
Marissa// The Lego Friends Adventure Camp.
Emily// Hmmm…. Skating Minnie Mouse.
Mom thoughts: Yup, sounds about right. Santa always brings the presents they love the most.
What’s your favorite winter vacation you went on? Why?
We don’t really go on vacations in the winter so I just asked them to tell me one of their favorite places we have gone in the winter.
Marissa// The Journey to Bethlehem.
Emily// The Dixie Stampede!
Mom thoughts: I would have guessed they would both say Silver Dollar City…
Would you rather live where it’s warm all year round or have the seasons?
Marissa// I would rather have the seasons so I get to enjoy the snow.
Emily// I don’t know…. Warm weather so we can go to the pool all year!
Mom thoughts: I’m with Emily. We could always visit somewhere that has snow if we really wanted to. Give me sunshine and lazy days by the pool!
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Next months questions are…
1) What does the word love mean to you?
2) Kids choice! How do you want to spend Valentine’s Day?
3) Do you have a Valentine? If so, who?
4) How many days are in the month of February?
5) How do you show someone you love them?
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38 thoughts on “The Kids Behind The Blog, January 2017

  1. It’s entertaining when kids give an answer that makes no sense or that is completely off from what you think they’d say. It’s like they do it just to throw us off. 🙂 Snow is fun and we live in a place that’s warm the majority of the year, but warm and pool sound good to me.

    1. Or is a complete lie, lololololol!!!! Pool life is the best life, I can’t wait for summer.

      So any thoughts on Carl’s big announcement? We were watching all the press conferences last night and kept laughing because nobody seemed to grasp that he isn’t playing some sort of angle. It was pretty comical really.

  2. I’m with Marissa, I love the snow so much I could never not live where there isn’t any 🙂

  3. I love the little graphic of the girls! So pretty, friend. Marissa is all about the Legos and I love it. I actually had to reorganize my office to make a space for all of Mason’s Legos. And that Santa, I tell you man…always getting the good stuff (and taking all the credit! Haha).

    1. Isn’t that the stinking truth. Someday they’ll get it. I honestly can’t wait too :P. Oh man we are running out of storage fast too. I need to hang more shelves, but I don’t want too, UGH!

  4. Haha, Emily must have seen a movie with a snowball fight and thought it looked fun! And while I love the seasons, winter could be shorter!!!

  5. Emily and her Skating Minnie. Sounds right!
    And, I would totally consider your annual trip to Silver Dollar City a vacation!

    1. Totally right. I would think of it more as a vacation if it wasn’t a day trip. 2 hours there, 4-6 hours in park and 2 hours home. It’s to exhausting to be a vacation, lol!

  6. Cute girls!! Duplos and movies are winning at our house right now 🙂 I love this series and love your addition of Mom Thoughts to your line up! It’s a nice little behind the scenes! I’m thinking Olive is old enough to join in with this fun link up this year so I’ve marked my calendar for the rest of the year.

    1. Oh YAY!!! I was thinking she was probably getting close to the age and almost told you, you should join us. But I didn’t want to put any pressure on you in case it wasn’t something you wanted to do. So, this makes me so happy! We never got into Duplos but I KNOW they would have loved them.

  7. Your girls are adorable! I love the mom thoughts on what your kids say. I think they are going to enjoy these posts some day. We hope right?! That’s part of why we blog 🙂

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