#2016ChristmasMoments Days 16-31

Every year Santa Stephanie hosts a Christmas themed photo challenge and every year I do my best to play along. Last year I bombed out, failing the challenge on the very last day. However this year I redeemed myself by actually completing all 31 days. It’s a Christmas miracle!

For the month of December I shared my photos on Instagram. But since seeing anything on Instagram has been challenging lately, I thought I would share them on the blog too. Here is a look at the last 16 days of the 2016 challenge. If you missed days 1-15 you can find them here.

Day 16 | Stocking

Day 17 | Clothing

Day 18 | Inspiration

Day 19 | Happiness

Day 20 | Movies

Day 21 | Keepsake

Day 22 | Favorite

Day 23 | Gathering

Day 24 | Cookies

Day 25 | Paper

Day 26 | Cozy

Day 27 | Below

Day 28 | Celebrate

Day 29 | Memory

Day 30 | Temperature

Day 31 | Last

Did you complete this years photo challenge?

Wrapping up the #2016ChristmasMoments photo challenge today. Sharing days 16-31! Click To Tweet

26 thoughts on “#2016ChristmasMoments Days 16-31

  1. I’ve loved all your photos from over the past 31 days! Girl, this is the first one I failed. I just got caught up in the holidays & just forgot. I’m so disappointed! I love the paper & movie captures, too!

  2. So many happy pictures! Love the cookies, cute girls, family pictures and Christmas memories. I participated sporadically so I need to try harder next time 🙂

  3. You did so good with this challenge and I loved following along! I already can’t wait for next year’s challenge.

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