What’s Up Wednesday, December 2016

Typically I do a monthly post called ‘Currently’ where I share all of the ins and out about what is going on in our world. Sadly I haven’t done one of these posts since September! I knew things have been busy around here this fall, but I didn’t realize they had been THAT busy. So today I am getting back to sharing more about what is going on around here. Since it has been a while, I thought it would be a great time to switch up my format and do a ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ post.

What's up Wednesday. Sharing our life currently

What we are eating this week…
Christmas cookies! Kidding…kind of. Here is this weeks break down.

Monday: Vegetable soup
Tuesday: Chicken Tacos
Wednesday: Leftover soup & paninis
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Festivus Family night: Appetizers
Saturday: Christmas Eve with Russ’ parents
Sunday: Christmas Dinner

What I’m reminiscing about…
How much our girls have grown and all our Christmas’ together as a family. This stage of life that we are in is so very bittersweet. I love where we are now more than ever, but I also know the older they get… well… you know. Sometimes I wish time would slow down.

What I’m loving…
I have a crush on a show called Longmire and an “old man” crush on the main character too. We have FLOWN through 53 episodes of that show and it easily became an all time favorite of mine. If you’re looking for a new series to watch on Netflix, I can’t recommend it enough. 

What we’ve been up to…
Crossing ALL the things off our Christmas bucket list. Our evenings have been jam-packed with holiday shopping, events, and parties for days now.

What I’m dreading…
Putting away ALL the Christmas decorations and a busy gym next month. I understand the New Years resolutions but for about 6 weeks that place is crazy.

What I’m working on…
I have been trying to get ahead a bit on the blog before the holidays get here. I have also been working hard on making sure all of our school work is wrapped up by the end of the semester. Other than that it is just the normal day-to-day and not forgetting to move our elf every night ;).

What I’m excited about…
Christmas Eve service, watching my girls open presents, and my birthday!
What I’m watching/reading…
Lately we have been watching all the Christmas movies. After discovering that the local stations weren’t playing most of our favorites we decided to start purchasing more Christmas movies. This year we have grabbed a Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch. I am hoping to add one more Christmas Movie a year for a while. 
What I’m listening to…
Christmas music! I have the Michael Bublé or White Christmas Pandora station on 24/7 this week.
What I’m wearing…
Fleece pants on repeat #sorrynotsorry. Since the weather has cooled off, we’ve stayed home a lot more during the day. I don’t know why, but we do that pretty much every year. I have also been wearing a new coat that I snagged on Black Friday.
What I’m doing this weekend…
Celebrating Christmas!!! Christmas plans are pretty informal this year but there will be lots of time together. The Mr. starts his vacation on Friday and will be home with us for 11 days, so that is definitely something we are excited about too!
What I’m looking forward to next month…
I love the sense of newness that January brings. It is the perfect time to refocus and set goals. Russ has a birthday coming up at the end of the month too. 
What else is new…
Not much! At least nothing that I am ready to share on the blog quite yet. No, I’m not pregnant :p. But I promise to share all things in due time friends!

What’s up with you lately?

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40 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday, December 2016

  1. I love this friend! Such a great recap of life lately. I’m so not ready for it to be Christmas because I’m not ready for the magic of the season to be over and all the fun to be behind us. Slow it down!! Though I agree that January does bring newness I’m ready for.

  2. It’s funny… when you say new, people always think pregnant! Lol. You guys seem to be doing everything cosy and fun!! School is still on here as well as extra curricular but we still try to squeeze the fun and family time in on the weekend and evenings!

  3. Fleece pants are my jam–they’re the best in the winter! I’m with you–so excited to watch our kids opens their presents! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. I hear ya on the reminiscing! I’ve been doing lots of that lately too. I also am dreading taking everything down, didn’t I just put it up!?

  5. Girl, my “dreading” is the same as yours, but I totally forgot to include the busy gym. Ugh, January is going to be hideous at the gym. Stinks for all of us who go regularly the whole year. The good thing is that it should probably clear out by March. ;o)

  6. I am dreading the same exact thing! Putting all these Christmas decorations away! haha =)
    My husband has watched Longmire and said it’s so good! I’ll have to check it out =)

    1. It’s better than good :P. I am absolutely in love with that show and could watch it again right now 😀 haha! Undecorating is pretty much the worst ever.

  7. Yes to the gym comment!!! Totally annoying…in that sense I am looking forward to February! Yay for Christmas celebrations. And birthday celebrations. I want to say that yours is on the 30th? I don’t know why I think that. Vaguely remember from last year?

  8. We’ve been having so much fun watching all the Christmas movies. Marcus is finally at an age where he can sit down and enjoy them with us (Julia, not so much).
    I’m totally not looking forward to taking down all the Christmas decor. We’re leaving for family Christmases right after the holiday, and I refuse to come home and have to do it then. So, Christmas Day it all gets packed up!

    1. Isnt that so much fun. Give her a little more time, Emily got there much sooner than Marissa did. Oh wow that isn’t much fun to do on Christmas, although I usually start at 6:00 a.m. on the 26th.

  9. I love this post! I had the best of intentions of getting ahead with blogging before the holidays came, but then life happened. I am actually behind. And I don’t want to put up the Christmas decor. Can I just leave it up for the month of January?!

    1. The holidays are so tricky like that, but people are so busy around this time of the year I find that a lot of people step away a bit. Lol! I guess you could :P.

    1. Hehe! It’s really nothing blog related, more home life related. I hope to share it soon. I have been biting my tongue for MONTHS now hoping to not jinx anything. Nothing fun planned at all. I am so lame like that.

  10. Me too on putting away the Christmas decorations! Ugh, I need someone to come do that for me and also to take away all of the cookies and sweets I have lingering on my counters right now!

  11. We undecorated the house today and put everything in our bonus room. I need to sort and reorganize how I put things away this year. I’m hoping to end up with a better system, but I may just close the door to that room for a few more days and ignore it 🙂

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