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Hello my name is Beth and I am a planner. I’m pretty sure it all started as a young girl who loved to make lists. Hand in the air if you too are guilty of writing something down (possibly something that you have already done) just so you can cross it off?! I know there is absolutely no way in the world this one is just me

My love for lists and organization has more recently turned into a love for planners. It took me a little while to get to used to the idea of having my brain outside of my body. But after taking the leap, I will never go back. However, there are a couple of things that I have learned  about planners over the past couple of years. 

#1 Planners can be a great asset if you use them consistently and to their greatest potential.
#2 Not all planners are the same. (This one is worth repeating.)

I was recently introduced to Start Planner and it was love at first sight. Besides the fact that their planners are beautiful, just look at that gold binding, they offer everything I could ever want in a planner. I’m talking goals, finances, gifts, addresses, grocery list as well as my schedule and more! I may never miss a birthday or deadline again, as long as I remember to write them down ;).

I cant wait to organize our life and my blog business in this amazing planner in 2017! Something tells me I am going to need more organization than ever in the coming year and life is always full of goals to crush.

2017, I am ready!
Find out more about my planner here!

Now, how about that giveaway?!
My friends Kristy and Jenny over at Start Planner have been so kind to offer a giveaway! One of you is going to win your very own Start Planner for 2017! I hope y’all are as excited about this as I am. 

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Good luck!

Tell me one goal you have for 2017?

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78 thoughts on “Start Planner, Plus a Giveaway

  1. My goal is actually pretty funny. I want to actually use my planner correctly. I get started and then fizzle out. Ha ha!

  2. Planners make me so happy, too! We all have colors. haha! Like Jess, I’d actually like to use it correctly & stick with with. Another goal I have is to have more of a consistent work out routine.

  3. I’m such a list maker and used to love a physical planner, but now I seem to prefer digital. I bought a beautiful planner for 2016 and never used it. I was so bummed to find it in a pile last week and see that it was wasted. This post tempted me again… It’s seriously looks awesome! But I’m trying to be more realistic and not buy stuff I won’t use. So hard for me 😉

    1. It is funny to me how it really is just a preference. I can’t even imagine using a digital planner. I like to have something physical. The only thing I would like about digital would be the reminders.

  4. I think one day I’ll make the transition to digital planning but for now, I need a planner. I need to see it in writing. The process of planning our week out, writing it all down helps it stick in my mind. I’m a very visual person. Once I write it, read it or see it, I’m more likely to recall it. Hence why I will forever love having a paper planner.

  5. I always use a planner, I cannot do the whole online, phone calendar thing, it has to be on paper. This planner looks awesome! I have goals to be more organized at our house in 2017 and not accumulate so much crap!!

  6. My goal is to be more organized so I am not rushing around from place to place and not being able to enjoy the little things.

  7. This planner is everything! Looks so professional and I love that its filled with checklists for just about anything 🙂 even has tabs! #winning

  8. I want to be better with planning my days…possibly by time-blocking? So I can focus on just one task at a time.

    I would also like to create more printables for my blog. And lose the pregnancy weight. 🙂

    1. I would love to better at time blocking too. I feel like our days are pretty consistent, but giving myself x amount of time and just moving on would be refreshing.

  9. Goal for 2017…..
    Put myself out there more. Spend more days going outside and soaking up the sun, make more memories and don’t be afraid to let go of people who are toxic in my life!

  10. Aaaand this is reason number 4,583,505 why I love you. There is nothing better than a crisp new planner just waiting to be written in! I have been a list maker since I was old enough to write and I ADORE notebooks, notepads, planners, office supplies, you name it! A new planner makes January a hundred times more exciting!

  11. My main goal is to finally start a blog! I’ve been wanting to for years, and I finally put in the hard-core, motivating research recently. Next step: begin!

  12. I love a good planner, but a goal would be to find one I truly like and use. I have one that I’ll occasionally remember to use, but most of the time it sits all lonely by the computer.

  13. This is a cute planner, definitely would give me all the right feels when trying to stay organized. I am going to try to do that more this year. Here’s to a more organized me 🙂

  14. This planner looks awesome! I really want to be more organized in 2017 and do things early instead of the week (or night before)!

  15. That planner is awesome! I bought a planner for 2016 but ended up using it to write one sentence about my day, every day. I love reading back on it now at the end of the year! My goal for next year is blog more and READ more!

  16. i am aiming to get my license by 2017 and a planner would help me organize my time with chores and studying.thanks for the chance

  17. I have never heard of this planner! I am going to check it out!
    I am a planner nerd all the way! HA

  18. one goal I have for the coming year is perseverance. I start things off great, then lose interest or pick up something else until I have more things going than I can handle! I want to learn to finish what I start – for the great give-away!

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