Monthly Goals, November 2016

I typically try to share/recap my goals within the first couple days of the month, but that doesn’t always work out. However, I did manage to take a look at how I did and plan some new things for the month of November. Today I am finally going to share those with you.

Monthly Goals, November 2016

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Host or Co-host a giveaway
* Start working on updating my About Me page
* New head-shot
* Work on our fall bucket list
* Attend the Hot Rod Reunion
* Have a movie night
* 4 workouts a week 
* Find some new workouts to try
* Work with the girls in their AWANA books

* Attend small group
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Get out of the house with our school work once
* Try 4 new recipes
* Use a one photo a day app

* Decorate for Halloween
Pick out Halloween costumes
* Sort through the tubs of kids clothes in the attic
* Doodle at least two chalk boards

And what I didn’t …

* Eat more protein
* Find a daily devotion and do it
* Work with Marissa on memorizing multiplication facts

I failed at consistency on all of these. I was SO close to a completed list y’all. I just couldn’t bring myself to cross them off. 

All in all I am pretty happy with how October went. I ended up getting a lot more done in some areas than I expected, which is probably why other areas suffered a bit. I still feel like I did a good job of staying balanced, especially with the busyness that the last couple weeks of the month brought. 

Participate in a giveaway
* Evaluate progress on my long term 2016 goals
* Finish making revamps to my page

* Work on our fall bucket list
* Celebrate Thanksgiving
* Have a movie or game night, maybe both

* 4 workouts a week 
* Eat more protein
* Do more squats

* Find a daily devotion and do it
* Start making plans for Advent
* Memorize 3 scriptures

Home School-
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Enjoy Thanksgiving break.
* Re-plan Marissa’s math curriculum and spread it out a bit more.
* Evaluate to see if we are on track.

* Try 2 new recipes
* Decorate for Thanksgiving
* Decorate for Christmas
* Use a one photo a day app
* Start Christmas shopping
* Make a Christmas bucket list
* Doodle at least two chalk boards
* Have a girls night with Anna

I can’t even believe it’s November. Goals for November involve lots of preparing to celebrate my favorite season while TRYING not to get too distracted. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. 

What goals have you made for November?

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41 thoughts on “Monthly Goals, November 2016

  1. You totally rocked October! I’d say only having 3 goals that you didn’t meet is a huge accomplishment. I love your goals for November. You can do it. 🙂

  2. October was so successful! Way to rock it mama! Let me know if you find a good one picture a day app. You better make sure that girls night is once a week. 😉

    1. I really like 1 second everyday. I just need to be better about using it on the actual day. Check it out and let me know what you think. Dude, we totally need to we have SUCKED at having girls nights and once the baby is here…. well, I guess we could still have girl nights with all 3 of us :P.

  3. You killed it in October… Way to go! And I feel like November is all about planning. Making sure I do what I can to prepare for Christmas (otherwise known as all of December) so I can enjoy it when it arrives!

    1. I totally do too. I actually really need to start writing things down. I have A LOT planned already and our bucket list made, but I need to prepare advent stuff and I need to plan all the little things.

  4. I am so impressed with how much you accomplished in October!! I usually give myself like 3-4 goals a month, LOL! November looks like another great month!

    1. Lol! I think you have the right idea. Most of my goals are usually things that I usually do, I just want to make sure I do them. Sometimes it feels like a lot when I write it all down but I try to let things happen organically. Does that make sense. 95% of the time I don’t force something to be done just for the sake of crossing it off. That is probably why I never complete a goal list. Baha ha!

  5. You got so much done in October!! You rock! You’re November plans seem pretty solid too. Will you share if you find a devotion you like?? I’ve been looking, but just can’t seem to find anything.

    1. Aaaahhhh thank you so much! I was sick and tired of the old theme. I didn’t love the header and found myself going around my landing page. This is the perfect balance. Plus I can change things out really easily to make them more colorful without things feeling like a total redesign. I love it.

  6. Your October was awesome!!! Holy smokes, you accomplished a ton!
    And, I know of one pretty sweet giveaway that’s coming up in November. 🙂

    1. Me too. OMG making that Rafflecopter was the worst, ever. I have never made one for that large of a giveaway and I kind of wanted to poke my eyes out so kudos to people who put those together all the time!

  7. Holy Moly…you accomplished a lot! Way to go! Love the new look! I know you will do even better in November!! I read Girlfriends and God every morning and love it!! It gets sent to my inbox every morning! 🙂

  8. Yes, for trying two new recipes….other than that I’m not good on goals. Two of my September goals (yes, two months ago) were to read a book (I’m still on page 20), and paint my toe nails (hey, I’m not ambitious), and I just took the polish off last Saturday…I still haven’t managed to paint them. Can you call me every morning and keep me on task, please???

  9. Loving the new look around here! That profile picture of you? GORGEOUS friend! Girl, you crushed October!! Way to go! I am going to try this goal thing again in 2017 and see if I can keep it up!

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