Fall Bucket List 2016, The Finale

I gave us until Thanksgiving to complete our fall bucket list. With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow, it seems we are out of time. But the good news is we don’t need any more time. We actually somehow managed to finish another list. At the end it was  sheer will power that got us through. A lot of the things we had left were really simple or already planned things. Have I ever mentioned that I am pretty stubborn? There was no way I w as about to let a couple of things keep us from finishing our list off. 


Here’s a look at the final things we marked off.

Have a chili night

We have actually had multiple chili nights already, I just never bothered to take a picture. I could seriously eat chili at least once a week during that cold weather months. 


Go geocaching

Before the weather turned cold I took the girls geocaching one last time. We ended up finding 5 different caches and had a blast. We definitely need to do this more often they LOVE gong “treasure hunting”

20161111_132105 20161111_134754 geo

Date night

Date nights are another thing that we have had a few of, but I failed to photograph. Almost every week the girls go to AWANA and that gives us a couple of hours to ourselves. I did manage to finally snap this photo… at Sam’s. It’s a wild life that we lead.


Make a sweet potato pie

That was the first (and probably will be the last) sweet potato pie I’ve ever made. I have to say it, I’d rather just have pumpkin. #BasicBeth


Day trip

Our day trip ended up being our trip to KC for Emily’s eye appointment We also did a VERY quick run into IKEA, ate at Chick-Fila, went to Trader Joes, grabbed some D&D, and stopped by Pete and Jakes (a car part store). The girls really loved all of our stops. I am hoping that when we go back in February we can spend a little more time at IKEA though.

20161116_105511 20161116_130834 20161116_135146 20161116_143432

Make a fall craft

We didn’t make any big crafts, but we did do lots of little ones. From coloring Turkeys, painting wooden pumpkins, painting real pumpkins, and painting scarecrows.

img_6950 img_6197 img_6188

Drink apple cider

Apple cider was drank in the midst of Christmas decorating craziness. However Emily decided she’d rather just have apple juice. Oh goodness that kid, she won’t try anything. I LOVE adding just the slightest bit of caramel to my cider. It’s the perfect addition, try it!


Make a thankful tree

This is the… 4th? year we’ve done a Thankful tree and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon. I love to see the things the girls come up with to add to our tree every year.


Playing in the leaves

Playing in the leaves was the very last thing to get marked off our list. Why? We don’t really have any trees that produce jumping in worthy piles. I suppose that’s what happens when you rebuild post tornado. Our friends have been kind enough to let us play in their leaves over the years. We jumped and played until the eyes got a little itchy, then headed back inside.

img_6971 img_6983 img_7040

Another bucket list is all marked off. I’ll admit it… I’m a bit worried over the mounting pressure to keep finishing our lists. Let’s be realistic, it’s probably not going to happen.

Come back on Monday to see the fun we have planned for Christmas!

Did you finish your fall bucket list?


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  • I am so impressed!!! What a fun list and I love the pictures!

    • Thank you! If toy dont take a picture, it didnt happen.

  • Amy Smith

    Look at you guys go! I forgot what was even on our list…oops. I should probably check that out. haha!

    • Lol! I used to be the same exact way, then I started printing my lists off. You should give it a try 😊.

  • Jessica

    Wahoo!! I’m impressed you completed every activity. I think we still have one or two that just won’t happen. I need to check. Love everything you did. 🙂

    • Im impressed, shocked really, too. Thanks Jess. Happy Friday!

  • So awesome that you completed everything off your bucket list!! I think we missed a couple! Whoops!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Awesome and shocking. I hope yours was great too and that you have an AMAZING trip!

  • Look at you guys go, Beth! How fantastic that you checked everything off the list! Oh, and date night at Sam’s? Sounds like Brian and me! Never fails, we always ended up running some kind of errand on date night. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Thank you! Oh my goodness, its so true. But it is nice to run those errands sans kiddos.

  • Awesomeness! What did you think of the cookie butter? That thankful tree sounds amazing!

    • I think it is fantastic! The only way I’ve had it is on an apple though. It may be weird on some things.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I loved reading through your recap! How awesome you finished everything on your list! We missed our bonfire and now the weather is freezing!! I’m interested in this geocaching, I’m going to look more into it. Is it just by you guys or anywhere?

    • It was awesome and unexpected too. Geocaching is something you can do anywhere. Just download the app and voila. I think I watched a what is geocaching video before we started.

  • Oh my, that’s a crazy pile of leaves!

  • You were at Sam’s for your date night too, we must have just missed you! You rocked your Fall list, so when does the Christmas one hit the airwaves?

    • Lol! Great minds. We should do a double some time 😜. Christmas one goes up Monday!!!

  • So cool you can go geocaching near home and find new ones! Also great you made it to ikea. Maybe I can meet you there next time you come!

    • Maybe! That would be so fun! My IKEA trip this time was like 30 minutes…. no where near enough.

  • I’m really glad you guys Trick or Treated in a timely manner, because it would be really odd if you were trying to squeeze that in the day before Thanksgiving!! 😉
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your adorable family!! 🙂

    • Baha ha! Oh goodness you make me laugh. I hope y’all had a great one too. Happy Friday!

  • Looks like a great Fall completion! You did some great things!

  • Look at all that fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you! Hope yours was great, happy Friday!

  • chall1018

    Look at you guys go! You crushed that list and looks like you had so much fun doing it. I can’t wait to see what’s on your winter list.

    • Thank you so much! I never expected to finish this list so that was pretty exciting. I think giving us until Thanksgiving to complete it really helped.

  • Caramel in your cider? YES PLEASE!