2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #2

It’s been a few weeks since our first bucket list check in. In years past, I’ve always stopped working on our fall list after Halloween. In an attempt to “respect the bird” I thought we would stretch our list out until Thanksgiving. I think this approach is working, but I also feel pretty distracted by all things Christmas. I may or may not already have our Christmas bucket list made too. #ICantHelpMyself

Let’s take a look at what we’ve recently marked off.


Bob for apples

On Halloween day I scrubbed out our sink, filled it with water, and let the girls bob for apples. It was hysterical and they found it oh so entertaining too. In fact, it kept them entertained for almost an hour. We should do this more often. 

img_6202e img_6211

Carve pumpkins

Tradition in our house is mom cleans out the pumpkin and dad carves it with the girls. Eventually we’ll turn them loose with knives, but I told them they had to learn to clean their own pumpkin first… so that may never happen.

img_6023 img_6040e img_6046

Make s’mores

S’mores were made in the dark by the light of our fire pit and a full moon. The girls LOVE having bonfires in the backyard as a family and I do too.

img_6053 img_6066e

Go Trick or Treating

Trick or treating was another huge success. We happily escorted our Veterinarian and Tinker-Minnie and we had the company of my MIL and our good friends too. You can read more about our Halloween here if you missed it.



Halloween Movie Night

Every year I think I am going to watch more Halloween movies with the girls, but every year I chicken out. Once again our Halloween movie night was the Curious George Halloween special. Some year, some year we may finally be more adventurous.



Nature walk

The girls and I took Russ on a nature walk one beautiful Saturday morning. The girls love “hiking” down to the creek-side and “skipping rocks” This trip was way more successful than our last attempt at rock skipping. Having Russ around to help made a BIG difference.

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Make apple dumplings

Apple dumplings are one of those recipes that I have wanted to make for YEARS now. In the end I think we decided that we’d rather just eat apple pie instead. But, it was fun to try something new.

img_5386e img_5384e img_5395

Have a bonfire

Obviously if we made s’mores we had a bonfire. On a separate night Russ and I took advantage of the girls being at AWANA and sat around the fire pit for a couple of hours by ourselves. It was the perfect unexpected mid-week time together. I guess I could call this our date night too, but I am holding out for something more official.


With 8 more things completed we’ve managed to narrow our list of 24 to only 9. Is it likely that we’ll finish those 9 things over the next 2 weeks? Probably not. But, we’ll do the best we can!

Are you still working on your fall list?

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33 thoughts on “2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #2

  1. Oh my, bobbing for apples looks like so much fun. I love the photos of the girls! You guys are doing so great on your bucket list. Can’t wait to see you finish off the list.

  2. Look at you guys go! Awesome job! I haven’t even checked our bucket list…I should probably do that. ha!

  3. I love seeing how much you guys have done this season!! Such great memories being made! We NEED to have a bonfire before our weather freezes, maybe this weekend!

  4. You guys are on fire crossing things off of your list! And those apple dumplings look so good. I’ve never had one before. You should post the recipe! And I am with you on the scary movies… we always watch Charlie Brown and that’s about it. I’m not into all of the scary stuff. It freaks me out!

    1. I had never done it before either. I probably would have shared it, but I didn’t know if they’d turn out and didn’t want to take a million photos for nothing :P. If I find the link again I’ll send it your way.

      Totally agree. The least thing I need is scared kids not wanting to got to bed.

    Bobbing for apples is hilarious. The last time I did that I was nine. I need to try that with Marcus next year.
    I’m good with s’mores anytime of year, and I love any excuse to have them!!
    The Halloween movie night is a fun idea! We still have The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on repeat. I think we need to watch it together next year!
    WOAH. Your apple dumplings look SO GOOD!!

    1. Oh my goodness you were almost Marissa’s age. She was friggin awesome she finally realized the only way to get one was to shove her head in. Baha ha. Swim lessons for the win again!

      They were pretty great. I still like the pie more though.

  6. I think I will struggle with the last of our list because I already have all things Christmas on the brain! Eeek…But, you guys have made a pretty great dent in your list. And if you don’t finish it? That’s okay, too. Grace friend, grace. Oh and Christmas! Love all of the pictures.

    1. Girl, YES! Just yes. Your list was HUGE too. I love a big ol’ list. But, the bigger they get, the harder they are to finish. I am hoping to cross off geo caching and play in the leaves today. Maybe we can drink apple cider and make a craft & have a chili night tomorrow. Then that just leaves a pie to make and our day trip is Wednesday when we go to KC for Emily’s eyes. That sounds totally doable right? But yes if we don’t finish, grace for sure.

  7. Oh, I love this. You know what’s funny? If I had tried to make that pretty autumn bucket list with all the cool fonts, like yours above, it would have taken me like 2 hours. But I LOVE the fall activities.

  8. You sure do stay busy and have fun! I love curious George and had no clue they have a Halloween special? We love the Christmas one!

    1. WHAT?!?!?! I guess Noah would have been a baby or not even born yet when it first came out. Do you have Netflix? Look up George Boo Fest and you should find it.

  9. Oooohhhhh! S’mores over the fire pit! YES please. I make my s’mores in the microwave because we don’t have a fire pit. haha! Yeah, not quite the same, but it does ratify my craving quite well! lol

    1. I have never tried the microvave but I have often contemplated the stove (ours is gas). I also saw that you can roast them over those little fire things they use to keep catered food warm!

  10. I’ve been meaning to make apple pie, but I keep putting it off. I love it, but it seems like a lot of work 🙂 Your nature walk looks like it was a good time and your apple bobbing pictures made me laugh. I haven’t done that since i was a kid!

    1. They ARE a lot of work. I usually have some homemade apple pie filling on hand so that always makes it a little bit easier. It was the best. You have to do it with your kiddos in a few years :).

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