Mug Exchange Reveal + A Starbucks Giveaway

It’s reveal day!

Mug Love Exchange

About a month ago the ‘Mug Love Exchange’ was announced. When I found out I was matched up with Stephanie from Wife Mommy MeI was convinced I had won the partner lottery. I could write a whole blog post about Stephanie and what her friendship means to me. Or, I could sum it all up with a graphic.


I am abundantly thankful for the “octopus friends” that God has placed in my life.

Right about now you may be thinking “What in the world does any of this have to do with a mug exchange? I’m getting there, I promise. 


My package arrived on a Monday. It couldn’t have come on a better day. Mondays always mean I could use any extra cheer that comes my way. Monday and I don’t have the greatest relationship. I snapped a photo, ran into the house and ripped into my boxes like a kid on Christmas morning.

And then I saw it…


Part of me wanted to cry over the thoughtfulness, but I just started laughing. A little graphic that I had once text my “octopus friends” has never been forgotten. Exchanges of octopus emojis are frequent and then Stephanie took it to a whole new level with this gift. To some it may look like a somewhat unusual coffee mug. But to me it a symbol of friendship. How can I not look at this mug smile and thank God for the friendships He has given me?


She didn’t stop there either. Pumpkin spice goodies and some other things came too. Because she know’s I’m #basic-ally obsessed with pumpkin spice and all things fall. FYI I totally stole that hashtag from her note card. 

If you want to see what I sent to Stephanie, head on over to her space to check it out. Just be warned I wasn’t nearly as creative and thoughtful with my mug selection. You can also check out the other mug exchange posts in the links below.

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If you missed out on the mug exchange or want to try out your creative hand and make your own be sure to check out my DIY mug lettering tutorial.

Now how about a giveaway?! 
After all,  everyone loves a giveaway!
Especially if you they are to places like Starbucks and in the amount of $50!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck & happy Monday!

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44 thoughts on “Mug Exchange Reveal + A Starbucks Giveaway

  1. That mug is so awesome and makes me laugh. I love that she picked it out for you and you explained it with a meme.

  2. How thoughtful! Seriously, just so sweet & kind. Blogging is just such a happy thing to be a part of.

  3. I love that octopus/ qoute pic. That is awesome and what we want out of a friend! I think your friend gets you for sure 🙂

  4. Like an octopus on your face! LOL. That’s amazing. How lucky you are to have a friend like that! And how lucky to be paired with her for the mug exchange! She got you the perfect mug!

    1. Isn’t that funny we were paired together? I guess she just paired people off of their signups and we happened to sign up right after one another. She swore to me that she didn’t rig it :P. Blogging friends are simply just the best.

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