My Month In Numbers, September 2016

Another month of being way late to the party. October is over half way over and I am just now getting around to sharing our September. I should be embarrassed and I probably should have skipped this post. But I have no shame. Plus, when a month was as fantastic as last month was, it just needs to be shared. Better late than never seems to be a running theme song for us.

Let’s take a look at how September added up.


12 // Trips to the gym
8 // Days Spent away from home
22 // Blog posts wrote
115 // Blog posts read in one day
2 // Stuffed dolphins purchased
16 // School days completed
20 // Jelly fish seen
1 // Dr. Appointment
13:50 // How long it took us to get to vacation
12 // Donuts consumed
// Sunrises & Sunsets watched on the beach
149’ish // Sea shells collected
// Co-op days attended
$38.75// The amount we spent on gas to get to Alabama
1755 // Miles drove on vacation
1 // Pumpkin Spice Latte
2059 // Photos in my September file
5 // Dinners ate out in one week.
16 // Attraction tickets purchased
2 // Chalkboards doodled
3 // Hours of sleep the night before we left for vacation
115 // Pound reps on the pec fly
14:30 // The number of hours it took us to get home
Countless // Memories made

September was crammed full of fun and memories. I’ll never forget it. I know that October doesn’t stand a chance to beat it, but I know it will be great in its own way too. 

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32 thoughts on “My Month In Numbers, September 2016

  1. You guys had the best September ever! Having your beach vacation later in the summer really helps extend and I love it! What a great month. And it’s never too late to share.

    1. We rented an 2015 Malibu that got KILLER MPG plus the tank was almost full when we picked it up. We barely spent over $100 for gas for the whole trip. I never want to read that many posts in one day EVER again.

  2. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN? Holy moly that is a lot!!
    And only one PSL?! I hope more were consumed in October. 🙂

  3. I’m stuck on how many blog posts you read in a day! I was just thinking how there are days I feel like I’ll never catch up!

    1. It was crazy. I didn’t read at all on my vacation, which was kind of lovely, and I was stuck in a car for over 14 hours. Getting home and being all caught up on “blog work” felt AMAZING. I never would have caught up once I actually got back.

  4. 115 blog posts read in one day? That has to be some kind of record! Wow! Love all the numbers involving vacation. Such a memorable trip for you all. I love how many photos you have in your September folder!

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