Friday Highlights, V41

Hello Fri-Yay!

After more than a month of busy Fridays, I am so excited to get back to doing a Friday 5 post. My Friday 5 posts are the one thing that hasn’t changed much through my blogging years. I love the randomness they are filled with and the sense of excitement that it is finally Friday, again.

Here are this weeks Friday picks!
Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants were on my fall clothing wish list and it felt like I would never find a pair that fit. 

And then I found these at Kohls. I love these pants. They are super comfortable and they don’t stretch out over the course of the day. I was a bit bummed that the tall size wasn’t a bit longer. If they were anything other than skinny jeans, they wouldn’t have worked out. Curse these long legs. I am hoping to snag another pair in gray sometime soon.

Pumpkin Love

We just wrapped up week three of the ‘All Things Pumpkin’ link-up. Goodness, y’all have been sharing some great stuff. There have been so many posts that I have loved, but here are a few of my favorites from the first couple of weeks. There is one more week left, this coming Tuesday. We’d love to have you join us for the grand finale.

Pumpkin Planter – The Sirois Family
Pumpkin Spice Crunch Cake – Wife Mommy Me
Pumpkin Swirl French Toast – Polka Dotty Place
DIY Personalized Pumpkins – Hall Around Texas
Pumpkin Bread – Morning Motivated Mom

Hot Rod Reunion

This past Sunday was the 17th annual MoKan Hot Rod Reunion.


This marks year number three of loading up the family and heading to the drag strip. Last year we froze, this year we may have melted if the wind wasn’t blowing so stinking hard. You never know just what the weather in the Midwest is going to do at any given moment.


We saw several 10, 8 & 6 second cars. We also saw a turbo almost run a flat 4 #impressive. I love our family trips out to MoKan.


In other non related news I decided to kick up my pattern mixing by doing this. I still can’t decide if it works or if it looks like 90’s grunge. Either way, I feel the crowd I was in could have cared less.

Would you wear stripes with plaid?

Lessons Learned


Last week at our home school co-op we were teaching the kids on flexibility and God decided to teach more than just the kids that day. When I showed up I found out that I would not be able to use the copy machine meaning everything I had planned for the kids had to change. I instantly went into panic mode. I was angry, I was worried, I was frustrated. I was everything but flexible. Oh the irony! I went to class that day expecting to be the teacher, but I think I learned more than everyone else combined. God definitely has a sense of humor.

Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared…


This months $10 at Target haul!

Pumpkin biscuits with cinnamon honey butter. So good, so simple, so fall

Another amazing pumpkin recipe.


Our first fall bucket list update.


How our month added up according to the numbers.

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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26 thoughts on “Friday Highlights, V41

  1. The Hot Rod Reunion sounds like a lot of fun. I love that your girls are into it. Burgundy pants are something I think I need now. Love those!

  2. Ohhhhh I’m so happy you shared those jeans, I’m totally buying them, in short of course, LOL. That hot rod reunion seems so fun! And isn’t it funny when you’re taught a lesson when you least expect it? Happy Weekend, friend!

    1. I read online that the lengths are on the shorter side anyways, which is why talls aren’t crazy long. They have had the regular lengths in store so you could always try them on and see, or get both and return whichever doesn’t work!

      It is funny and oh so humbling. You too!

  3. It looks like the Hot Rod Reunion was a lot of fun! I couldn’t comment earlier so I decided to check back…I’m happy to see the comments worked again. XOXO Love those jeans. I think I saw them there in green and thought they were adorable!

    1. So weird. Disqus must be having issues. That’s always awesome #sarcasm. They do have them in green and they are super cute. Thanks for coming back friend. I appreciate that so much.

  4. Those burgundy pants are amazing! I’d definitely pick them up in another color. I am going to have to head to Kohls to check them out. Thanks for the Pumpkin Swirl French Toast shout out 🙂 I need regular reminders to be flexible because I always want things to go exactly according to my plan. Glad you’re learning in your co-op right along with your girls! Maybe I should tag along 🙂

    1. YES! The down fall of being a planner is when your plans don’t work out. It is such a struggle for me friend. Totally check them out. My Kohls had several colors in store. They were on a table just off a main aisle in the Misses department. You are welcome!

  5. Your week looks like so much fun. I know you’ve been working hard and your blog totally shows it.
    Now… come hang out with me. I need a JW fix this weekend.

    1. Oh man. I really, REALLY wish I could. Thanks friend. I want to tackle a new about me page next then start thinking about a redesign. That probably won’t happen til after the first of the year though.

  6. Those pants are everything! I don’t have a single colored pair of pants in my wardrobe and that needs to change!
    I’m still trying to finish up our apples from the orchard. Meanwhile, everyone is posting all these delicious pumpkin recipes. I’m hoping to have some pumpkin deliciousness before Christmas!

    1. Really?!?! That surprises me friend. You really need to pick up some of these asap. You will LOVE them.

      Haha! I guess that is one advantage to not going to the orchard :P. I need to mix up some sweet breads later today. I have a jillion bananas in the freezer and I thought I would play with some different variations.

  7. So glad you found your burgundy pants and can’t wait to see you wear them! I have been loving our pumpkin link-up! So much goodness. The pattern mixing looks great on you. I am learning so much from you and Becky and Meghan! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

    1. I am working on a fashion post right now that has them in it! Wahoo! And the fact that you mentioned my name with Becky and Meghan’s made me do a double take. I am SO not a fashion blogger nor do I consider myself someone that would spur others on. Thank you for making my day friend.

  8. Your pattern mixing totally works! I have a pair of burgundy pants I love!!! And I’m spray painting one of those pumpkin pails this weekend as a pokeball because Kane is going as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon for Halloween.

    1. Is it funny that you saying that makes me feel so much better about doing it. Maybe I’ll try this look again when I’m not at a drag strip :P. Can’t wait to see photos!

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