Fall Fashion With JORD + Giveaway

This post is sponsored on behalf of JORD. I was given this product to review in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Fall is in the air.

The winds of change are beginning to blow and the weather around here has finally taken notice that it shouldn’t be 90 in October. I’m pretty sure that must in the Bible somewhere, HA! With the cooler weather finally here, I’ve had a chance to wear a few of the new things I grabbed while dreaming of fall… like THE vest. But, my new fall fashion goes one step further than a few new pieces of clothing.


Over the past year it feels like I have transformed, like a butterfly. A girl who used to choose the simple, the easy, the safe, and the boring has suddenly discovered a world of beautiful things. A world with colors, textures and patterns. I know the analogy maybe sounds a bit cheesy, but it rings so true for me. I feel like it has taken me 32 years to grow really, really comfortable in my own skin and to realize that I am worth the extra effort.


One area that I have struggled to change has been my accessories. I always have a hard time picking pieces that are unique, but timeless. Then I found JORD wood watches. Their unique modern style and characteristics made them the perfect watch for me. On the JORD website they say that moments are more than minutes, your watch should tell more than just time. I feel like my watch does exactly that.


JORD has a huge variety of women’s and men’s watches. I chose the Frankie 35 made of Zebra Wood. This watch has a beautiful pattern of colors and textures and is so versatile. It has been a great conversation starter too. Wearing a watch that is unique and unexpected is a fun way to stand out among the crowd.

After all, it’s the little things.
The little things, touches, efforts, accessories, moments, whatever. They all add up. 


Now after thinking back on a lessons it took me 32 years to learn, there is one thing I want you to know, today. 


You, yes you.

I know the kids are little.
I know, you can make do without.
I know, you feel guilty taking time (or anything) for you.
Trust me, I know. 

But please, oh please, don’t wait until you are 32 to grow to love the skin that God gave you. To learn that it really is okay to take a bit of time for yourself. Especially when you give and give so much. Be encouraged and make the smallest step to change, today.



Now you have a chance to win a $75 coupon towards a JORD wood watch of your choosing! The great news is…everyone who enters the giveaway automatically receives a $20 coupon to JORD.

All you have to do is click HERE to enter and follow the directions.
The contest is open until 11/20/2016 and your $20 coupons are good through 02/28/2017


Now is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas presents… or adding things to your Christmas list.

Which JORD watch do you love the most?

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  • I totally agree that when you feel good, it makes a difference! I just won’t wear heels or anything crazy uncomfortable to be home all day 🙂 Love the watch!!

    • Speaking of that make sure you check out my post tomorrow! I think you’ll really like it. Thank you. It is so pretty, I stare at it all the time.

  • You look adorable! This is totally an outfit I have all the pieces for and could totally pull together. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Oh my word lady. If it wasn’t for people like you and Becky I never would have attempted this myself. So thank YOU! Be sure to come back tomorrow. I have another fashion post I am pretty excited about!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Girl, I love your outfit! I would have never thought to put maroon pants with a blue/white striped shirt and a military vest! And I love the watch, so so pretty!!

    • Eeeeekkkk Lizzie that make me so stinking happy! Did you notice the leopard shoes too?!?! Something I never woud have thought of not too long ago myself. I have changed so much over the past year girl. I used to only wear gray and no patterns either.

  • Looking good Beth! And that watch is so pretty! I’ve been seeing lots of bloggers doing posts with Jord watches. The more I see, the more I think “maybe I should wear a watch again”…..

    • I know. It seems like if you blog long enough you’ll eventually get an email. I was pretty excited when mine showed up. I may have squeeled.

  • YAY for pattern mixing..you look awesome!

    • Hehe! I am so very slowly getting there. Thanks for noticing that I threw the leopard shoes on!

  • You are rocking this post lady, and to think last year you hardly ever did outfit posts. Love it! 🙂 That Jord watch is perfect on you too!

    • AND I have another coming up tomorrow that I am pretty excited about. Who in the world am I?!?! You’re rubbing off on me for the better lady.

  • Oh Beth, the watch you chose is just PERFECT. I almost chose that exact same one, but since I already had one with the same wristband (but the different wood face), I thought it was too similar. Now I want this one, too! Girl, you are ROCKING IT! And those leopard shoes are perfection, by the way!


    • :* Thanks dear. I had been wanting on and accidentally got one unexpectedly!

  • Love the vest, love the watch, love the leopard flats, love the words of encouragement! I always appreciate your authenticity!

    • Thank you so much Emily. I love the same quality about you. That and you always make me laugh.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Love this watch! It looks great and really is such a unique accessory. I also love the stripes with the utility vest. Thanks for the pep talk… I needed that today.

    • Any time friend, any time.

      I really want to get a long sleeved striped shirt. I need to keep my eyes out for one!

  • Jennifer Merwin Shackelford

    Love the pants, love the shirt, love the vest, love the watch, love you! This is great! The watch makes this fall look! Thanks for the giveaway, this article, and the great advice to treat myself every once and a while.

    • The watch screams fall, right?! Thank you so much friend.

  • Such a beautiful message! I love the watch you chose!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Love the vest (obviously!), the watch, and your background (you always pick great ones!)!!! And I feel the same way about finally finding my style and deciding I’m worth the extra time and effort!!!

    • It has been an amazing year for me Meghan. I almost don’t even feel like I am the same girl any more. I’ve really “found myself” this past year. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but I don’t know how else to word it.

  • This is going to sound SO silly but I dont wear watches because I hate when people ask me for the time. I like get telling time amnesia and can never read the watch properly. Its a real problem lol.

    • Lol! I think you ARE silly. That was totally a problem 10 years ago, but in the age of cell phones the only time anyone ever asks me the time is when I’m at the pool :P. You should give it a whirl again.

  • Oh cute, I haven’t worn a watch in years, but I love bracelets and such. So maybe it is time (he-he) I give a shot at watches again 🙂

    • I went years without wearing a watch too but lately it has been a really fun accessory to play with. You should give it a try!

  • chall1018

    The weather this fall is insane! #summerforever I suppose. I’m ready for cooler weather. Like SO ready. Also, I may be the last blogger on earth to get the Jord campaign, but I am so excited about it. They’re sending Nate a watch. I can’t wait to take some pictures of him. I love the watch you
    chose! Perfection. And so is your outfit.

    • Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see the watch you got him. I was this close to getting Russ a watch instead of one for me but I had serious doubts that he would wear it very often so I was selfish :P. Baha ha!