A Busy Moms Guide To An Active Lifestyle

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There are two things in life that are very important to me. Being a good, present, engaged mom and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. I used to feel like they would constantly fight against each other, each one vying for my attention. So often this left me feeling discouraged. But over the years I learned that with a little creative thinking and openness the two worlds can collide. And when they do, it’s pretty amazing.

A busy moms guide to an active life style. Tips and tricks I've used for years to succeed!

Instead of figuring out how to balance each of my two worlds individually, I started looking for more ways to bring them together. Today I want to share with you some tried and true ways that have brought me success over the past several years.


This one is HUGE! How many times do we hit up the park only to plant ourselves on a bench or just stand there, giving an occasional glance up from our cell phones. Not only are we loosing out on an opportunity to engage our kids, we are missing out on a chance to be active. Have you ever played chase with an 8-year-old?! I think I would rather run 3 miles at a steady even pace over the exhaustion I feel after playing with her for 10 minutes. But its great exercise for me and she loves it.


How many of us blame our lack of being active on a lack of time. More times than not I think if we really looked at our schedules we would find the time is actually available, we just chose to use it for other things. By keeping a daily routine and realizing every minute is important, I can make time for my workouts and still find time to rest, play, work, and all the other things moms need to take care of. 


Yes, you read that correctly, I just told you to drink your veggies. On a recent trip to Walmart I grabbed a few bottle of V8® Veggie Blends. They have two new flavors, Berry Bliss and Caribbean Greens, and I wanted to try them both. 

V8® Veggie Blends is an easy and affordable way for me too get in my recommended daily intake of veggies. As a busy mom that is trying to make smart choices, this is a great time saver and solution for me. I know that An 8oz. serving of V8® Veggie Blends contains 1 full serving (1/2 cup) of vegetables. It helps me to meet my goals, stay on track, and it tastes great too. Even Emily loves it! A girl who has refuses to eat vegetables is drinking V8® Veggie Blends with a huge smile on her face #winning. It is the perfect blend of vegetables, but has the great taste of fruit. 


The next time you are doing a little shopping at Walmart, grab a few bottles and give it a try. They are also an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C & E. which can be super important this time of year.

At the park, why not “play” yourself. One of my favorite ways to work out is while my girls are busy playing right by me. I get some exercise in, they get to play, everyone is happy. Think outside of the box and be creative in your workouts. Sure, you might feel a little weird working out on the playground but chances are if another mom is around she’ll be thinking “What a great idea!”

One thing I have implemented for years is inviting my girls to exercise with me. It is fun to play together or sneak in an unexpected workout in a creative way, but what if there is something specific I want to do? Why not invite them to join me? We stretch together, walk together, do yoga together and I even challenge them to the occasional push-up challenge. By inviting them to be active and healthy with me not only am I doing something good for myself, I am doing some thing good for them too. 


Just like when I pour a glass of V8® Veggie Blends and put my nutrition first. I know those little eyes of theirs are watching. Let’s set a great example for our kids, they are worth it.  

Have you tried V8® Veggie Blends from Walmart yet?
You can also check out V8 Healthy Greens, another great V8 Veggie drink.

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  • Jessica

    I always play with my kids at the playground. Emmy is too small and fearless not to but I don’t understand why people go if they aren’t going to play.

    • I know?!?! It’s so much fun too. The stuff is actually big enough that I can play on it, so why not?!?!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I have never been able to sit at the park, ha ha! But that’s OK, I looooove playing with my kids and Avery still needs lots of help. I love V8 so this would be something I would try!

    • It is so good. I have been drinking it every day for a couple weeks now and love it. Playing with my kids is my favorite park about the park :).

  • The be active together part has been so important to our family. I can’t expect my kids to know when to make time to get moving, so naturally we do it with them. Great post!

    • EXACTLY! I love seeing families be active together.

  • These are awesome tips. Especially the one about your kiddos and playing catch with them!!

    • Have you tried it, lol?! OMG I almost died, girlfriend is FAST :P.

  • You are such a great role model for your girls!

    • Thank you so much Becky! That means A LOT!

  • I used to drink V8 splash all the time, but I haven’t had it in ages! I need to see what they have in the way of veggie drinks because I know my kids definitely don’t get enough veggies since they’re so picky.

    • The struggle is real. You should totally try this stuff. The girls are LOVING it and I am loving that Emily is actually getting veggies. She hasn’t had this many veggies in her whole entire life, ugh!

  • David @ Spicedblog

    This is an excellent post! In our hurry, hurry, hurry lifestyles, we often forget to stop and do the easy things like be present with our kids. That includes playing with them (great tip!) and setting good examples for them with what we eat (another great tip!). Thanks so much for sharing! #client

    • Oh goodness that is SO true. Thank you so much. I don’t always do a perfect job, but when I put forth effort I see it makes all the difference.

  • Setting a good example for my kids by taking care of myself has been huge for me. Great tips!

    • It is so huge right?! I am hoping my girls never remember when I was a couch potato, lol.

  • I just saw the Caribbean Greens flavor somewhere else and thought wow does that look good! I really need to get me some. Great list my friend, it all starts with our example.

    • They were sampling it at Walmart the other day! I already need to grab some more bottles of this stuff. My girls are LOVING having it around the house, and I love that. Yes it does!

  • chall1018

    Drink your veggies! Now that may be something I could do. 🙂 Love these pictures of you three beauties!

    • You totally could! I am LOVING having this stuff on hand. I am so bad about eating my veggies girl. If I can have some of this in the morning I am off to a great start.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love these photos of you and your girls! I really need to implement more exercise into my schedule! You are really motivating me to do so (as I sit on the couch reading blogs lol)!

    • Baha ha! Sometimes we all need some down time 😊

    • I am doing that exact same thing as Connor had quiet time with the tv — mom fail or win? I’m unsure 🙂

  • I love that you include the girls in your healthy lifestyle. You are setting a fabulous example for them.