2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #1

About a month ago I shared our 2016 Fall Bucket List. I feel like I scheduled that post and then just kind of forgot about it. When ‘the old’ blog planner showed an update penciled in for today I had a small panic attack. Thankfully, much to my surprise, we’ve done a pretty good gob so far at crossing things off. There are still A LOT of items left to go, but we have over a month left.


Here is what we have done so far:

Visit a pumpkin patch

After making it to the patch late last year and finding bare bones, we went MUCH earlier this time. We called it a field trip and went on a Thursday afternoon. The weather was lovely and so were the girls. I hate that our patch is rather boring compared to so many I see. There is nothing much to do around there. But, it is kind of nice to have a no fuss place to go to. 

img_4146 img_4167 img_4197
Navigate a corn maze

We did this one, twice! Do we get bonus points? We took one trip with Russ to Pathways Corn Maze and one trip with our home school co-op to Right Choices. Both were so much fun and hot. Why is it every time we plan a fall activity it decides to be 90 degrees.  

img_4462 img_4487
 img_5046 img_5049
Have a pumpkin Spice Latte

I have had one, ONE! Something about this just isn’t right. When I have an urge to get one I can’t leave the house OR it’s hot. I simply can not drink a PSL when the weather is hot. It just feels wrong. I don’t know how you warmer weather girls do it. 

img_20160924_184306 img_20160926_154219
Go on a hay ride

Two trips to the corn maze also meant two hay rides AND two barrel train rides too! We also did hay mazes, corn canons, corn pillows and more but I’ll spare you all the photos.

img_4456 img_4459


Try a a new pumpkin recipe

With the ‘All Things Pumpkin’ Link-up going on there has been NO shortage of pumpkin treats around our house. 

honey-cinn-butter Pumpkin Spice Oreo Truffles. So good, so easy, and you only need 5 ingredients! mummy-pies

Attend a fall festival

I maybe cheated by just attending the car show portion of the festival. I think I just chose the best part. Last year we attended the parade too, but I was really frustrated by the ridiculous amount of SCARY spook house floats. I said we’d never go again. I hate when events don’t consider keeping things family friendly. 

img_4780 img_4765 20161015_131807

So we’ve only marked 6 things out of the 24 we have listed. I’m almost tempted to panic, but completing our list is never the goal. The real goal is to be intentional about making memories together. And I think we are doing a pretty great job doing that. 

How is your fall bucket list going?

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35 thoughts on “2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #1

  1. Look at your guys go!! You are rocking your bucket list so far. The pumpkin patch and corn maze looks like a good time. Russ looks happier about being there than Drew was at ours. Ha ha! I’m not a PSL person, but I can’t believe you’ve only had one since you love it so much. Step it up. πŸ˜‰

  2. I spot your utility vest!!! And I love how going to a farm/pumpkin patch can knock off so many items on a bucket list… Hayride, maze, pumpkin, etc πŸ™‚

    1. Long live the vest. I wear that thing ALL the time, especially recently. It is crazy right we could have made smores at the family patch too. I just wasn’t feeling it on a warm afternoon.

  3. Making memories indeed. Great job girlie. I didn’t even do a fall bucket list this year πŸ™‚ And I haven’t had a starbucks PSL for the year yet!! What’s wrong with me?

  4. I think you’re doing a great job so far! And you’re right, it’s all about the memories! I think I would actually prefer a no fuss pumpkin patch, ours is a little over the top (and super expensive) and always so dang busy. But yet, we go every year πŸ™‚

    1. Lol! You are right, I probably am super lucky like that :P. Confession: We don’t actually buy our carving pumpkin at the patch. I probably should, but I wait until they are super cheap at the store and grab one :P. So with no little extras to pay for I usually make it out of that place for around $5!

  5. You warmer weather girls… you, friend, you are a warmer weather girl! πŸ˜‰ Looks like you’ve been doing well getting things crossed off! I need to take a peak at mine…..

  6. I think I found the cool old barn you told me about! LOVE it! Are those the pumpkins they picked? The white ones? I am obsessed with white pumpkins this year. The corn maze looks and sounds like such a blast. I am wondering if I could get Mason to go to one. He caught a glimpse of Children of the Corn (bad, I know…but I wasn’t there) at his uncles one time and now he is terrified of corn fields. And we have them everywhere around here. I adore that picture of you all in front of the corn. You should frame that one! I’ve only had one PSL, too. What is a corn pillow? Hey! I’ve been to Carthage once. That’s where the Precious Moments place is, right? How far is that from you guys?

    1. We always get little white ones and some mini pumpkins at that patch and our big carving pumpkin at Aldi or Walmart when they get cheap. Baha ha! That stuff just happens. I bet if you took him during the day to a very family friendly one he might overcome his fear. Thank you so much, not to bad for a selfie. It was just a big jumping pillow. Like a bounce house with no walls and it looked like an ear of corn :P.

      YES! Oh that is so close. I can be in Carthage in about 20 minutes… maybe less. I really need to take the girls to the chapel too. They are old enough to probably think it’s neat. Carthage is just barely northwest of us.

    1. Seriously, if only I knew what it was that I did. My handwriting is God awful but give me some chalk and magic happens. I don’t get it.

      Sarah 1, Beth 0 I think you win on that one friend.

  7. Your chalkboards look great, your girls have the best accessories and your food pictures are just getting better and better! Everything you make looks so yummy πŸ™‚

    1. Oh goodness Whitney, thank you so much. Remember when I was talking about wanting to improve my food photos in 2016?! I really think I have done an okay job at that over the course of this year. It has been fun and tasty too.

  8. Yup, don’t panic!! You are making the memories if you finish or not, so that is a big win. Oh and we just drink the hot lattes underneath the fan on full blast with the AC on…and then still sweat to death the rest of the day =)

  9. Your bucket list is so good, and you’re knocking things off it left and right!
    I have those pumpkin biscuits pinned. Just hoping for temps to drop below 90* so I can give my oven some love!

  10. Well look at you going to town on your bucket list! I love the pumpkin patch pictures. So cute! We just may not make it to one this year. Boo, but I am making chili for a chili cook-off πŸ™‚ So winning, right?

    1. Isn’t it funny how things differ region to region. We really don’t have any apple orchards close around here. I get so jealous seeing everyone going apple picking!

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