Orange Beach 2016: Dolphin Cruise

On Monday I shared part one of our vacation to Orange Beach. With 34 photos included in it, it was a pretty lengthy post. I was so surprised when y’all read it regardless and left the sweetest comments. Thank you so much. I honestly thought nobody would want to see our vacation recaps, but the memories are too special not to blog about. I feel much better about posting these now and I hope that you aren’t too sick of them by the end. Let’s start off where I stopped.

Day Three

Day 3 started just like every other morning, taking a sunrise stroll on the beach with Marissa. We stayed on the beach from about 6:00 until about 7:30 every day. After our walks or sitting and staring at the ocean we would head back to the condo for breakfast. This particular day we had orange rolls.

The rest of the morning/ afternoon was spent splashing and playing in the waves before having a late lunch.

img_2833 3-3 3-4
Our afternoon highlight was taking a dolphin cruise. Totally a touristy thing to do but we were tourists and we didn’t want to miss a thing! Besides thanks to Whistle, Click, and the Wild Kratts my girls were already completely obsessed. 

img_2851 img_2855 img_2877
There were SO many dolphin cruises to choose from it was almost overwhelming. But in the end I feel confident that we chose the very best one. Our captain and his deck hand were so knowledgeable and friendly. It was also a smaller boat than some which resulted in lots of one on one attention.

You always kind of wonder how these things work and if you will actually see dolphins. We saw SO many dolphins! It was awesome and one of our favorite parts of the whole trip. 

img_3097 img_3101-copy 3-5 3-6
We also saw a blue crab that Emily was brave enough to pet. I captured a gem of a photo of Marissa when she was feeling totally over the heat waiting on the boat to take off. Then a random stranger offered to take a family photo for us. 

When the dolphin watching adventures were over it was time for the fun.  After all, it was the Dolphin Fun Cruise. 

3-8 3-7
The girls had a blast getting in a water fight with the captain and any other willing soul. I however opted to stand behind this door. The girls still thought it was fun to spray at me. 

After the cruise we headed back to the condo for some relaxation and dinner.

img_3135-copy 3-9 img_3149-copy 3-10 img_3153
Around sunset we decided to go to a nearby park. Just like everything else, the park was beautiful. They ran and explored begging us to stay all night. We finally headed home to tuck the girls into bed and once again talk until the late hours of night on the balcony.

I’d love to squeeze another day into this post, but since I took record-setting amounts of photos on days 3 & 4 they each earned their own day. Next time I’ll share my photos from Fort Morgan, then I’ll do one more post to quickly wrap up the rest of our trip.

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Happy Friday Eve!

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34 thoughts on “Orange Beach 2016: Dolphin Cruise

  1. Ooh a dolphin cruise sounds fun! Who cares if it was the touristy thing to do… I’ve learned I enjoy doing touristy things ;). And I love that photo you took of under the dock!!!

  2. A dolphin cruise!? How fun! I would so love to do that with our kiddos!! And that park is amazing! It looks like one we go to in MI – and that sunset off the pier, gorgeous!!

  3. We absolutely love doing the touristy tours! You guys got so close to the dolphins. We saw some in Florida, but it was so hard to get a good picture. They’re in and out of the water too quick! But you? Mastered it, of course! Love the pictures. Dolphins are so majestic! Friend, this trip just
    sounds so perfect.

  4. The Mom in me LOVES that you had a place with a playground. We visited ours a handful of time in between coming and going. It was nice to have something Connor could call his own.
    And your dolphin tour looks amazing. Because of the recent hurricane, there weren’t trips like this available to use when we were in HH.

  5. Oh man, I missed Day 1 and 2! Going over there now…
    Ive never been on any type of whale watching/ dolphine cruise which I feel so guilty about lol. Ill chalk that up to taking advantage of my ocean proximity.
    How tan did you all get?! πŸ˜‰

    1. We got so tan so fast but that is pretty typical for us. It’s already fading though :(. Lol it was a blast to get to see SO many dolphins. Your proximity makes me SUPER jealous too.

  6. Great pictures! It looks so peaceful and relaxing. No wonder you didn’t want to come home!
    Is it just me, or did your girls hair really lightened up over the summer? Especially Marissa’s! Such cuties!!

  7. I want to live in this place! So beautiful. Dolphins are like one of my most favorite animals ever. They are so smart. I recently just heard that they discovered dolphins carrying out a full blown conversation with one another like we do. So cool!

  8. How fun!! I can’t wait until our kids get a little older so we can do fun excursions like this. I love that Emily had a tiny fish tucked in her life jacket. The girls looked like they had a blast and I always wonder if you’ll actually see tons of dolphins on those cruises. I’m so glad that you did!! It makes me so happy when ran people offer to snap a family photo of us so I’m glad someone did that for you. Thanks for sharing all these fun family moments with us πŸ™‚

    1. Oh goodness Whitney it was so much fun. I guess easy excursions are a fun part of the season we are currently in. I love when people offer to help too. So much better than a selfie.

  9. So much fun! What a great day 3, dolphin cruise, and you were so close to them! So cool. I love the little dolphin stuffed animal sticking out of Emily’s life jacket, hehe, so cute. Can’t wait to see Day 4, oh and that playground, ever kids dream! My kids would never want to leave that place.

  10. YES!!! I LOVE when we spot dolphins off the coast, and we’ve taken a cruise or two to see them farther out in the ocean. Touristy or not, it’s always so cool to see those beautiful creatures in their natural habitat!

    1. Yes it was! We saw SO many dolphins. At times they were so close you could almost have touched them…. okay you probably would’ve fell in trying, but still. Happy Monday!

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