Monthly Goals, September 2016

August is over and the end of summer is in sight!

I’ll admit it, I am not sad to see August go. The last 4 months of the year are always my favorite. January-April is bleh, May – August is only tolerable because of all of our pool visits, but September – December?! Those are my happy months. All things fall and Christmas are just around the corner. I can hardly wait!

September goals

August was a busy month. It was full of plans, surprises, and transitions. I am amazed at how much I was able to do given the hecticness of the month. Let’s take a look.

* Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
* Grow Pinterest to 1300 followers. *Take two*
* Reformat 20 blog posts since my WordPress transition. *This IS the month*

Okay that’s it, I give up. These goals of reformatting blog posts just have to go because clearly it’s not going to happen. I think I did about 5 this month. My priorities are just other places. 

I did keep the blog going and have been working ahead any chance I am given. I also reached my Pinterest follower goal. I have been TRYING to devote at least 10 minutes every day to pinning and I think that is helping.


* Celebrate “Back to School Eve”
* Family movie or game night
* Go on a family bike ride
* Trip to Mo-Kan drag strip

Check, check, check and check! We had so much fun finishing out the summer with our girls this year.


* 4-5 workouts a week
* Eat a healthier breakfast 6 days a week
* Run 4 miles twice

I actually ran 4 miles 4 times plus I got my workouts in! Maybe that makes up for the healthy breakfast thing? I am doing much better but we had a few weird days around here that threw things off.


*Start a prayer journal with the girls 
*Make an effort to plug into church more
*Devote part of my morning to focusing my heart on what matters

The girls and I have been praying more. Watching them and listening to their prayers has been so awesome. We attended a class for new people at church AND we’re looking into getting plugged into a small group! I’d call that progress. Mornings have been good. I have been trying to be productive and take the time to meditate on a scripture or song. I would love to grow even more intentional in this though.


Home School-
Get lesson plans for co-op finalized.
* Start the school year with a smile
* Take time to prep for the school week on Sunday nights. 

We had a great start to our year, school weeks have all been planned on the weekend and some how Anna and I miraculously finished co-op lesson plans. I feel SO much better now that we have that done. I was starting to get a bit worried and panicky over it.


* Work on our summer bucket list
* Plan some things to do on our vacation
* Go to a car show
* Try a new recipe
* Get my hair cut for the first time in over a year, ACK!
* Celebrate our 9th anniversary

The bucket list is nearing completion. I still think we might be able to wrap it up. Vacation adventures are planned, we went to three car shows and tried three new recipes! Marissa and I both got our hair cut and boy does it feel amazing to have my stringy hair gone. Russ and I also celebrated anniversary #9. We didn’t do anything crazy, but we had fun.


When I sat down to make my September goals I reminded myself to give plenty of grace and keep some areas simple. With a vacation planned this month I don’t want to stress myself out before during or right after our trip. Here is what I have planned.

* Have several blog posts scheduled so I can take most of the month “off”
* Host or Co-host a giveaway
* Start working on updating my About Me page
* New head-shot

* Have the very best time enjoying our vacation together
* Wrap up our summer bucket list

* 4-5 workouts a week 
* Cut myself slack on vacation
* Run on the beach
* Run 5 miles twice

* Continue praying for specific things with the girls
* Get connected to a Bible study or small group at church

Home School-
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Get out of the house with our school work twice
* Attend home school skate

* Try a new recipe
* Decorate for fall
* Use a one photo a day app
* Wear more lipstick
* Drink more water
* Doodle at least two chalk boards

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What goals have you made for September?

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30 thoughts on “Monthly Goals, September 2016

    1. It has been amazing. I took almost all of last week off and I have one more to put together for tomorrow and I’ll be done for two more weeks. Although I will say I nearly killed myself to make it happen so…

  1. I’m so excited that you may have found “your” church home. I know that’s been on your heart lately.
    I love that one of your goals is to wear more lipstick! Ha!
    I hope you guys have the best vacation! I can’t wait to read about it!

  2. Finally!! A home church! I know how big this is for you! How long you’ve been waiting for this connection. God is good and in His timing all things are possible.

  3. Hahahaha I’m cracking up at the giving up on the blog reformatting. I don’t blame you either. It sounds like such a pain! I actually have several old posts that I want to tweak, make Pinterest images for, and add watermarks to some of the pictures and I’ve had that on my to do list since January… I haven’t done ANY of them. At this point I’m thinking it’s never gonna happen. Lol. I barely have time to work on my new content, let alone tweak my old content!

    1. Exactly. Who has time for that? I think I would have to stop creating new content and just redo and republish old. that actually may not be such a terrible thing but still it seems like SO much work.

  4. Your hair was getting super long! In theory I love long hair but I just dont know how to style it. Get those goals! Im so happy your getting plugged into church 🙂

  5. Girl you are a rockstar!!! Way to cross so much off on your lists. I’m so happy you’ve found a chruch that you love. That’s so great. 🙂

  6. I love your random goals this month! So fun! And I want a new headshot too… Maybe one that isn’t so season specific.

  7. Look at you go! You knocked your goals out of the park this month. I love that you’re plugging into church more. I know this has been a big prayer of yours for a while. I’m still praying that with you! Love these pictures. You and Stephanie have the best hair and I am so jealous!

    I cannot wait for your trip! eeekkk!

    1. Girl it has been a LONG 18 months of waiting for that to happen. You are so sweet. MY hair feels like a hot mess most days so I needed to hear that :).

      EEEEeeeekkkkkkk is right. We are bursting over here.

  8. Great job on your goals! I want to get many posts completed/edited/finalized and ready to be scheduled or scheduled, too! Alas, I’m still working on some behind the scenes stuff. And over the last 2 weeks I’ve really gotten out of my routine in general, while being extremely exhausted. Just tonight, Hun said, go take your vitamins and minerals and you’ll probably start feeling better – good point love lol!

    I bet you’ll have a grand time on vacation, finish up that bucket list, and go running 5 miles on the beach! 🙂

    1. I did SO much at one point I had 15 in my drafts ready to be published! But good Lord I almost burnt myself out getting to that point. It did feel pretty amazing though to really step back and take a break.

      Thank you!

  9. Kicking butt and taking names. Per the usual.
    I’ve finally gotten back on the running train and it feels SO good.
    Now, bring on fall and ALLLLLL the things pumpkin!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Girl that is awesome. I feel like I am in super weird spot right now and I don’t know what direction I want to go with exercise. I am thinking I’ll wait til after vacation to figure that out at this point though.

  10. I would lose the reformatting goal as well! That is no fun anyways and I am impressed with your pinning strategy. I sadly do not have one. Ought to work on that! Yay for September!

    1. Well if you want your Pinterest to grow. You have to use it and I can be pretty bad at just not using it. So it has really helped a lot. If someone is already daily pinning it probably wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

  11. Great goals! I love that you picked some random goals to go along with all of your others and you’re smart to not put too much on your plate with vacation this month. You’ve inspired me to add some fun into my September goal list. I think I’d say get to bed earlier, make plans with friends and try two new recipes.

    1. I am SO glad I took things easy this month friend. My allergies hit me like a ton of bricks on Friday and I have been struggling ever since. I’m hoping and praying I get over this soon. It’s awful. Glad you decided to put some fun in there. Goals should totally be fun!

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