Labor Day Weekend Recap 2016

It was the four-day weekend that I have looked forward to for weeks… and then the great allergy debacle of 2016 happened. At first it was one sneeze followed by another. Next came itchy eyes and an itchy throat. Then my nose poured like a faucet, I lost the ability to breathe and in desperation I turned to a medicine that might end up giving me nose bleeds. All of this while praying for even the slightest bit of relief to come. 

This is so not what I had in mind when I thought about our weekend. But it wasn’t a total bust. Life carries on and things get done, in between the sneezes that is.

Labor Day

Here is a glimpse at what our weekend looked like.

Friday collageFriday was:
No school
Grocery shopping
Working on travel books
Finding the perfect utility vest
A family movie night
And an impromptu dance party

Saturday collage

Saturday was:
An earthquake
Being able to fall back to sleep after said earthquake
Scones for breakfast
Yard work
An afternoon date
A new swimsuit
Dinner out with Russ’ parents
And co-op supply shopping

Sunday collage

Sunday was:
A pre-lunch run
A very, very lazy afternoon
Ravioli for dinner
Allergy medicine when things got desperate
Time with friends
And back yard movies


Monday was:
Sleeping in
Catching up on all things blog related
Cleaning my friends salon room
A smoothie for lunch
A new nose ring
Clearance earrings
Finding a black and white striped tank on clearance
Bike rides
Ice cream
And snuggles on the couch

I definitely didn’t feel on top of things this weekend, but I am pretty sure that things couldn’t have possibly gone any better outside of not having the worst allergy attack of my life. Pray this passes soon friends. 

How was your long weekend?

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  • Jessica

    So sorry you had such a bad allergy attack this weekend. I’m glad it didn’t ruin it for you though. Looks like a great time otherwise! Love your utility jacket. 🙂

    • Thanks friend. I am hoping and praying it is over PRONTO!

  • Amy Smith

    Despite the allergies, I’d say you guys had a pretty good weekend! I loooove that utility vest. I just purchased a utility jacket from Kohl’s. Now , I just need the weather to cooperate.

    • Baha ha! I actually ordered one from Kohls, then I found this one and ended up liking it a little bit more on me so I took the one to Kohls back :P. Me too, #butfirstvacation

  • Looks like you had a great weekend (will minus the allergies and earthquake). Yikes about the earthquake! Are they common down there??

    • Oh goodness no. We really only just feel tremors the last time it happened was about 5 years ago.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Ugh sorry about your allergies! And crazy about the earthquake! Are they common by you? Those scones look amazing, did you make them!?

    • Not at all. The last time one like that happened was back in 2016 and they are just the faintest trembles. Still really scary though. That is actually a picture of the pancakes I ate for dinner, baha ha! Ridiculous, right?! But I do make scones too. I have a slight addiction to them if I am being totally honest.

  • We felt the earthquake too! It was my first time experiencing that. Sorry to hear about your allergies!

    • Crazy, right?! I felt one back in 2011 too. It is just so strange.

      Thanks friend. I REALLY want to get better soon.

  • An earthquake?!? What? I’m sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • Just tremors really but still, it’s freaky weird!!! The last time it happened was about 5 years ago. I am a teensy better today than I was yesterday but I would love to be all better asap.

  • People in our area felt the earthquake, too, but I completely slept through it. I’m so happy you finally got your utility vest…just in time for fall. Perfect! I hope you’re feeling better.

    • I wondered if y’all might have felt it too. It actually woke me up. It was really loud and weird. I actually thought it was the wind. I sat up, said what the heck was that and went back to sleep. Lololol. I know, FINALLY! Not 100% but I am praying I will be soon.

  • I didn’t know you guys got the earthquake too? My nephew is in OK City so that was all I heard. Girlie…that vest is ADORABLE on you!! Is that the one from Target?? If so it’s much cuter than online.

    • It was CRAZY! The last time we felt one was back in 2011 and this one was equally bizarre.

  • Sounded perfect except for the allergies and the EARTHQUAKE?! Yikes. We live in Ga and we don’t ever have those here, so I don’t even know what I would do!! I’m glad y’all are all OK!

    • We RARELY have them and it is usually just tremors that most people don’t even notice. I think the last time it happened was about 5 years ago. I don’t like them one bit though.

  • What a fun weekend even with the illness. Wes was down for the count this weekend so we spent a lot of time around home.

    • Oh man these allergies have been the worst. I THINK I am on the up swing though… praying that I am at least.

  • chall1018

    Oh friend! I am so sorry about the allergies. I had them all weekend too and they are NO fun! You can’t even tell you’re suffering from allergies in these pictures. You look as beautiful as always. Sounds like a great weekend! Minus the earthquake – how scary! I hope it wasn’t too bad for you guys!!

    • Haha it was a chain of events. Friday they were meh, Saturday worse, Sunday yuck, yesterday BLEH! I am feeling a bit better today though. Hopefully I am on the up swing of this mess. But thank you sweet friend.

      It was just short tremors. Hasn’t happened since 2011 thank God. Needless to say, I don’t like it one little bit.

  • Man allergies are no fun! I am with you, currently dealing with some sort of ear clogging thing going on because of said allergies. Ugh! Have you tried Advil Cold and Sinus, nothing works for me except this, if you get really desperate, give it a try! I should seriously be their spokes person. Other then the allergies, looks like a great weekend!

    • It is THE WORST! Usually they don’t bug me like this but this year has been INSANE! It hit me worse than it has in a long time and I am so over it. I may pick some of that up soon. I have been taking claritin but I am wondering it that is what’s making me feel all loopy. Ugh.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So sorry to hear about your allergies attacking! I rely on Flonase, Benedryl, Claritin and saline spray when things get bad. Hopefully the worst is behind you and sunny days ahead. Glad that you powered through and still squeezed some fun into your days. We had a pretty great weekend seeing family, friends and hanging out together.

    • I hope to be feeling better soon friend. Your weekend sounds like perfection. I am definitely happy I didn’t let the way I felt wreck all of the fun.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Sorry to hear your weekend didn’t end up like you had planned. And I spot a new utility vest!!!

    • Wahoo!!! I ADORE my new vest. Who would have thought that Sams would come through for the win AND it was only 19.99 too!!! Thanks friend.

  • It wasnt what you planned but its what you needed, hopefully. Love that lace top!

    • If I could get allergy relief I’d simply be in heaven. I am feeling a bit better today. But I haven’t gone outside at all :P.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I was wondering if you felt the earthquake! Both my parents and my brother text me saying they felt it up in Iowa. They’re such a trip, aren’t they?!
    Bummer about the allergies though. I hope the rest of the fall season isn’t too tough on you!

    • Oh man it totally woke me up. I sat straight up in bed, said what the heck was that, and dozed back off. It was CRAZY. The last time we felt one was 2011. I hope the allergies end soon I am DONE!

  • So sorry you didn’t feel good this weekend – how terrible, especially on a holiday weekend! BUT it looks like you made the most of it! I heard about your earthquake… so crazy! I didn’t know you got those out there (or maybe you don’t normally?). Hope you’re feeling better now!

    • I definitely made the best of it and I THINK I am starting to feel better too. Finally. SO crazy right? They aren’t common by any means. The last one we felt was back in 2011. I don’t like that at all.

      • And by that I meant them. I need to go pour some coffee :P.

  • Your weekend was packed full. I can’t see how you could have squeezed in much more. Take this week and relax a bit.. you are going to want all your energy for next week.

    • I know, right! I am resting up as much as I possibly can!

  • I heard about that earthquake! Crazy! Sounds though like you survived and thrived 🙂 This last Labor Day weekend was so pleasant for our family too. I wish every weekend could be like that.

    • Oh me too. I love when good weekends happen and leave me longing for more.