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Hello Friday!

Happy Fri-Yay friends. Hands in the air if you are excited for a 3 day weekend?! We are actually kicking off a 4 day weekend around here since it is our last Friday with no school activities. Our schedule goes into full swing next though. We were lucky to have a full month to ease into getting used to our homeschool routine but next week we add in everything else. Home group, Awana, Mom Life (MOPS), and co-op. It is bound to be a BUSY and crazy week. So let’s get back to that 4 day weekend and worry about the rest over a cup of coffee on Tuesday morning.

Here are this weeks Friday picks!

The tooth

Marissa recently had to have a tooth pulled #allthemommyfeelings. If you ask me the technical reasons why, I can’t really explain. What I do know is the kid has a very crowded mouth and we are sure to end up paying for braces eventually. Upon the dentists preference I stayed in the waiting room with Emily and waited what was probably the longest 40 minutest ever. Finally Marissa came bouncing out completely giddy with excitement. She thought getting her tooth pulled was just the best thing ever. I know, she’s weird.

She loved it so much that she decided that she didn’t want the tooth fairy to taker her tooth and she is keeping it. Did I mention that all of this happened ON our anniversary. So #9 will also be known as the day Marissa’s tooth came out. 

Fall Fashion

Fall is just around the corner and I can’t help but get the itch for some new clothes. Reality says Marissa will be the one who ends up with some new things to wear. I mean I guess she does kind of need clothes that actually fit. But I can hope I get to pick up a few thing for myself too, right?

Here is what t I have my eyes on.




Colored Jeans

Utility Vest

What are you hoping to pick up for fall?

New hair cuts

Marissa and I both got new haircuts recently. Confession: sometimes I go 18 months without a hair cut and oh my goodness does it show when I do.

I added a lot of layering and trimmed of my dead ends.

M hair

Marissa shocked me by choosing to keep her length. The past several haircuts she has gone with a short bob, but she didn’t want to this time. We added some layers and trimmed hers up too. I wonder how long this longer hair thing will last with her.

My Phablet

A couple of weeks ago at the drag strip I made a bathroom run with the girls. The bathrooms were very clean but pretty bare bones. There was nowhere to set my camera and Emily still insists on using the stall with me (which is probably for the best really). I ended up watching her, holding my camera, and trying to go to the bathroom simultaneously. I thought everything was going to work out when I heard a plop. At first I thought “What was that?!” quickly to be followed by a “NNNNOOOOO!!!!” I have never shoved my hand into a toilet so quickly friends. I have also never been happier for soap and ALL the hand sanitizer in the world.

Long story short, I ended up with a new phone and I kind of love it. My old Galaxy S3 was more outdated than I ever realized and this new phone is so cool. Downfall, it’s kind of a phablet. Phone + Tablet = Phablet, aka really big. But I don’t care. It does everything and more that I hoped it would.

Little deer
So if you see me posting A LOT more selfies and snaps now, you know why. 

Blog Higlights

This week on the blog I shared about…


All my favorite things about fall
A new way to play and learn
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My monthly Goals, September

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Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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26 thoughts on “Friday Highlights, V34

  1. Cracks me up that Marissa wanted to keep her tooth. Just what you want sitting in a drawer. Ha ha! LOVE both of your haircuts! So pretty. Can’t wait to hear all about your weekend. 🙂

  2. So excited for the weekend! I love that it’s a 4 day weekend for you guys. Yay! Marissa is such a big girl. Mason wasn’t that excited when he had to have his pulled. He was a mess! Mason’s mouth is very small and we hear he’ll probably need braces, too. Those boots are adorable. So, the Whoawaitwalmart IG posted some really cute booties the other day (they have fringe, but not overly-done) and I found them! They were only $19.99 and I am basically obsessed with them. My Walmart never has anything they post, so you can imagine my excitement when I found them. And ever since Meghan got her utility vest I have wanted one. Love the haircuts you beautiful girls!! So, what kind of Phablet did you get? I love new gadgets! So fun. Happy weekend!

    1. It was hilarious and so gross. I really wish she had gave the tooth up but I didn’t want to push her to do it. Yay, that is awesome! I ended up picking up a different utility vest at Sams this weekend!!! Baha ha. I never would have thought to look there and I LOVE it and it was 19.99 too. It’s a Samsung J7 or something like that and it is amazing.

  3. Marissa is such a big girl!! I can’t believe that she chose to keep the tooth over getting a little treat from the tooth fairy!

    And YES to that utility vest… I’ve been wanting one for a while and this may have to finally be the year that I get one!

    Happy weekend, friend!

  4. I’m totally digging the colored jeans and the utility vest that you are hoping to get! You’ll have to update us on your new fall wardrobe after you go shopping 🙂
    Hope you guys are having a great 4 day weekend!

    1. I totally grabbed a vest at Sam this weekend. It was only 19.99 and it is SO cute. I do need to do another outfit post or two. The last one went pretty well. Thank you! It has been okay so far. Hope you are too!

  5. I’m really, really, REALLY hoping to snag a utility vest this fall. I’ve been eyeing them for so long I think it’s high time I actually get one in my closet!
    The phone… NO! Dropping my phone in the toilet is a legit fear. I can only imagine your reflexes at work on that one. BUT! YAY for a new and upgraded one!

    1. Exactly. I could hardly believe that I found a SUPER cute one at Sams the other day for 19.99. I was really mad at myself but it is hard to stay mad with this new phone. It is so stinking cool!

  6. Your hair looks AMAZING!!! So does Marissa’s! And I’m cracking up that she thought having a tooth pulled was cool! At least it’s better than her being scared!

    1. Creepy me is going to comment back really fast since I was sitting here getting things caught up already :P. Thank you. My hair feels amazing. It was just so boring before but it has lots more movement now which is fun. Oh man I had no clue what to expect. But loving it?!?! I did NOT expect that to happen :P.

  7. I have dropped my iphone in the toilet more times than I care to mention!! And like you I made a quick retrieval. Glad I am catching up…now I see where you got this vest!! you totally need to pair with those maroon jeans…so cute!!

    1. Lol! Well oddly that makes me feel a little bit better. The vest I actually ended up buying came from Sams Club. I ordered this one online but like yours it was a bit lighter than I wanted plus it had a hood which I was less than thrilled about. The very next day I stumbled upon this one at Sams and HAD to have it.

      So I quickly returned the other.

      That would be so fun. I really need some colored jeans in my life but finding talls in them is SO hard. It really limits my options and usually raises the price tag too :(.

  8. #SmallMouthProbs…yep, that’s me! I had to an “adult” tooth taken out to make room. Plus I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Sorry, sweet M. 😉

    Love those boots!! And a lot cheaper than the Frye brand!

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