Summer Bucket List: Update #2

The last week of our summer break may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the summer fun is over. We still have a lot of things to cross off this years bucket list. When I decided on a large list I knew marking them all off would take some effort and work, but so far it has been totally worth it.

Here is a look at our progress.

Bucket List Update #2

We have marked of 5 more things since our first bucket list check in. That means we are almost half way done with 11 of 23 items finished.

Go skating

I hoped to sneak this in there once a month, but the girls love to swim so much we almost always end up at the pool instead. However on one rainy afternoon I surprised the girls with a trip to the skating rink. They did so much better than the first time we went. I think we will be spending a lot more time there in the future. 

skateKids cook dinner night}

I couldn’t completely turn them loose, but they made about 80% or more of our dinner with no help. On the menu was black and white brownies, chili dogs, chips and peas. Not the healthiest meal but they were SO proud. Marissa immediately requested that we make this a monthly thing. I think we totally will.

kids cookBuild a fort

One day I handed the girls a pile of blankets and turned them loose to build a fort. They draped one blanket over 4 chairs and called it good. So I challenged them to think BIGGER and we came up with this. I would also like to add that I may or may not have taken a really short cat nap in it while the girls were playing with something else. 


Eat watermelon & spit seeds

I knew our list wouldn’t be complete without watermelon, especially seeing we have our very own watermelon patch in our garden this year. The planting, waiting, watching and waiting some more made the watermelon taste even better too. The girls were giddy when we were finally able to harvest our first two melons. It was definitely worth the wait!

WatermelonScavenger Hunt

We have done so many different scavenger hunts over the years. This time I wanted to think outside of our normal, so we ended up at the grocery store! It was different, cool, and so much fun. This was a HUGE hit with the girls and they really want to go back. The only problem is there aren’t to many grocery store scavenger hunt printables out there… guess I know what I need to work on making.

scavenger hunt 
Y’all I think we are totally gonna finish our list!
We still have like 7 weeks to go!

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How is your summer bucket list progress going?

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35 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List: Update #2

  1. All of these activities are so awesome! I love that they cooked dinner. The pride in their smiles is the best. And that scavenger hunt is great. Where did you get the printables? Youa re totally gonna finish your list.

    1. Honestly I can’t remember I should have put a link to it! I googled “grocery store scavenger hunt” and the results were pretty disappointing. I am totally going to make one soon.

    1. will totally get on that as soon as I can. The big thing I am wondering on that is if I could legally snag photos of the products off the websites or if I’d have to find my own. I need to look at that a little closer and make it happen. I’d love to create like 4 of them at once!

      1. oh yeah, I totally get that! maybe take a bunch of photos next time you are at the grocery store.

  2. Riding bikes to get ice cream makes me giggle every time I read it. It’s like for a moment you are being healthy then BAM! Feed me some ice cream!

    1. Girl it is the song and story of my life. Like, run 6 miles so I can eat donuts. In reality I am pretty much just barely breaking even all the live long day.

  3. Such great activities! We are going skating next week – yay! I love it even though it hurts my feet! My kids’ camp does scavenger hunts at walmart if it rains – I think it’s fun! What you can do is have them hunt for the groceries that you actually need to buy!

    1. You are so cool to actually put on skates too. I just walk around and pick my kids up off the ground every five seconds :P. That is pretty genius. I’ll try that some day for sure.

  4. The kids making the dinner, genius, I’m going to put that in my back pocket. I love the scavenger hunt. When I’m at the store with the kids I usually try and tell them now go find this or that or do you see this or that…printable sounds good, get on that lady ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Totally do I am hoping that if I start this young it can become a legit deal here in just a couple more years. I will totally get on that. The big thing I am wondering on that is if I could legally snag photos of the products off the websites or if I’d have to find my own. I need to look at that a little closer and make it happen. I’d love to create like 4 of them at once!

    1. I know right?! The best part is the place I take the girls is the same place that I used to go… only it has been given a MAJOR black light face lift ;).

  5. How fun that the girls got to make dinner!! I’m totally tucking that idea away for when mine are a little older!
    LOVE that you were able to spit watermelon seeds! I remember doing that with my cousins when we were growing up. It was almost like a rite of summer. It’s almost impossible to find seeded watermelons at the store, so I’m not sure Marcus and Julia will ever fully appreciate those little black seeds!

    1. That is so crazy! I guess i hadn’t even thought about that but yea, a lot of the ones in stores are seedless. Which is kinda nice but totally weird too. Totally tuck that idea away, they LOVED it.

  6. Oh I love that grocery scavenger hunt idea and that picture of the girls with their bare feet and aprons making the meal– super cute!! You made me look at my bucket list and yeah— I got some work to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So many cute pictures. It looks like you’re having such a fun Summer with your beautiful girls! The grocery store scavenger hunt is awesome!

  8. I am so sad that summer is over. We are now into the real business of homework. Dah-duh-dum….

    I wish our roller skating place had those little pipe roller things. My kids fell about 7 trillion times and our skating escapades have been less than stellar.

    OK, now make sure to cross the date night off the list for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Is Marissa barbecuing??? Girl, I can’t even BBQ! You go Marissa! I LOVE that they loved this so much. I bet they were so proud and no matter what they made, it was the best dinner EVER.

    1. Well it’s just hot dogs but yes :). She may or may not have dropped one too ;). This WAS so much fun and they were SO proud. We will definitely make this happen again.

  10. Skating! Eeeeekkkk! So fun. Growing up, skating was a weekend staple for me. I canโ€™t even tell you the hours I spent at the rink. I even did those lock-ins where you stay until 6 the next morning. (Something I would never in a million years let Mason do now) I love that they cooked dinner. They look like theyโ€™re totally in the zone! You guys are killing your bucketlist!

    1. Thanks friend. On Sunday we went skating and I joined the fun! I thought I was going to die but apparently it is a lot like riding a bike! I didn’t even fall once! Our progress has stalled recently but I still think we can finish.

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