Currently, August 2016

Wishing // 

So much I could say for this one. I feel like I am doing an awful lot of wishing lately. Let’s write down my ongoing wish: that time would slow down, even if it is just by a little bit.

Praying //

For Emily’s new glasses to bring her the improvements we so desperately want to see. 

Looking Forward To //

VACATION!!! When you book a trip MONTHS before it happens and watch so many other families go on their vacations it really builds up anticipation. We are getting close now and I can hardly stand it.

Listening to // 

This song. I love the mix of the new song with the old hymn.

Drinking // 

My daily cup of coffee. I am a total whimp that has a low tolerance for caffeine. Lately I have been forcing myself to drink a huge glass of water when I wake up in the morning, then I reward myself with a small cup of coffee. So far it is working out really well. I don’t get the jitters and I get to enjoy my coffee with the Almond Joy creamer that I love. 

Eating //

Cantaloupe and watermelon around the clock. Our melon crops were pretty impressive this year and that meant I was serving melon three meals a day. Marissa is in heaven but I am pretty sure Russ was totally over it after 3 days.

Counting // 

The number of weeks until school is out, the number of days until vacation, how many things we have left to cross off our bucket list. There is A LOT of counting going on around here, especially when you factor in our math ;). 

Missing //

Our days at the pool and all the time I got to spend with Anna. Sure we still text through our school days, but it’s just not the same.

Learning //

All about matter, volume, density and buoyancy. Who would have thought the girls chemistry would be so informative to me too. Because lets just be honest, anything I learned on those subjects back in my school days has LONG been forgotten.

Planning // 

I have been doing a lot of blog planning lately. I am working to get things ahead so I can take a huge chunk of September off without things looking any different around here. If I manage to pull this off I’ll be “gone” for over two weeks and you won’t even notice.

Enjoying // 

Our school year. I’ll admit it. I was pretty nervous how juggling two kids would work. I thought one was bound to get the short end of the stick. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy keeping balance has been so far. And we are having a lot of fun this school year too!

Watching // 

The Olympics! Who isn’t?! Volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, track. I just can’t get enough.

Wearing // 

My work out clothes all the live long day. I justify this behavior by actually working out …. but still. I need to start putting on street clothes more often. Workout clothes are just so comfortable!

What have you been up to currently?

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29 thoughts on “Currently, August 2016

  1. Vacation! Don’t mind if you see someone in your suitcase. 😉 We are so bummed the Olympics are over. We watched them every single night.

  2. Yay for your vacation almost being here. I know you have been waiting so patiently. Ha ha! I’m sure you are rocking teaching both girls. They are so lucky to have your as their momma and teacher.

  3. It’s funny you bring up chemistry. Just the other day I said I don’t think I’d feel up to homeschooling older kids because of chemistry, otherwise known as the only C I ever got ;)! And while watching other people go on vacation may be hard while you wait, I guarantee I’ll be jealous when you go on yours and we are back in school with the pool closed!

    1. Baha ha. #Reasonswhywestartedchemistrynow. Seriously though, who teaches Chemistry to a K & 3rd grader?! It feels nuts but we are having SO much fun. The best part about homeschool is in the older years there are SO many insane options to teach kids the things that you would struggle with. Online classes, video courses, co-ops. We will look into ALL kinds of things if we are still home schooling then.

  4. Yay for vacation!!! We still have over 90 days until our vacation, I’m not counting at all, and I cannot wait! Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the planning process =)
    Have a great day!!

  5. Hope your vacation gets here soon! I do the same thing with blogging ahead if I can to fill up time when I’m away. You grew those watermelons? Wow!

  6. I hope your vacation is great! Way to go getting the blog planned out. I felt so good when we went on vacation and I didn’t have to worry about the blog much!

  7. We’re going on vacation next week and I am SO excited!!! I hope you guys have the best vacation too… whenever and wherever that may take you!
    Also I’ve been obsessed with watermelon recently too! Costco has the best, biggest watermelons and I love them!
    Annnnd I too am a caffeine wimp. Ever since I did the whole30 last year, I switched to decaf but even that makes my head feel all funny. I love the taste of coffee though (or maybe it’s the creamer? LOL) so it makes me so sad!

    1. Eeeekkkk!!! That IS exciting. Dang I am constantly wishing we had a Costco, I hear they are amazing. You not handling the caffeine so well strangely makes me feel better about myself. I thought it was just me. It’s totally the creamer ;).

  8. I have decided that you need to come help me create a garden space for me. I would love to have access to my own produce but I have to warn you… I am not a green thumb!

  9. I am so jealous of your watermelon harvest! The birds always get mine and that makes me so very mad! I am missing our days at the pool too. Boo 🙁 How did summer fly by so fast?

  10. Your set up of watermelon and cantaloupe for every meal sounds heavenly! We are missing the Olympics and wishing it was on again. Your vacation is coming at such a fun time!! Instead of being sad for summer to end, you’ve got something amazing to look forward to. Smart planning on your part 🙂

    1. It definitely has mad summer feel the whole entire season that it is. Usually once September is almost here my brain switches to fall but not this year. There is technically almost a month worth of summer left and we are SO excited.

  11. We could live off watermelon alone! Totally envious you have your own melon stash in your yard!
    VACATION!!! I can’t wait to see and hear about all the fun things you do.
    I don’t know about you, but this past week without the Olympics was TOUGH! We were watching sports we never do (women’s heavyweight lifting, fencing, water polo)!

  12. Love that first picture of the girls! So cute. I am praying for Emily’s new glasses as well, friend. I can’t wait to see pictures from your vacation. You all are going to have the best time. Don’t you just love Bethel? Ever Be is my favorite, but It is Well is a very close second. Their music gives me chills and all the feels.

    1. Marissa is such a goober some times :P. Bethel is pretty much amazing. It would be so fun to see them play! We are going to see David Crowder in September. When someone like him comes to town you don’t ask questions, you just go. Russ is PUMPED.

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