Bambino, a New Way to Learn

For as long as I can remember, one of my girls favorite learning tools has been puzzles. From big chunky pieces to itty-bitty challenges, puzzles have been one of the best learning tools. Today I’m excited to share the Bambino LUK Learning System. It’s our newest puzzle find and an amazing teaching tool for kids of all ages. Thank you Timberdoodle for sponsoring today’s post and as always, all opinions are my own.

Teaching with puzzles. Exploring a new way to learn with Bambino LUK learning system.
My absolute favorite way to teach preschool and early elementary aged children is through play and one of our favorite things to play with is puzzles. Puzzles are a great hands on approach to learning and an amazing way to work on cognitive skills, problem solving, fine motor development, hand eye coordination, self-esteem and more.

bambinoLet’s take a look at the Bambino LUK system. The starter pack comes with the tray, 6 tiles, a workbook, parent guide, and a skill chart. The system is simple but offers so much variety that every time we play it feels new, exciting and challenging. You are free to begin simple and grow your collection by adding additional packs at any time or you can buy several at once.

IMG_2167bambino books
Recommended ages for this LUK learning system are 3-5, but I should add that Marissa (8)  enjoys playing with it just as much as her sister does. We also love the variety of focus and levels the packs offer. This allows me to target specific subjects that I want to work on. It also ensures the work I’m giving is the right level for each child. This is a tool that you can grow with for many years. 

Like most other puzzle systems the Bambino LUK Learning System is self-correcting. The reverse side of the pieces have a bright and colorful dotted pattern that children can use to check their work. Emily has grown so much from being able to discover and correct her own mistakes and we both like the independence that she feels while playing.

Interested to learn more about how this system works?

You can watch the video above and check out more Bambino LUK Learning Sysytem products on Timberdoodle

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  • Jessica

    We love puzzles too. I’ve never heard of that brand or learning tool before, but it’s super cool and I now want to go find it. Thanks for sharing friend.

    • Haha. When teachers haven’t heard of something before it always makes me feel a little better for being all like “this is amazing” “I’ve never seen this before”. We are LOVING this system.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    This looks like such a fun learning system! We love puzzles so much too, I’ll have to check this out!

    • Puzzles are just such an amazing tool to really engage a child. We have had a blast with this one. Definitely check it out!

  • I swear all the puzzles and mazes that my kids have done that have helped so much in their development. Good share!

    • YES! I would totally second that. They are such an amazing learning tool.

  • This is really neat. I’ve never seen anything like it before either. Jacob and Olivia both love puzzles, so I will look into this! It might make a good Christmas gift!

    • It would be a great Christmas gift. We love educational toys.

  • I’ve never seen anything like this before! I agree with Lindsay that it would be a great Christmas gift!

    • It really would be! Glad to know that you, a teacher, have yet to see something like this too :P. It’s a pretty genius idea really.

  • Looks like fun!

  • You share the coolest educational products! Puzzles are one of my favorite learning toys too.

    • I really do get a chance to try out some super awesome products. Working with Timberdoodle has been great.

  • This is so cool! Both of mine love puzzles and this looks so entertaining!

    • It really is so entertaining. I bet you two would LOVE this.

  • chall1018

    This looks so cool! A game that is educational too? Yes please! You always find the neatest things that I’ve never seen before.

    • I feel so lucky to be a Timberdoodle blogger. They have some pretty amazing products. You should browse around their site sometime.

  • Confession: typical puzzles stress me out as in I hate them! But this? This looks like something I might actually enjoy. Maybe I’ll add some to C’s birthday and Christmas wish list.

    • I LOVE typical puzzles. But I can totally see how they can stress a person out. I tend to be an obsessive personality so I can easily get completely sucked into working on them and HOURS go by. So I say no just for that reason.