Fourth of July Weekend Recap {2016}

It’s early Tuesday morning after the long Fourth of July weekend. As I lay here in my bed, regretting not starting this post Saturday afternoon, I can’t help but have a few thoughts. Thoughts of sadness that the long weekend is over and Russ is already at work instead of laying beside me. Shock that summer is going by SO fast, tiredness because some people think fireworks past 10:30 is a fine idea, and joy because we had a really great weekend as a family.

Wanting to do a weekend recap post, without writing a novel, I decided to summarize our Fourth of July weekend. Let’s take a peek.


July 1Friday was:
Daddy coming home for a long weekend
TV on mom and dads bed
Popsicles before bed time


July 2Saturday was:
An early morning workout
Muffins for breakfast
Home Depot work shop
Lazy time around the house
Grocery shopping
Freddy’s for dinner
Root-beer floats
Watching the NASCAR race


July 3 July 3-2Sunday was:
Cleaning the house up
A very long afternoon nap
Making festive foods
Firework shopping
Grilling dinner out
Spending time with friend
Everyone going to bed after 10:00


July 4
Monday was:
Everyone sleeping in past 9:00
Scones for breakfast
Red, white, and blue everything
Seeing family
Endless piles of laundry
Grilling dinner
Ice cream outside

It was the perfect balance of rest, fun and ice cream. I can’t believe we start school in just over a month. There is still so much we want to, NEED to get done before our summer break comes to an end. 

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What was the best part of your Fourth of July weekend?

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  • It does feel like summer is flying by. Glad you had a good weekend!

    • Doesn’t it?! Thank you so much Dara. Can you believe it is almost Friday again?!

  • So much goodness in this post! Lots of ice cream, which is always a favorite of mine as well as lots of family time! Sounds perfect. But I do have to agree with you… how is it already July?!?! Yikes. Summer is flying too fast!

    • Way, way, WAY too fast. We start school in like a month NNNNOOOOO!!! Everytime I think of you and ice cream I think of that amazing little ice cream shop you have and wish I had one like that too :P.

  • What a fun, fun weekend! I love all the pictures. I totally agree summer is going tooooo fast!

    • Way too fast. We start school in like a month. WHY?!?! Lol I am shooting to get out by the last week of April first week of May and we have a vacation in September so you have to do, what you have to do.

  • I love weekends like that, but if you’re like me, I am still recovering. Not to mention I still have a few suitcases to unpack. Today is devoted to laundry. Hope you guys are resting up for another fun weekend!

    • I mostly had a hard time dragging my bottom to the gym the rest wasn’t so bad since we were never to far away from home. Hope you got the piles all caught up :).

  • Amy Smith

    LOVE the sparkler shot! I can’t believe we are already this far along in summer. it is flying!

    • Aaawwww see I knew SOMEONE would appreciate that. I should’ve know it would be you :).

  • WHAT a perfect weekend. I, too, can’t believe that summer is almost over. But look on the bright side… that just means that you’re even closer to your beach trip! Happy Wednesday, friend!

    • That is TOTALLY the bright side. I can’t decide weather going back to school will be a good distraction, or a bad one. At least we’ll get a little break I suppose to hold us over til the holidays. That stretch is REALLY long when you start in early August.

  • chall1018

    What a wonderful weekend!! I love that y’all had such a good one!! Love all of the photos of your precious family!

    • Thank you so much friend. It really was a great weekend and guess what, it’s almost the weekend again!

  • Perfect balance of ice cream, lol, love that!! Give me all the festiveness of red, white and blue everything!

    • And all of the ice cream too ;). #priorities

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Such a great weekend!
    I’m right there with you, the fun goes by entirely too fast. And fireworks past 10:30, ugh. Yes, last night I heard them as late as 12:30. WHY?!

    • OMG! That is so terrible friend. I was laying in bed Monday so ticked off I just wanted to go to sleep. I think some people just don’t even think that not everyone gets to sleep in the next day. So frustrating.

  • Looks like you had a great weekend! Plus, you are on top of pictures… I think I took like three…. #fail…

    • Haha! I only took so many because I have none of our 4th weekends until Marissa was like 6. There is still hope for you to change sooner than I did :P.

  • Happy belated 4th of July! Your family is the cutest. You are going to share the recipe for those pretzel sprinkle wands over here right?

    • Haha it was so not fancy Jen. Almond bark melted, dip in pretzel, add sprinkles. VOILA! These would be so fun for any holiday really just change up the sprinkle colors.

      Thank you!

  • I love this! You and Liz did the same format for your posts, how funny. Great minds think alike. I”m finally get back into the swing of things this week. Looks like a great weekend!

    • Yeah I did a post like this a few weeks back, she loved it and I said go for it girl. It is just a nice way to recap a weekend without writing a book about it because I always find long weekend recaps end up being like 700 words, eeekkk!

      This whole week has felt like bizarro week and look, it’s Friday again.

  • You had such an awesome weekend. I love that you photograph everything, you do it so well.

    • I try. I just want the girls to be able to have memories, I feel like I don’t really have any like this. Plus I really do love to take photos so that helps :).

  • Look at your little fireworks! They are too cute. Love your recap all organized this way. Hope you have a super weekend.

    • Thank you so much. We are having another great weekend! I hope you are too!