$10 At Target, Birthday Edition {June 2016}

It’s $10 at Target time!
This month I decided to do things a bit differently. Typically I go to Target without kids walk around and see what I can find. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s retail therapy at its best. But since a little girl in our house was celebrating her birthday week, it only seemed right to invite her along.


We loaded up and went to Target. I carefully explained the rules and told her she would have to pay special attention to make sure that she stayed within her budget. She seemed to get the idea of how this would work and we got started. Here are a few things that grabbed the attention of an almost 8 year old girl.

T8 T10 
There was more, there was SO much more. She looked and looked then debated and debated.

Finally, she made up her mind. 

Target June Haul
I was really proud of her choices. Practical and still fun. I was pretty unsure of how this might go. 

How did she do?

Target June receipt
Before the Redcard her total was 9.94, after it 9.44! We were under budget!

T9 T13
Such a fun night of shopping with my girl.
I have a feeling we will be doing LOTS more of this as she continues to grow.

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Amy Smith

    Marissa did great! I love that tank!

    • It is super cute and colorful. She ended up wearing it on her birthday!

  • Jessica

    Wow!! Way to go Marissa! I love that you had her try it. She picked some great things.

    • She really did. I was kind of worried she may blow the whole $10 on junk but she did so good. I should’ve known she would.

  • Great job, girlie! Love that it teaches her budgeting!

    • Me too! I’d say I’ll do this more but then I wouldn’t get to buy random things I want/ need :P. Haha ha!

  • Katey Haines

    Thats so awesome that you got your daughter involved in the $10 challenge!! It teaches so many great lessons. I need to try this!
    We’d love to have you join our link up on Tuesdays
    Tuesday Fashion Party Link Up

    • You should totally try it. She really learned a lot and had to think her decisions through. She handled it like a pro!

  • Holly

    Love her choices! She did great AND stayed under budget! That’s hard – even for big girls! πŸ˜‰

    • Yes it is! She had so much fun shopping. We’ll make this a yearly thing for sure.

  • She did so well! I love what she picked!!!

    • I love her picks too. Especially that fun, colorful tank :).

  • I think she did swell! Dang, I bet the LEGO Friends weren’t even close to the 10 dollar budget!! Happy birthday week to your cutie πŸ™‚

    • It was actually 9.94 so definitely a budge buster, but it wouldn’t have been too bad. Thank you so much!

  • aww nice to share your ten at target with the birthday girl, and she did great! Did it take longer than your usual trips or less? My gma would give me and my two cousins a few bucks to spend at whatever store and one of my cousins would spend 35 hours looking and debating EVERYTHING. drove me nuts. I usually picked right away.

    • Ummmm… not really but I didn’t look at nearly as much as I usually do too. She definitely didn’t make a fast decision. It was a really fun trip

  • What a cute way to spend time with your Birthday girl and use budgeting in real life with her. This is a great idea. I may need to try this with my littles sometime.

    Rachel xo

    • It was the perfect little special birthday treat. You should definitely give it a try some time.

  • Oh my goodness how fun that you took Marissa and she got to chose. Fun! πŸ™‚ She did good.

    • It was so much fun and she really surprised me too. Definitely a winner.

  • How fun that we both included kids this month! Marissa did a good job!

    • I know! I laughed when I saw you took the kids too!

  • Sara McCarty

    I love the idea of including the kids and letting them make the decisions. She did such a great job! That shirt is adorable and iced animal cookies are the BEST!

    • Those cookies could be the death of me they are seriously so good. She loved the shirt so much she wore it on her birthday :).

  • OH Target, how I love thee. What have I found at Target lately? TOO MUCH. Lol. I really need to stay outta there! It’s so bad for our bank account!

  • Way to go! Such a fun idea including Marissa in this time. Great Math lesson too!!

    • It was the perfect little budgeting/ math lesson. We’ll do it again another time for sure.

  • A shopper in the making. She did really good. Everything a girl would want, clothes, personals and food. You’ve trained her well. A wonderful lesson in money, budgeting and wants/needs.

    • YES! I was a little worried she may blow the whole budget on random silly things but I let go and she shocked and impressed me. I guess I am teaching her somethings after all.

  • Teaching her right from the get-go! Marissa picked some great things!

  • She did SO GOOD!!! Not only did she pick out some awesome stuff but she stayed under budget too. And that’s more than I can ever say for myself! haha

    • Lol. Without the cartwheel deal on the tank we wouldn’t have been so lucky but she did really well and we had a lot of fun too. I definitely see this happening again someday in the future.

  • I love that you took her along! She did really well!

  • What a fun idea to take your birthday girl along; and leave it to Marissa to find a cute shirt!

    • Haha! Girlfriend has good taste in clothes, that is for sure!

  • Whitney Jordan

    This is my favorite Target Haul you’ve done! I loved seeing Marissa’s process and the fun things that caught her eye. She got a lot and came in with money to spare. I love her top (and would totally wear it myself) and loved her mix of things. Way to go – she’s already got the hang of this whole shopping with a budget thing πŸ™‚

    • Awww, thanks Whitney. She had so much fun and picked out some really cute things too. She loved that top so much she chose to wear it on her birthday too. We’ll have to do this again in the future.

  • She did a great job! That is so awesome that you included her this month. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! XOXO

  • She scored some really great things; I love the tank top. And bonus points for you letting her do the shopping.

    • Thanks friend. It was a really fun time for us both. We will definitely do this again some time.

  • This looks and sounds like so much fun! And I love quick and simple things! In fact, I think, outside of actual food, we spent about that much when it was for decorations at Monkey Boy’s birthday recently! πŸ™‚

    • These $10 Target trips are definitely a highlight for me every month. It is so fun to see what you can pick up for only $10. Thanks for stopping by!

  • chall1018

    I love that you let the birthday girl join in on this! She made such good choices. And what a fun time for you two.

    • It was so much fun and such a good budgeting lesson. We’ll do this again for sure.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love that you let the birthday girl do the shopping! And she really did pick some cute things!

    • I was pleasantly shocked. I had this hidden worry that she was going to pick some crazy stuff then I would feel like I had wasted $10. I don’t know why I doubted her and even if she had that would’ve been okay too :).

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I love this so much! I am for sure going to do this with my oldest, his birthday is next month πŸ™‚

    • You totally should! It was so much fun and such a great way to teach some simple lessons :).