My Month In Numbers, April 2016

My favorite way to recap a month is with a ‘My Month In Numbers’ post. They have quickly became some of my favorite posts to write and read. It is the perfect way to recap all the little and big things that make up your months and the host Deena from Shoes To Shiraz is awesome. Do you need any other reasons to join? I think not.

Here is a peek into what our April looked like…

Joy Rides in the 37: 8 (at least)
It is everyone’s favorite car and the girls are always BEGGING me to take it anytime we leave.

Co-op Fair projects completed: 2
By some miracle the girls got their projects finished in record time.

Eye Appointment for Emily: 4
With more already scheduled for May.

Iced coffees drank: 11
Iced coffee with Almond Joy creamer is my favorite.

april selfies
Selfies taken on my phone: 16

Blog posts wrote: 21

Marissa School
Years of school Marissa completed: 4
It is clear to see my photography has greatly improved over the years.

Trips to the gym: 12
That number was disappointingly low for me but with some outdoor runs happening, it’s just going to go down a bit.

chalk april
Chalk boards doodled: 4

Air filters changed: 1
And it took me less than 5 minutes.

Rounds fired: 320
Pretty sure that is a new record. Pew, pew!

School days completed: 21
And that is a wrap until August.

Pairs of glasses ordered: 1
They are adorable.

Times I cried: 30+?
Not gonna pretend. This was a ROUGH month for this mama.

Medals won: 1
So proud of Marissa and her second place 5K finish.

April was definitely a month full of unexpected surprises.
We are naively & prayerfully optimistic that May will be much less eventful.

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How was your April?

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26 thoughts on “My Month In Numbers, April 2016

  1. Yay for school being out for summer!! That’s so exciting. Cam only has a few more weeks. I am so sad by the number of times you cried. 🙁 So sorry about your rough month. I hope May is pretty excellent for you.

    1. Oh man I was a total basket case last month, not good, not good at all. This month is already going by much better :). Happy Friday eve!

  2. The number of times you cried makes me sad. What a rough month you had! Here’s to hoping May is better! And 12 trips to the gym is 12 more than I did lol!!!

    1. Last month flat out sucked. I’d drink to a better May for sure ;). Hehe he! I am 3/5 days so far this month. May is definitely looking up!

  3. You had some hurdles in May for sure but you also had so many wonderful memories too!!! Big hugs to you my friend. This mama gig is tough on even the coldest of hearts! You are doing a great job!

  4. Wow! Such a busy April! I love that you got out in the 37 so many times and that the girls are so excited about riding in it as well!
    Hoping for a less eventful May for you!

  5. Loved your numbers Beth. I always love seeing your chalkboards and I’m glad you switch it up often. I have a tendency to write something (not as cute as you do, obviously) and then leave it… for months. Oops.
    Yay for summer break! My son is in a Charter school hybrid so he only has 5 days left of on site classes. But I’m going to try to keep up something this summer because he thrives on consistency.

    1. Baha ha! Mine has been blank all week. I keep saying, “I’ll get to that” and nope, I don’t. Wahoo for almost being done for him. I agree on the consistency thing. It is rough on kids to go from lots of school to no school and back to lots. We have been a bit out of sorts this week but I am hoping we settle into a schedule soon.

  6. I always forget to do a post like this! And I love when everyone else puts theirs together. I need to put this on my calendar for next month!!
    May is going to be fabulous for you. I just know it.

  7. Thinking of you!! I’m hoping this month brings answers, clarity and help with Emily’s eyes and that there are less tears. I am sure it’s stressful to manage all of it so you are definitely in my prayers. It hurts any mama’s heart to hear about kiddos struggling or dealing with tough situations. I’m glad that you’re done with school and can focus on some summer fun 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. There has definitely been less tears this month but things definitely aren’t all better yet. We’ll get there though. Summer fun, YES! We need to have some more of that soon.

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