Friday Highlights 2016, V19

Hello Friday!

Another week of summer break is gone! How is that possible?! I know all to soon our break from school is going to be a thing of the past and I am just not okay with that. Plus I have a huge list of spring bucket list items and we’ve only managed to cross one thing off. What in the world have we been doing around here?! I think the answer is clearly way to many responsible things and not enough fun. We should fix that pronto. 

Let’s take a week at this weeks Friday highlights!

{Blog Highlights}

This week on the blog I shared…

A recap from our trip to the Kansas Speedway
All about my Mothers Day
May’s ‘The Kid(s) Behind The Blog’ Interview
May’s ‘Picture Perfect Project’ photos

{Missouri Race Series}

Somehow I “got roped” into a 10 mile race this Saturday with Anna, exactly a week before our half marathon. This would usually be a taper week where we would only run 5 miles. I guess twice that far seems okay too.

Summer race
I hear the 10 mile course is tough (like I might die tough) so there is that to look forward to as well. I guess I can chalk it up as training for next weekend and spend the week in between recovering. 

Wish us luck!

{Happy Birthdays}

This weekend two of my favorite people are celebrating birthdays.

#1 My mama

#2 My Anna

Happy Birthday Weekend ladies!
I love both of you very much!

{Summer Plaid}

On a recent shopping outing with the girls I saw some super cute light weight plaid shirts at Old Navy. But they weren’t on sale and I won’t can’t bring myself to pay full price.


Imagine my surprise when I was at an Old Navy Outlet this weekend and found THIS shirt on clearance for $8.99. My only regret is not buying the other color they had. I absolutely love this shirt. 

{Blogger Love}

I’ve read a few really great posts lately and in the spirit of spreading some love I wanted to share them with you!

Blogger love 5.13
10 Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me // Wife Mommy Me
May Flowers // The Adventure Starts Here
10 Things You Do Not Want To Hear As A Parent // Jenerally Informed
I Should Have Been Devastated: Unexplained Peace With Our Infertility // Sweet Little Ones

Don’t forget!
The May $10 at Target link-up is on Monday! We’d love to see what you can find for $10 or less. Need some inspiration on how it works? Check out last months post!

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Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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40 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 2016, V19

  1. Your enthusiasm for the race is just awesome. 😉 Ha ha! Good luck! Also enjoy celebrating those special birthdays. Have a great one!

    1. Lol I should have stopped reading about how TERRIBLE the course is supposed to be and just gone into the whole thing ignorantly. It will be a memorable 10 miles that is most certain.

  2. I love the lightweight plaid shirts old navy has! The blue plaid shirt I wore for Mother’s Day is exactly that!!! Also, thanks for the blog shout out!!! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  3. Good luck with your race. I am so envious of your ability to run long distance. My goal in life is to a half. Just one half, one time. Maybe before I’m 40. Which gives me 7 years… bahaha.

    1. Thanks Becky!

      I will go, go to the emergency room when I’m done. Goodness I am just kidding but I really should STOP reading about the course and how awful it is and just be thankful for 10 miles of pavement I have never ran before (probably for a good reason too).

  4. Good luck on the run! Happy birthday to your ladies. And love the shirt! I wish I could wear shirts like that. My chest is too large. 🙁

  5. Good luck on your race this weekend! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. Hope you have great weather and can look forward to crossing a few more things off that spring bucket list. Also, I love that spring plaid! I’ve stocked Fletcher’s closet up with the cutest plaids for spring/summer 🙂

    1. That spring plaid, sigh, I could wear it all the time. We have been SO busy and this week promises to be another busy week again. EEeeekkk!!! Hopefully we’ll have some fun.

  6. Happy birthday to your mom and Anna!
    Have fun with the race this weekend! I know you’ll do amazing!
    And I LOVE that plaid shirt!! I’m on the hunt for one… I’ll have to try Old Navy!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I am sure they would both say thank you!

      Dude it was SO hard. By far the hardest run I have ever done. Definitely try ON theirs were seriously on point. You too!!!

  7. Good luck with your race this weekend! I hope it wasn’t too rough on you right before your big race!
    Thanks for sharing my infertility story! You have been such an inspiration to me lately with what you’ve been going through with your daughter. Continued prayers for you guys 🙂
    Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

    1. The morning will tell! Those hills, oh my word friend they were HUGE, can’t even describe them huge.

      Thank you friend!

      It was a great post. I sent it to my good friend who has such a similar story and she said she felt as if she could’ve wrote those exact words and she has never felt like she could relate to anyone the way she related to you. Powerful stuff friend. So glad you are letting God be glorified in all things.

    1. The race was by far the hardest run I have ever had, but we did it! Running really takes a toll on your body. I keep saying I am going to stop, but I can’t seem to stop :P.

  8. That ON plaid top is SO cute! And holy bargain!!
    I saw you finished that 10-miler. Sounds tough. But, aren’t those the ones that crossing the finish line is just that much more rewarding?!

    1. I thought it was a great deal too!

      OMG friend. I CAN NOT even describe that 10 mile course. It was FULL of MASSIVE hills, it was quite hysterical and easily my toughest run and most embarrassing pace ever. But hey, we finished!

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