School Is Out, Teaching Together

School is officially out!!!

I thought today would be the perfect chance to share our “official” last day of the school year photos and interviews with you. This year we ended our home school year on April 28th. I NEVER in my head imagined getting out of school in April, but we put in 36 weeks of work and now we are “done”. I still have some summer lessons planned for the month of May but we will definitely slow down once the pools open.

Last Day M1
Marissa wrapped up second grade and her third year of putting up with me for a teacher.
She is such a trooper.

Last Day E1
Emily finished her second year of pre-k at home and will move on to Kindergarten with mommy next year.

I am excited and intrigued about how things will go with two kids officially in school. I know it will mean my days will be busier and that will be a big adjustment for me.

Finishing our third year of home school feels like a landmark. I nowhere near feel like I have everything figured out, but I also don’t feel scared anymore. Sure it takes work and effort on all accounts, but we are doing it and I would even dare to say we are doing it well. 

last Day M2


Age: 7 (so close to 8!)
Favorite color// Blue but I really like pink too
Favorite food// Tacos & Homemade Mac & Cheese (not served together)
Favorite movie// Cinderella (She wanted me to clarify she likes the one with the real people)
Favorite Book// The ‘Whatever After’ book series
Favorite song// ‘It’s A Hard-knock Life’ from Annie
Favorite game// Checkers
Favorite animal// Seals
Favorite thing to do// Go swimming 
Favorite part of school// Science
What was your favorite part of this school year// Experiments and crafts
What are you most excited about this summer// SWIMMING!!!

Last Day Emily2


Age: 5
Favorite color// I like pink just a little more than orange
Favorite food// Peanut butter crackers
Favorite movie// Anything with Minnie in it!
Favorite Book// 5 Minute Minnie Tales
Favorite song// This is a REALLY hard one, I’ll say ‘It’s A Hard-knock Life’ from Annie
Favorite game// Candy Land
Favorite animal// Let’s say….. I don’t really have a favorite. You can just write down pandas because I kind of do like pandas.
Favorite thing to do// Play with my friends
Favorite part of school// *Very seriously* I don’t have a favorite part of school. I don’t like anything about it.
What was your favorite part of this school year// Art projects
What are you most excited about this summer// Going to the pool!

Girls Together Girls Jump Girls Hug
These girls love each other deeply.

It was so fun taking these photos and watching them pose themselves. At one point Emily turned her head and kissed her sister’s arm… of course I wasn’t ready to capture the photo and missed it.

Here are a few ways we make the last day of school (and days following) special at our house.
We have had so much fun celebrating over the past week!

  • Last day photos
  • Last day interviews
  • Donuts
  • Staying up late (just a little)
  • Play outside A LOT
  • Ice cream
  • Special lunch out
  • Taking a few days to just unwind before finding a new summer routine.
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With this school year wrapped we are SO ready to say
Hello Summer!

Last Day of school ME1
What do you do to make the end of the year special?

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42 thoughts on “School Is Out, Teaching Together

  1. I see a trend here…pool!! We are so ready too. Congrats on finishing another year and feeling comfortable in the curriculum. It’s as much of a learning thing for mommy as the girls at times I’m sure.

    1. I tell you we LIVE there, its crazy and hard to blog through. Thank you, thank you. You are spot on with that comment too. I learn SO much.

  2. Ooooh! This post is so happy and it’s infectious! Have a wonderful summer. We are in school ’til the end of June! Boooooooooooo

  3. Oh sweet Emily! She is going to keep you on your toes, Beth. 😉 Way to go ladies! Enjoy your summer!

  4. I love doing things to celebrate a successful year- Willis and Lucia have a ‘journée d’Oui’…basically a Yes day where they plan the festivities.

  5. Yay for the last day and for all the celebrations… Especially the donut part! I also think it’s hilarious that she says she doesn’t have a favorite part of school!

    1. Because “she doesn’t like school” Really?! That kid is so smart it actually scares me a little. The things she can remember from her sisters lessons are terrifying. She’s so silly.

        1. In the past I have done a week on a sheet and broke the days down there. I would really like to have daily lesson plan sheets though… it just seems like too much work though.

  6. I love the last picture with EE’s sign upside down 🙂

    I think you’re more than entitled to say that you’re doing well. You’re more than that- you’re amazing! Congratulations on finishing out another year strong!

  7. I am so jealous, we have 20 days until school gets out. Not that I am counting or anything, but I really am done. Done with the homework, assignments and mostly the whining, from the children, not me. Although one more big assignment and I just might start whining alongside the children! Yay for summer! Your girls are so cute!

  8. Oh my goodness this was so cute, and Holy cow Marissa look like a giant in that picture! Congrats on making it another year. Seeing all of your updates makes me think if I ever had to I could homeschool too, then I remember I have little patience when people don’t get things, I would be the worst teacher. So thankful for all of those patient people out there who are teachers!

    1. Girl patience is my daily struggle and it is real and HARD. But by the grace of God, we manage!

      She IS huge. She is only 7 years old Getting close to 4 1/2 feet tall and wears a size 6 in womens shoes, Baha ha!

    1. Thanks friend. I love that I can see a consistency in who they are. It is starting to give me a good idea of what they will be like when they are grown up!

  9. Such cute little personalities! I loved their very specific answers… and I don’t like anything about it made me LOL! Such sweet girls. Please make them take sister pictures FOREVER – they’re darling. I hope you have a wonderful summer and am thrilled for you that you’ve worked so hard summer can start early. Yay for another great year of home school.

  10. I’m so impressed you are totally done for the year. Good for you! And I’m sure the girls are none too mad to be out for summer!
    The girls personalities are so prevalent in their answers! I love it.
    And that last picture cracks me up! HA!!!

    1. Everyone is so happy around here, but finding and settling into our new routine has been rough. They really do shine through and that last picture, Emily thought she was being SO funny, so I went with it!

  11. I love that Emily is holding her sign upside down! WOOHOO for being done with school for the year! Enjoy every minute of your summer!

    1. That Emily is SUCH a handful and a silly girl too. She though she was being SO funny holding her sign upside down. It ended up making a cute photo though so I went with it.

      Thanks friend. I certainly hope so!

  12. I don’t know how I missed this post! Wahoo for finishing another school year. You three are rockstars! I love the little interviews and I’m laughing over Emily’s answers. She’s a character! They are both precious and these photos are amazing. I hope you frame these!!

    We have 16.5 more days (counting today)! I am so looking forward to having my sweet boy home with me every day. And to have that one on one time again!!

    1. I do that sometimes too! She is so silly friend. It makes it pretty impossible not to love her. I need to change a photo so I will definitely pick one of these to swap it with.

      Wahoo! only 15.5 left now! You can do it!!!

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