Amazing GRace 2016

Saturday was a big day in the Newman house, it was Marissa’s very firs 5K (3.1 mile) run. A SUPER early registration rate meant we signed up back in October and boy has she been waiting and waiting for the big day to arrive.

She has always been a natural when she puts on those running shoes. She has a gracefulness and endurance that is rare for someone her age. I had no doubts in my mind that she would do well. 

I woke up early and nervous with pre-race jitters which was so funny, you would’ve thought it was my first race. I was soon greeted by a girl with huge dimples who I ate breakfast with, got dressed with and sat and did some stretching with. It was such a sweet time of being together.

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We laced up our shoes and headed to the race. It was a cold morning with temperatures in the 30’s, we were so very thankful that at least the sunshine was warm. We met up with our good friends Anna and Jonathan (who was also running his first 5K) and took our obligatory pre-race pictures.

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Before long we were all lined up and ready to go. I told Marissa that I loved her and was proud of her and just wanted her to do her best. The gun went off and we started to run. 

We ran and they waited. We were abundantly blessed with an amazing group of cheerleaders that day. Both sets of grandparents, dad and sister all made appearances to cheer us on. Marissa was so surprised and excited to see so many happy faces.

Along the way we talked to each other and met some other runners. Everyone was so supportive of Marissa, cheering her on and encouraging her. Nobody could believe she was just 7. I think that was partially because she is huge and partially because she wasn’t running how you’d imagine a 7 year old to run.

Around mile 2.5 we were burning up so we tossed our jackets to “our crew” and headed for the finish line. 

I asked her how she wanted to finish and she said together. She held my hand and we ran for the finish line. The MC saw her coming and called and cheered her in. About that time she let go, took off and I hung back running just fast enough to keep my eyes on her and watched as my baby crossed that finish line.


Her finish time.

My heart could have exploded.
I was SO proud.

And I don’t think I am the only one who felt that way.

Such a memorable day for our family.

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3 fingers for 3 miles. Isn’t her shirt just the best?! #TryToKeepUp

And two fingers for second place! Later that night right before bed time we found out that Marissa had placed second in the 13 & under division beating out some 10 & 12 year olds.

Running that race with her was everything I could’ve hoped for and I pray it is the first of many, many more!

Also a track scholarship in about 10 years isn’t completely out of the question either ;).
We see a gift in this girl and I can’t wait to see how and if it develops over the years.

Marissa, we are over the moon proud of you xoxo!

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46 thoughts on “Amazing GRace 2016

  1. Wahoo! What an amazing little girl. That is amazing. She is faster than me for sure. Haha! I love that you had a great cheering crew and that she wanted to finish together and that she let go to run through. Amazing! Way to go girl!

  2. Awesome job, Marissa! She did great. What a fun morning!

    I am looking forward to having my girls join me in a 5K some day. 🙂

  3. Holy cow she did awesome!!!! I can’t believe how many people she passed, what an awesome first race…I would have placed number 208 back when I was 7 because I hated running. What star I love it!!! Good job Marissa!!!!!!

    1. Haha, I totally choked up watching her finish and writing this post. It is just so cool to see your kid do something like that. Thank you so much!

  4. That is absolutely amazing! She did so great and I love that you did it together… What a great mommy daughter activity! Before you know it you won’t be able to keep up with her!!!

    1. I was saying the same exact thing. Eventually she’ll be cheering me in at the finish line and I will love that even more. So proud of this girl.

  5. I totally cried.
    Way to go Marissa!! What an AWESOME first 5k. And I have no doubts she will run (and crush) many more!!

    1. I knew if this would make anyone cry it would be you. You get it. I can not wait to see what is in store for this girl, awesome things for sure.

  6. I love that you guys did this together and I really love that Marissa wanted to finish the race together. Holding hands and then letting go to take off to the finish line? You must’ve been such a proud mama watching her in that moment. This seriously made me teary eyed. Great job, Marissa!

  7. What a big milestone!! I love that you two have a hobby you can do together. The picture of the you two running and holding hands made me tear up! What a sweet moment. I see many more mama + me races in your future!

    1. She is such a little runner it is the cutest ever. I love that something I love seems to be something she loves and is good at too. I am just so excited to see where she is in another 5 years. Probably pretty far ahead of me at a race, that’s for sure ;).

  8. Way to go Marissa!!! I admire her endurance! And I am probably the most un-graceful runner to ever grace this planet…so I admire that about her too. I love that running is something you two do together. And friend, how cute are you two? Adorable! And what a wonderful support system you guys had. I love that. Oh my word. I legit cried when I read the part about how she wanted to finish the race. Tears streaming down my face. My heart is melted. So so sweet. So proud of both of you.

    PS – I see so much of Emily in that first picture of Marissa.

    1. It is funny how they look so much alike at sometimes!

      Oh friend it was just the best memory ever, I seriously loved every second of it so much. I will never, ever, ever forget that day. Happy Friday sweet friend!

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