Learning with Robotis: Robots 101

Hello Monday!

I am so excited about sharing today’s post. Recently we were selected to start working with Timberdoodle. Timberdoodle is a parent’s dream come true when it comes to finding educational materials. They offer everything from books and home school curriculum to toys that are fun to play with and educational too. Toys like that are ALWAYS favorites in our home. They provide plenty of opportunities to slip in some learning and the kids are having so much fun, they don’t think of it as school #winner! We want to say a huge thanks to Timberdoodle for sponsoring today’s post and as always, all opinions are my own.

Let’s talk about Robots.

What’s not to love? They are fun, exciting and what kid doesn’t want to build their very own robot?!

Robotis _Pets_Facebook
This is the Robotis Play 600 Pets Kit.

A dream come true for any kid who loves to build, like our two girls. Over the past year our girls have grown to love building and creating and Russ and I have been trying to encourage them to keep building any way we can. I am pretty sure this might just be the perfect way.

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The Robotis Pet kit is perfect for early builders and exciting because it brings their creations to life. The excitement the girls had over building the pet and then having it walk around the house was so much fun to watch. 

The pieces on the Robotis kit are chunky and easy to assemble with no tools required making it perfect to play with unsupervised. We also loved the large and easy to follow directions too. This toy is challenging for Marissa to build on her own and a fun toy to work on with Emily.

The kit comes with over 50 pieces, a geared battery operated motor and an instruction manual with directions to build a puppy, blue bird and a cricket. The girls also love that the creations have a variety of movement patterns making each design unique. 

We were also able to download directions to make 4 additional creations online and Marissa is even trying to come up with her own creations. I love that it challenges her and makes her think through what works and what doesn’t.

The Robotis Pets kit is a great way to learn reinforce science and math in the home. From following directions, how the gears work with different pieces and sorting/counting pieces.

The creator of this toy really thought the design process through and created a high quality product. Such a breath of fresh air when you’ve purchased toys to have them last less than a week. It’s nice to let the girls explore and play without worrying about something breaking.

So how does it work? Take a look for yourself.

Such a unique and fun toy to grow with.
Be sure to check it out!!

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  • I love this!!! It looks like so much fun- and I just am loving the site!

    • Thanks Keri. It is STILL a work in progress, but we’ll get there.

  • chall1018

    I know a little guy that would love this! He’s all the time asking if we can build a robot. 🙂 So cool! Great pictures sweet friend.

    PS – your new design is AWESOME!! I am so impressed that you converted to WP and built this site on your own!!!!

    • Oh my goodness it would be just perfect for him too. I love that the one kit can be built into SO many different robots too.

      Thank you, thank you! It is almost done.

  • How cool! Kids toys are becoming more and more educational I love it! A “sneaky” way to play and learn.

    • That is ALWAYS a hidden motive of mine, ALWAYS.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Those look so cool! Kind of like Legos, but with moving parts!

    • Exactly! And that is exactly why those girls of mine are so crazy about it.

  • That looks like so much fun!!

    • It really is. I kind of want to try to make one myself :D!

  • Oh my gosh, Henry would LOVE this. He is so good at assembling legos on his own, so he’d be great at this!

    • Exactly! I think any kid that loves Legos would LOVE this. It’s also really cool that you can make so many different things out of the one kit. We are having a blast with it.

  • That is AH-dorable. Definitely not for Aria just yet butttt Chris would dig that ha. I’ll put it in his stocking =)

  • That looks really cool. My kids would love it!

    • It is super cool, easy and fun. Total winner in our house!

  • Whitney Jordan

    How fun! I bet my nieces and nephews would love these so I’ll have to keep them in mind for their bdays 🙂

    • It is such a neat toy. Timberdoodle has ALL kinds of things that the teacher in you would just love too. My favorite part of this toy is that it can be made into several different thing. I love toys that have versatility!