Easter Recap {2016}

Easter 2016 was full of worship, fun and plenty of family time as we spent the whole weekend remembering and celebrating together. Today’s post is one big photo dump to recap the holiday and share some of the best parts of our Easter weekend with you.


On Friday we had very little school to do so we crafted, escaped the house for the first time all week, went to the library and then attended Good Friday service.

IMG_4611 - Copy IMG_4738 Easter1 Easter2 Easter3

Saturday was an early morning run to the store, breakfast, coloring and hunting Easter eggs. playing outside, working on the 37, a throw back to my favorite Easter photo ever and an Easter basket delivery from Meme & Papa.

easter4 IMG_4618 - Copy IMG_4630 - Copy IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4664 Eggs Car easter6Easter5IMG_4775

Sunday was church, gloomy weather and a day spent with family.

 IMG_4850 IMG_4878 IMG_4871 Easter family Cousins Easter7 
Another great Easter for the Newmans.

I used to spend a lot of time worrying about how things would look as the girls got older. Now I am starting to realize that the best part of the holidays is just being together. I don’t care if they are 2 or 15 just being and worshiping together is all I’ve ever really wanted anyways.

You can also check out our 2015 Easter and 2014 Easter to take a look back on how things have changed over the years

How was your Easter?

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  • Amy Smith

    The girls sure made a haul on those eggs! Love that throwback picture!

    • Well…. actually those eggs were empty, lol!

  • Jessica

    What an amazing weekend! Love the photo dump. Your girls have quite the personalities. 🙂

    • Yes they do. Each so fun and unique. Thanks Jess, I just with the weather Sunday had been nicer.

  • All those eggs they are opening…those are the ones they hunted up? At your house? Did you buy 300 eggs? I’m thinking you could use them like a ball pit though!

    • Actually they are closing them all . I don’t stuff eggs but for some reason they were all open?! I would rather have the kids hung the empty eggs and give them the candy in a bag. I know it’s terrible… but its kind of genius too. Plus I don’ think I bought any of those, shwoo!

  • Looks great! I really like the eggs you drew on!

  • Love all the pics! Everyone looks so great! And ummm…. Wow… That’s a lot of eggs!!

    • Haha! It is 8 years of collecting plastic eggs… you just wait, you’ll find out ;). They were candyless too. I don’t stuff eggs.

  • I love the colours on your eggs- permanent marker, brilliant!

  • What a fun weekend. I agree with others – drawing on the eggs is so fun!


    • We will never dye eggs again. The girls loved this so much more.

  • I love the idea of drawing on eggs with Sharpies! How fun! Looks like a fantastic Easter weekend! So many great pictures!

    • It was perfect I tell you! We are SO done with dying the eggs, we’ll never ever go back. Thanks Leslie, have a good Thursday!

  • “I don’t care if they are 2 or 15 just being and worshiping together is all I’ve ever really wanted anyways.” amen to that!

    • I couldn’t help but think that your mama probably felt the same way this past weekend having all of you guys together. I bet it meant so much to her.

      • Oh my goodness yes. It isn’t often that she gets to have all of us in one place. It was all she really wanted! 🙂

  • How did you color those eggs? Was it just sharpies? I LOVE the one with the rainbow heart!!! That looks so much easier and cleaner than actual dying the eggs!

    • It was and we are now and forever going to skip the dye and use the Sharpies. It was much more fun than waiting on eggs in bowls and more creative too!

  • Marissa’s bunny banner is my favorite! After seeing the picture with all the cousins, does it blow your mind too that your girls are so blonde?! I always wonder how Kinsey got such fair hair and her’s isnt even as light as Emily’s lol

    • It is so cute and still hanging up too!

      It does but it doesn’t too. My hair was pretty light brown when I was little and Russ’ was white blonde so yeah, not too surprised. Emily’s totally bleaches out from all that pool time we have, the ends of hers are SO blonde.

  • Meghan Flinn

    What a great idea to color on the eggs with marker! And that bunny banner is too cute! Your girls are adorable! Were you ever blonde as a child???

    • We will NEVER dye eggs any other way again, especially now that the girls are getting older. This was way more fun and really let them be more creative.

      I had really light brown hair and Russ’ was white blonde. All the time we spend at the pool in the summer really bleaches their hair too.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your Easter weekend was so full: of family, of worship, of love. Sounds pretty amazing.

    I am LOVING the way you decorated your eggs – so pretty!! Marcus might not have the patience for that yet, but I want to give that a try next year!

    Oh, Emily! That throwback photo had me laughing. That bunny is kind of creepy (as I think all dressed up Easter bunnies are).

    • It was so amazing.

      Girl I will NEVER go back. Especially now that they are older. It was WAY more fun and they actually got to be creative with the process.

      The Easter bunny is just terrifying. Who wants to think of that thing coming into your house?!

  • chall1018

    I love that your weekend was full of worship and fun!! Ours was too!! I wish that our church had a Good Friday service. Emily looks so tall in that library picture. Love that bunny throwback picture! Easter Bunny pictures are not that big of a thing around here. Honestly, I don’t even know where you would go to find one. But of all the pictures I have seen, the bunnies are pretty creepy! So, I don’t blame her for crying. haha! You ladies look so pretty in your Easter dresses. Those colors in your outfits are perfect spring-time colors. Glad y’all had a good Easter weekend my sweet friend!!

    • Oh good Friday and Christmas Eve are my two favorite services of the year, love them. I thought she looked SUPER tall and skinny in that photo too! She is such a string bean. That was the one and only time my girls ever saw “the bunny” and I didn’t take them. I do wish I had done some photos with a real bunny when they were younger. How cute would that have been :D!

  • What a beautiful blessed wkd for you all!!! Such pretty photos. You all look amazing!! And that bunny picture is so beautiful!!

    • Thank you, thank you! Happy Friday eve friend. If your week has been like mine, you are more than read for Friday!

  • I’m so glad you had a great Easter! I love the pictures!

  • Glad you had a great Easter. Ours was great too, minus Mr. not being able to go to church with us…bummer. Other than that the whole weekend was with friends and family! Perfection.

    • Those are always the best weekends yours looked super busy and fun too! Now the weekend is almost here again, wahoo!

  • I agree, it really is just about being together that is MOST important! Who cares how it looks! I love that screaming Easter bunny picture! Now that is hilarious and exactly why my littlest has never met the Easter bunny!

    • The Easter bunny is seriously the worst, ever. #reasonswhywesaynotothebunny. My mom took them that one year, they will never go back.