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Musically things never really change much in this house. Emily’s life is a musical as she goes around singing all day long and Marissa hardly ever sings. Russ listens to anything and everything and I am usually jamming to the All Sons & Daughters Pandora station, unless I am running (then things get pretty ghetto).

This month I have really been loving THIS song. There is such a great message in the words.

Eating// We recently tried out Hello Fresh! That made for a fun and interesting week. The Chicken Parmigiana Salad was so, so good. I should definitely share that recipe sometime soon.

Drinking// Green tea, lots and lots of green tea. There is lots of sickness going around right now and I have read that it is good for you. Regardless of if it works or not, I love the stuff.

Wishing// That school was done for the year. We are set to finish around the 5th of May but that just seems so far and so many pages away. We have worked so hard this school year and are ready to enjoy our summer by the pool again.

Looking Forward Too// Russ finishing the 37 Ford so I can drive it!!! He is so, so close to getting it drive-able!

Missing// The snow that we never got this year. Seriously this was the most disappointing winter for the kids. But I’m over it and it is way to late now. So if it could not snow the first of April like it has before, that would be great.

Praying// For my girls who have been heavy on my heart lately. Praying that they grow to love and serve Jesus and his church

Learning// How to use WordPress  & Plugins and all kinds of stuff. I can’t even say how thankful I am for a small group of my blogging friends who help and encourage me along the way.

Enjoying// The world of blogging. You guys are the best. I recently celebrated the blog’s second birthday and the love and support that I felt was priceless. Thank you friends!

Planning// Our 2016/2017 home school year! So far I have almost everything picked out for next year. I just need to nail down a few more things and place a big, expensive order. One of the things I am the most excited about is going through ‘The Little House on the Prairie’ series with Marissa for literature next year! How fun is that going to be?!

Wearing// I have been TRYING to wear more color lately. It’s hard but I think I am doing a better job. I’m excited to go pick up some fun new pieces for spring and summer.

Watching// Still watching Parks & Rec but we also watched Southpaw and Spectre recently and both were really good. I’m also pretty excited to dig into the newest season of House of Cards (it’s my guilty pleasure show) but I haven’t yet.

Reading// The She Reads Truth lent study and loving it.


What have you been up to currently?

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  • Jessica

    Your girls are just beautiful!! I love that Emily’s life is a musical. My kind of girl!

    • Thank you so much Jessica. Emily is SUCH a wonderful bit of joy in my life. She is so different than me and exactly what we need in our family to balance us out.

  • Amy Smith

    The sweetest girls! Emily’s smile just slays me. And I just love seeing the girls in bare feet!

    • I think so too :). Bare feet are just the best. Come on summer!

  • I looked into that She Reads Truth series but never pulled the trigger. I really enjoy the First 5 app. I wish I was more technically savvy when it came to blogs too. Did you do wordpress switch on your own?

    • I will be sure to check that one out. The WordPress change really got me behind.

      I did. It was terrible… okay, I say terrible…. and I think I mean that. I am an avid DIY’er and I have always done all of my everything for the blog but that was just about more than I could handle. I didn’t wan to have to admit that but I have to be honest. So where I would highly recommend switching. I would probably say leave it to the pro’s. It was A LOT to handle on my own.

  • I am so happy we didn’t get much snow here – this is our second year with no snow days!

    • Isn’t that crazy?! This is the first year around here. It’s really funny to because even though we home school I was totally going to let the girls have a snow day this year…. then we didn’t get any snow. Lololol. Maybe next year!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Marissa and Marcus speak the same language when it comes to music. I think they only time I’ve heard him really sing is when his school was preparing for their Christmas ‘concert.’ Other than that, the kid won’t sing.
    I typically don’t like snow, but I miss it at least once during the winter.
    That skirt. SO CUTE!!!! Love the color and the pattern!

    • Haha! Maybe Julia will be your musical loving song bird then :). It was a weird, weird winter here. But now I say bring on the sun. We’ll probably get a blizzard again next year.

  • chall1018

    Haha – I love how it gets ‘ghetto’ when you’re running! That’s hilarious. But hey, whatever motivates you, right?! And YES to the All Sons and Daughters!! So jealous that you guys will be done with school the earlier part of May. We go until the first week of June. Looking forward to Summer in big ways! Can’t wait to just have my boy with me everyday!! I am doing the Lent study too, but have fallen behind. I am going to use tomorrow as a catch-up day.

    • It is so ghetto and yes, whatever motivates works for me!

      We will be done early… but we also started on August 10th…. so, yeah that kind of stunk. When did you guys start back?! I am behind as well. Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

  • I don’t get you in my Blogger feed everyday now that you switched. I use to just click on and read. Still loving your new site!

    • Thats why you should switch to Bloglovin to read your blogs! You can get everything in one place (blogger and Wp) & access it online, on your phone and on an IPad! It took me FOREVER to switch to it myself but i did and love it. You might check it out!

  • I totally understand the variety of Pandora that each situation requires. I can literally go from NeedToBreathe to Adele to Gaither Gospel to Pink all in a matter of minutes!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Finishing school by May 5th seems so early to me since we don’t get out til the 3rd week of June! Even in college we didn’t finish until the end of May! How early do you start back up again in the fall?

    • Oh wow?! When do you guys start?! We went back on August 10th and as of right now do not have a spring break scheduled. So that is why we are getting done when we do. It is so crazy how different schools have totally different schedules. Everyone around here goes back middle august and gets out the middle of May. Colleges here finish up the end of April very first of May!

      • Meghan Flinn

        We usually start right after Labor Day, so that makes sense that you finish earlier too. The weather here is still unpredictable in May/June, so I’d much rather be on vacation in August.

        • Yeah it is kind of weird. One year I may switch things up and go back later since we have flexibility to do what we want. But, once the pools close during early August (since schools are starting) We might as well get too our books too. I wish things were different here. After labor day makes more sense.

  • I am on Bloglovin. Now I’ll need to use it more often since many are on WP.

    • It was a huge adjustment for me but now I love it since it keeps track of which posts Ive read and which I haven’t.

  • hooray for wearing more color, that is happiness! And little house on the prairie will be so fun. Have you read the easy reader level prairie books before? little house picture book?

    • I haven’t done the picture book but M has read some early reader little house books that we found at the library and LOVED them. I can’t remember what they are called though. They were chapter books but not as big as the originals. The coolest part is the actual little house isn’t too far away from us. So we’re planning a field trip to there next spring!

  • I love that outfit photo that you posted! The dress and boots look super cute!

  • I want to know more about your “ghetto music” haha! I can’t wait for you to get the hang of WP so you can do a post about all the ins and outs and I can use it as my guide.

    • Baha ha. Umm… lots of Eminem, Rihanna and a few others too.

      That is a great idea. I’ll try and squeeze that into the end of April!

  • The newest season of House of Cards was SO good! We just finished the last episode last night and the last 30 seconds? WHOA!
    Love the pictures of your girls. Lily sounds exactly like Emily. Her life is an ongoing musical!

  • You are a great example momma… is hard not to worry too much about the kids and their faith. I’ve stressed and felt guilty for so many years that I did a terrible job of sharing God with my bigs but they are adults now and I can only do my best to continue interject the love of God to them. They will have to make the final decisions themselves.

    • <3 Thank you so much for the encouragement Shelly. Hearing other mamas echo the same sentiments means the world to me.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Lots of great things going on! Your comment about your ghetto playlist for running made me LOL! Whatever works to get you moving 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the fun things you get to do with your girls this summer.

    • On our to do list is to swim, swim, swim and swim some more #goals. Then we’ll end the whole thing with our end of the summer beach trip. I can’t wait.