School Room Makeover: The Reveal

A few weeks months back I started talking about doing a couple mini makeovers at our house. First up was the dining room. That makeover showed me the power of paint color. With a simple change in paint and few new accessories the entire space was transformed. If you missed the dining room reveal you should check it out.
Today I am back with a transformation that is equally as drastic. When my husband and I built our home we placed a small open room off our kitchen. Initially we thought it would be nice for the girls to have an extra space to play in and would be convenient for me to have them so close. The room served its purpose for 3 years but eventually it just wasn’t being used. Earlier this spring I came up with the crazy idea to turn it into a home school room and the some how my amazing husband made it happen.
Let’s take a look.



Custom made built in desk.
With plenty of storage space.
My Ikea Raskog is finally in use as our art cart. 
I found the perfect pails to hold our supplies in the Target dollar bins. 
The new walls are the perfect color of graige, Behr wheatbread, just like the dining room.
I can’t believe I thought about changing these curtains. As soon as I saw them with the new paint color I knew they had to stay.

This wall isn’t done yet. Eventually the TV that was once on an entertainment stand will be mounted on the wall, but I think Russ is feeling pretty done with this room for at least another week or so. 
I changed up my art display area making it the focus on a smaller wall.
This was not the desk I had initially drawn up, it is much bigger and better. It gives the girls lots of space to really spread out. I also added a cork board for each of them since staring at a blank wall isn’t much fun.
Custom made chalkboard and the perfect comfy chair for a little reading nook. 
Words can’t even tell you I am how happy I am to have this special space in our home. A room that was no longer working for our family just became a room we will spend HOURS in over the next several months. 
A space that is all our own where we can learn, grow and play without having to worry about making a mess on the table or shuffling things around so we can eat lunch.
What a blessing.
Russ you knocked it out of the park, again!
Thanks for taking my silly sketches and crazy ideas and helping me turn them into something wonderful.
I love you!
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47 thoughts on “School Room Makeover: The Reveal

  1. What an awesome classroom!! I love how well the space will function for you during the school year. How do you plan to use the space when it's summer break?

  2. WOW!! This is so nice! I would have LOVED to have had something like this when homeschooling my girls, way to go! Love the desk, the cork, the cart the sorters (from Target dollar bins – those are great), the art display, and the chalk board nook! What great ideas, I hope your school year goes well from the get go with this sweet set up!

  3. This is AMAZING!!! Such a wonderful and inviting room for you all to do your school stuff in! Russ did a wonderful job!!! That desk is everything!

  4. It turned out SO awesome!! Russ did an amazing job! Everything has a purpose and is totally functional. LOVE it!

  5. Seriously love it! The wall color, the curtains, the rug, the DESK!!!! Omg! So in love. I totally understand about needing the TV hung but waiting a bit to approach Russ again. Ha! Wives…they can be so demanding, right πŸ˜‰ he did a fantastic job. Yall did! I'm thinking I'm gonna recreate the art work display in our playroom! Currently Lily likes to hoard the tape and display them on her own. :/

  6. Well over summer break we really won't be home since we live a the pool ;). The space will go pretty unused really except the occasional art project, school work or computer games. I have been using it as a blogging space the past few days and now I am kind of sad I wont' be able to soon ;).

  7. Thank you so much! It is going to be very used and such a huge blessing to keeping this mama organized and on track… I hope ;). Thanks for the well wishes, we are excited.

  8. Thank you! It is PERFECT. Having everything in one room is going to be more helpful than I can imagine. I used to spend so much time going from room to room and space to space. This helps make going back to school not so bleh.

  9. And Russ, YES!!! Beth did very little. Thanks lady. I am so pumped about this school year with a good set up and organized room. Now to forget about it all for the next 20 days.

  10. Thank you so much!

    Yeah by the time we finished on Sunday he was feeling pretty done. So I don't really feel like approaching him to do anything for at least a week or two. He did so much and worked so hard. He deserves a break.

    The display is command hooks and cafe rods. SO easy and cheap. I don't LOVE that I had to use white hooks but they don't look terrible either. I wasn't paying $3 each for silver ones and the clear ones I tried WOULD NOT stick. You can also just use the rod hangers and put them in studs but that wall didn't have studs where I needed them to be since it was so small. Nice to have options!

  11. Those built in desks are so sweet! I love the color of the curtains, too! The curtain rods to hang school work are on my todo list for this fall to hang Henry's stuff!

  12. It came out great! I am a big fan of the wall color and the curtains. And the custom made desk? Awesomesauce! I think the girls will be so inspired and motivated for the new school year with this awesome room!!

  13. What a neat space!! I love the built ins, the storage space and the way you've decorated. Your art cart will get a ton of use and I'm loving your spots to display work throughout the room. Great job!! Oh and those curtains are beautiful!!

  14. I completely understand & totally agree! Men like to feel appreciated too πŸ˜‰
    Thanks so much for telling me more about the art wall display! I figured they were cafe rods which sold me on the idea because of seen the display idea before but the equipment was an annoying price. Ha excited to try it out! You could spray paint the command hooks of you really get bored πŸ˜‰

  15. He did! He is quite the handyman around the house. Yes having that separation is going to be so nice. Our dining room can be just for eating now… and the occasion laundry folding session ;).

  16. Thank you so much! I really hope this new space helps us start school off with a bang and really sets the mood for the year. We are all so excited to actually put the space to use. But first summer.

  17. Thank you! He really hit the nail on the head in this room. I am SO happy. Yes I can reclaim that dining room table for dinner… and laundry folding ;).

  18. Thank you so much. I couldn't be happier about how this room turned out. I found those curtains at Lowes?! Can you believe that. I am still surprised 3.5 years later.

  19. Yay!! I love it what a great transformation! This is just perfect use of the space and you are going to love it so much!

  20. oh I've been excited to read this since I saw you posted! That is just the perfect room for your approaching school year. I can totally just imagine all the use it will be getting. I'm happy that you turned a seldom used space into such a useful space!

  21. Thank you so much! I am really excited too. It is going to be SO useful and it really is a space that we needed. Thankful we had the room to make it happen.

  22. Thanks for sending me the link to this! I love it, how great to have a room dedicated to your home schooling!

    1. You bet! Much easier than trying to explain things. I am just so glad that we had that space available. When we built the house we never imagined us being a home school family. I am not sure what we would do without this dedicated space. Plus someday it will make for an awesome craft room and even if we decided to stop homeschooling it would be a great study/ homework space for the girls. So it is an all around winner in my book :).

  23. I can’t believe how different the space looks – it looks great! I think my favorite is the floral curtain with the blue paint. I bet your girls love the space. #RewindFridayParty

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